Hanimi twins

The Hanimi twins, 123 (Hifumi) and 457 (Shiina), are children of the Hanimi family that donated a lot of money to get the Kimikage Academy founded.

The twins are implied to be sempais of Kaname.

It is currently unknown why they are named via numbers, and why the number "6" was skipped.

Appears in: Double Teacher Life

Hanimi Hifumi Edit

Hanimi Hifumi
hanimi hifumi

He is quite a weirdo. He collects lots of random stuff, often bringing them to the executive committee office, which then gets thrown away by Miyako.

He'd do anything to make things "interesting", which often causes problems for other people.

He has an "imouto fetish", and is looking for girls that would call him Onichan.

He's a pervert, and a genius.

Hanimi Shiina Edit

Hanimi Shiina
hanimi shiina

Nomatter when and where, she's always drinking red tea. While she has very elegant manners, there are some major issues with her personality, that the teachers prefer to avoid her.

For some reason she has taken an interest in Kaname, often hugging him, teasing him, or pulling pranks on him.

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