(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2019/04/26
Genre / Rating ADV / 18+
Base price ¥6000
Voice Female Only


Haharanman (lit. "Motherhood") is a game released by AliceSoft on April 26, 2019, sold for a slightly reduced price compared to contemporaries on the market (6000 yen versus 8000).

The game later received a light novel gaiden spinoff via adult book company Paradigm.


Haharanman Trailer

Haharanman Trailer


The goal is to do save Wakura's (protag milf) memories. You do this with the help of the girl Uka (spirit?), however, she's only here for limited time during the sakura blossoms season. Everyday a blossom will fall, so you must complete the goal by then. Maximum time is 39 days.

Bandits will go and knock down sakura blossoms as well, so you need to time and plan your stamina accordingly to fight them off. Occasionally if you're locked down by story event, Yamanaka (police/university girl) would come and fight them for you.

Bandits are randomly positioned at midnight so you have to plan your day and stamina accordingly.

Main Menu[]

Main Menu goes from RIGHT to LEFT:

- New Game

- New Game (skip intro)

- Continue your last game

- Quick Load

- Load

- CG

- Scenes

- Music Player

- Some survey stuff?

- Open Manual

- Settings

- Quit


Apart from saving all of Wakura's memories, you also need to unlock certain events and do accompanying H-events in order to reach the "good" endings.


Use most of your stamina earlier on on training your levels, this will help you having more stamina to do things. Working at the restaurant is only needed when one of the Wakura events require a day off. So don't work too hard at the restaurant or you might accidentally trigger a day off just before one of those event conditions.