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Japanese グナガン
Romanization gunagan
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Inter-dimensional
World ???
Strength Very High
Appeared in DALK, Toushin Toshi 2, Nise Naguri Makuri Tower, Kichikuou Rance, Mamatoto, DALK Gaiden, Mamanyonyo, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Kaeru nyo Panyon, Evenicle 2



Gunagan in battle in Rance VI and Sengoku Rance.

The Gunagan is a strange creature called a Parasitic Spirit, a being of immense power that is beyond any regular creature. Parasitic Spirits have the ability to cross dimensions, being capable of emerging in any dimension with little effort. Gunagan often appears in many other Alicesoft games as a hidden super boss and is always among the most difficult battles in the games.

Gunagan, like the other three Parasitic Spirits, is completely unkillable and his existence is eternal. He can be defeated in battle and "killed" but that only causes him to disappear and revive in another plane of existence, effectively making him immortal. He looks like a giant monstrosity with a red orb in his forehead, glowing red eyes and a blue gem on his chest. He's exactly 6666 cm tall and weighs an absurdly high 88888kg.

In battle, Gunagan is an obscenely powerful entity, more or less on par with the Holy Beasts like Orochi, or lower-class Gods of The Continent. He usually attacks either by using his huge hands to crush his opponents or by launching a laser-like beam from the crystal on his head. This laser-attack is called "Light of Catastrophe," which is an extremely powerful magical attack that covers an immense area, damages all his opponents, and can be cast continuously with no restrictions. The blue gem on his chest is the only spot in his body that is susceptible to damage, since every other part of his body is either resistant to damage or impossible to wound.

A strange quality about Gunagan is that he's apparently a very dedicated artist that loves painting unique portraits. However, he appears to be terrible at it - or perhaps it is simply impossible for humans to appreciate the intricate and seemingly random drawings he makes. They tend to include random subjects in random locations, possibly abstract combinations of the many dimensions he's visited. When he's defeated in battle, his most recent drawing is taken away from him and combatants can claim it as their own (although they usually don't really want it). The loss of his paintings greatly annoys Gunagan.


  • Gunagan's "art" frequently features nonsense text, making it very hard to translate, besides being obscure. Evenicle 2 is the first English game to actually translate his fine craftsmanship.