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Do you believe in the Lord Haniwa?



The Haniwa Temple is one of the largest religions of The Continent, created by the Haniwa race in order to worship the ultimate leader of the species, the Hanny King. While some Hannies join and believe in the preachings of the AL Church, many join the Haniwa Temple and the majority of the believers are Hannies. The ones that are not part of the Temple are usually those that are corrupted like the Brutal Hannies or merely feral hannies that behave similarly to monsters and don't affiliate to any organization. There are also some humans that joined this peculiar religion and place the Hanny King in the same status as that of a God who they regularly pray to. Members of the Haniwa Temple are required to give offerings to Lord Haniwa in the form of GOLD or Experience Points, typically a small fraction of one's earnings. The Hanny in Black are a special force of Hannies that are part of the King's inner circle, and they take care of the administrative affairs of the Church.

Humans that join the Haniwa Templte are usually not quite so sane, as you have to be at least a little bit crazy to join a religion made by and for the wacky race of the Hannies. However those that do are usually extremely devoted and truly think of the Hanny King as their One True God. Major cult centers seem centralized in the Free Cities Alliance, including a secret dungeon near Teti Lake, and in the Ragnard Dungeon near Toushin City. Religious practices among these human cults vary by region, ranging from public, organized gatherings and sermons, to private sexual rites (indeed, Haniwa Faithists native to the Ice region are forbidden from sexual relationships outside the cult). In addition to their religious work, Haniwa believers perform community work, especially as pertains to Haniwa. The temple in Ragnard Dungeon is known for their system of "Good Hanny Cards," which receive a magical stamp every time the bearer does a good deed for a Hanny, which can be exchanged for prizes at the temple itself. Temples serve as a safe harbor for believers, and also as community centers for socialization and game nights.

In return for their faith and obedience, believers may receive the assistance of haniwa, including, though not exclusively, in the form of voyeuristic pornography. Additionally, warriors that join the Haniwa Temple may become what is known as a Haniwa Crusader. These crusaders live to fight for their Lord Haniwa, with their main goals being the protection of the faith and the pursue of the enemies of the Church, usually Feral Hannies. Humans that become Haniwa Crusaders get a fair number of benefits. Upon becoming a Crusader a Hanny in Black will appear and transfer to them a blessing given by the Hanny King himself, granting them special abilities. They gain the ability to use Magic and they will also learn to cast the iconic spell of the Haniwa race, the Hanny Flash. Additionally, they will become allies of the Hanny Knights and they will be assisted by them if they're encountered. 

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