Hakkin Dasan
Japanese 発禁茶山
Romanization Hakkin Dasan
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Warrior
World Sengoku Rance
Affiliation Asai Asakura House
Level limit 28
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

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Hakkin Dasan is a four-eyed mercenary with the odd power to control pandas with his eyes. He is hired by the Asai-Asakura House to help combat Oda in exchange for Yukihime's hand in marriage, but gives her away after realizing the disgust she feels for him. After the conquering of the Asai-Asakura house Rance can choose to give him a wife and hire him as a general, where he proves to be a good person who simply wants to be with someone who sees past his deformity.

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