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Guy Monster
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Clockwise from upper left: Okayu Fever, Power Gorilla, Good Morning and Squidman.

Guy Monsters are what we call the Male variant of the third generation of Monsters created during the origin of the human race. Designed to serve as fodder enemies for the Protagonist Race and the counter-part of the Gal Monsters that they would copulate with in order to populate the continent. Originally born from the Four Holy Gal Monsters, the mothers of all monsters, they serve the Demon King and the Dark Lords, following their every order and command.

They make up for the majority of the force of the Antagonist Race, and they heavily outnumber Gal Monsters. While strictly speaking they all belong to the same species, they vary massively in terms of size, shape and general structure, ranging from formless and bizarre creatures to humanoid beings. Similar to how occasionally Rare Gal Monsters are born under extremely rare circumstances, unique variants of Guy Monsters might be born from time to time, though rather than being completely unique and different to the rest like in the case of Gal Monsters, they're often mutations of existing species of Guy Monsters with different abilities and traits.

Usually, they mature in less than a year and can live up to 100 years, though special kinds of monsters that might be far more long-lived exist as well. Unlike their charming female counter-part, Guy Monsters are typically seen as ugly and unpleasant, so humans find little incentive to capture them alive. Many of them are edible however, so it's quite common for them to be hunted down for the creation of delicious meals.

Just like their appearance comes in many forms so do their intelligence and personalities. Some Guy Monsters are closer to beasts that act purely based on their instict and primal desires, while others are highly intelligent creatures comparable to that of a regular human being. Rational Guy Monsters also develop their own distinct personalities. Many of them are cruel or sadistic, but some might possess more virtuous traits like being fiercely loyal or supportive.

The majority of them live in the Monster Realm like most of monsterkind, but many can be found roaming in the human realm as well. They take a hostile stance against humans and would often attack them on sight, seeing them as the enemies of their kin.

Reproduction and Sex[]

Guy Monsters breed through standard intercourse with Gal Monsters, who will lay several eggs some time after from which Guy Monsters will be born. The monster-type and size differences do not matter, and any class of Guy Monster can breed with any class of Gal Monster, as their genitals have been purposely designed to guarantee a successful impregnation after copulation.

Many Guy Monsters are quite lustful, and if they see a partner that strikes their fancy more often than not they're not above rape to satisfy their desires. Additionally, some see it as a display of pride and power, and breeding with certain species of Gal Monsters, like Valkyries, has more prestige within their society. However, some might form romantic relationships with Gal Monsters as well and mate purely for romantic purposes. Certain classes have better affinity with others and get along better, resulting in a more amorous copulation. Because many monsters breed indiscriminately and their growth rate is quite fast, the population of monsters could potentially be exceedingly large. To balance this, the Gods created Toppos, a unique creature that wanders around the Monster Realm exterminating all the monsters in his path, preventing their population from growing too large.

Beyond procreation, some monsters are also attracted towards human females as well and they will often assault them to their heart's content if they feel like it. Because they're designed to breed with Gal Monsters, they are unable to impregnate human girls, though it hardly matters to them. Because of their lower hierarchical position many of them harbor strongly repressed sexual desires towards female Dark Lords as well.

Non-generic Guy Monster Characters[]

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List of Guy Monsters[]

Guy Monsters come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of these creatures fit into unique categories that allow one to classify them.