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Basic InfoEdit

The City-State of Hamlet is the headquarters of the Church of Eve, and occupies the northeastern continent of the World of Eve. While formally a city-state, the government of Hamlet also presides over the hospital town of Horatio and the neighboring lands, including the towns of North Port and Osric. Hamlet has a unique governmental structure for the World of Eve, in that the head of state is the pope of the Church of Eve, but day-to-day activities are handled by an elected senate.

The continent of Hamlet is largely uninhabitable, with most of its land being riddled with poisonous marsh. Historically, it was the epicenter of a zombie virus outbreak that afflicted the human settlers first arriving with King Arthur's pilgrimage, at the very start of their journey. While Arthur and his pilgrims were able to push back the zombie infestation, they were not able to claim the entire continent, and a great labyrinth designed to slow the zombies still surrounds the settlement of Osric.

Because of the land's toxic ecology, the city-state relies on food imports from the Kingdom of Humpty to survive. However, the flora and fauna that live here have also served as the basis for significant medical developments, the forefront of which is represented by the hospital town of Horatio currently administered by senator Laertes.

The continent is named after a researcher who pioneered the poison resistance techniques that allowed Arthur's pilgrimage to safely combat the zombie infestation. Those who stayed behind would use this research to purify the currently inhabited areas.

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Major Cities and SitesEdit

Besides Hamlet and Horatio, the continent is home only to the small village of North Port, home of a number of mysterious old women. The continent was once home to a fourth town, Osric, but it was recently destroyed by zombies. The people of Osric maintained a trade in medicinal and poisonous herbs, which were grown in two separate gardens on opposite side of the great labyrinth. While the average member of the public little suspects, Osric was originally home to the notorious Ranger Academy, and its ruins remain there to this day.

Despite being the center of church operations, the continent is home to only a single known ruin of Mother Eve, the salt temple, a place where salt manifests from nowhere. The origin of the temple is shrouded in mystery, save that it was "bloody" and needed to be sealed by Eve with the occult power of salt.

Not far from the continent, towards the northeast, lies a "lost world" of sorts, home to unbelievably powerful monsters, strange remains, as well as a megamonster with a predilection for large-breasted women.

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  • After completing the storyline of Hamlet, much of the island - previously stocked with zombies - is left uninhabited by wandering monsters, a property unheard of in the rest of the overworld.


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