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Great Monster Generals (魔物大将軍, Mamono Daishōgun) are a special group of Monsters that serve as very high-ranking officers of the Monster Army.


Zedong, a Great Monster General.

Physically, Great Monster Generals strongly resemble ordinary Monster Generals, possessing large, semi-transparent spherical bodies filled with a slime-like substance along with a pair of large clawed arms and legs. Unlike standard Monster Generals, however, which have red-colored bodies, green-tinted spheres and gold-colored armor, Great Monster Generals possess blue-colored bodies, orange-tinted spheres, and platinum-colored armor. In further contrast to regular Monster Generals, which are generally identical to each other in appearance, each Great Monster General possesses an entirely unique head shape, causing every individual of the species to be completely distinct from their counterparts. In addition, the spheres of Great Monster Generals do not contain captured Human women, and instead possess large disembodied humanoid heads that exist as an organic part of their bodies. Finally, Great Monster Generals have a set of four long, sharp and fully-opposable tentacles across their backs, which can be used to hold objects and attack enemies.

Despite their great physical resemblance and similar roles to standard Monster Generals, Great Monster Generals are considered to be an entirely different species, and are not created in the same way that regular Monster Generals are. It is possible, however, for an ordinary Monster General to ascend to the rank of Great Monster General should they be recognized as being worthy of the position, suggesting that it is somehow possible to reconfigure the body of a common Monster General into that of a Great Monster General. Only seven Great Monster Generals can exist at a time, meaning that the only way for a new member of the species to be created is for a pre-existing one to die.

Great Monster Generals possess a talent for strategy and military commanding far above any other creature in the Monster Realm, granting them the ability to expertly lead armies of much greater size than the ones presided over by ordinary Monster Generals. These exceptional skills allow them to hold the highest rank possible for monsters within the hierarchy of the Monster Realm, placing them just below Dark Lords in terms of overall authority. During times of war, Great Monster Generals are given control over the main divisions of the Monster Army, causing them to temporarily stand as effective equals to the Dark Lords due to their superior leadership skills. This apparent equality is rarely acknowledged by the Dark Lords themselves, however, who primarily choose to treat the Great Monster Generals as though they were no different from the Monster Realm's rank and file. While the Great Monster Generals resent this poor treatment, they also fear instigating the Dark Lords' wrath, and almost always act subserviently in these instances nonetheless.

Outside of their command ability, Great Monster Generals are recognized as being among the most powerful monsters in existence. While they do not possess an Invincibility Field and thus can be damaged through any means, they are only slightly below Dark Lords in terms of overall strength, making them dangerous opponents for even the most elite warriors of The Continent. Along with utilizing their powerful arms and sharp tentacles in combat, each Great Monster General possesses a unique special attack that grants them additional effectiveness on the battlefield. A Great Monster General's life force is directly tied to the state of the head within their sphere, meaning that they can continue functioning even after the rest of their body is destroyed so long as this head remains intact.

At the beginning of the LP Era, the Monster Realm was divided between the forces of the Elite Dark Lord Kayblis and the Supreme Dark Lord Hornet in a battle for control over monsterkind. During the conflict, known as the War of the Factions, the Great Monster Generals split apart, with five swearing their allegiance to the Kayblis Faction and two agreeing to serve as members of the Hornet Faction. Over the course of the war, the two Great Monster Generals that had chosen to follow Hornet were eventually killed, dealing a severe blow to their army's leadership that greatly contributed to the eventual victory of the Kayblis Faction.

Following the end of the factional war, four of the five remaining Great Monster Generals were given the duty of leading the Monster Army in invading the four largest nations in the Human Realm, with the fifth and most capable of them all, Stroganoff, overseeing the entire operation from the Monster Realm after being given the title of Supreme Commander of the Monster Army. While the Monster Army succeeded in swiftly overpowering each of the human nations' armies, the Great Monster Generals struggled to completely conquer any of the regions due to a combination of being distracted by their own personal interests and their poor teamwork with the Dark Lords under their command. Eventually, humanity was united under a single banner by the warrior Rance, who led a more organized resistance against each division of the Monster Army. By the end of the conflict, known as the 2nd Dark Lord War, humanity succeeded in destroying each of the Great Monster Generals and liberating the Human Realm from the tyranny of monsters.

While it is unknown if any new Great Monster Generals were appointed following the destruction of the previous seven, the fact that the position of Supreme Commander of the Monster Army was held by Scholar, a mutant Akame, 15 years later suggests that none were.

Known Great Monster Generals[]

Name Description

An exemplary monster who rose from the rank of a common Monster General to a Great Monster General through his outstanding military service. While his body was severely damaged during the War of the Factions, his mind remained perfectly in-tact, allowing him to serve as the Supreme Commander of the Monster Army during the 2nd Dark Lord War.

The Great Monster General in charge of invading the Magic Kingdom of Zeth during the 2nd Dark Lord War. Obsessed with the abstract concept of "Nihao", he seeks to spread its influence throughout the world while removing anything that conflicts with it.


The Great Monster General in charge of invading of the Kingdom of Leazas during the 2nd Dark Lord War. An extremely paranoid individual, he is infamous for suspecting his subordinates of treason over the most minor of slights.

The Great Monster General in charge of invading the Helman Republic during the 2nd Dark Lord War. A warmonger with an incomparable hatred for humans, he revels in exterminating his foes as thoroughly as possible through whatever means necessary, and has a particular affinity for scorched-earth tactics.


The Great Monster General in charge of invading the Free Cities Alliance during the 2nd Dark Lord War. His sole interest in life is amassing vast amounts of GOLD for himself, to the point of possessing a specialized treasure-collecting squad that exists for the singular purpose of expanding his collection even further.