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My name is Gracq. I’m simply a humble merchant.

—Gracq Alcapone, introducing himself to an unsuspecting victim.

Gracq Alcapone
Japanese グラック・アルカポネ
Romanization Gurakku Arukapone
Gracq Alcapone.png
Race Human
Age / Birth 35 / GI0986
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 162cm / 55kg
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation DX Association, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 25
Skill levels Mafioso Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Gracq Alcapone is the current president of the DX Association, the single largest criminal organization on all of The Continent.

The latest head of the Alcapone family, the powerful and well-connected mafia family responsible for founding the DX Association, Gracq was raised from birth to become the ideal mob leader, studying all across the Continent to master the arts of business, drug trafficking, prostitution and torture. In the year GI1015, Gracq encountered the duo of Katyusha Bosch and Saulnia Benz while studying in Helman, who manipulated him for his wealth, resulting in him losing a large sum of money.

During the events of Kichikuou Rance, Rance can encounter Gracq if he chooses to conquer the DX Association's base of operation, the Free City of Rockearth, through negotiation. Gracq will agree to give Rance control over Rockearth under the condition that he allow the DX Association to continue operating within it, offering him a very large cash offering as an incentive. Depending on the player's choice, Rance will either refuse Gracq's offer and kill him on the spot, destroying the DX Association in the process, or accept his money and allow the group to continue operating. Should Rance ally himself with the DX Association, he can visit Gracq in Rockearth whenever he wants, receiving a portion of the group's weekly profits every visit, as well as the SEX slave Aoi. Alternatively, Rance can choose to destroy the organization, killing Gracq along with it.

If Rance has Katyusha and Saulnia in his harem when visiting the DX Association's headquarters, Gracq will request that Rance give them to him. Rance has the option of agreeing to give the two to Gracq, demanding only that he receive an expensive dress that belonged to one of the organization's most recent victims in exchange, which he can then give to Sill Plain as a gift. Once the girls are given to him, Gracq will begin brutally torturing them into becoming SEX slaves as revenge for tricking him.

If the DX Association is still active after Rance obtains Chaos the Darksword from Sel Catchgolf, Sel will begin to get harassed by a group of corrupt debt collectors who demand that she pay a large fee that was racked up by her church's previous owner. If Rance does not intervene in time to pay off the collectors, they will kidnap Sel as punishment for being unable to pay them, rape her, and then sell her to the DX Association. After obtaining Sel, Gracq notes her exceptional beauty and voices his eagerness to begin turning her into a SEX slave. Similarly, if Rance takes too long to levy the city of South in order to add Mokomoko Takenaka to his harem while the organization is still in operation, she will instead be found by Gracq, who kidnaps her under the guise of offering tutoring, causing her to never be seen again.

Personality and Appearance[]

Gracq is a short man with shoulder length silver hair slicked back across his forehead, with two long wisps pointing off slightly on either side. He is always seen in a brown business suit embroidered with his organization's logo on the breast pocket and a purple undershirt with a somewhat tacky red tie adorned with stars and planets. His face is almost always in a calm, pleasant smile with his eyes closed, giving him an unassuming appearance. He is never seen without a pair of large, imposing bodyguards on either side of him.

A businessman above all else, Gracq is singlemindedly focused on making money and increasing the influence of his organization. Because of this, he is constantly working and regularly gives sinister orders to his subordinates over the phone, even when he is in the middle of a conversation with another person. He has a naturally gregarious and open personality that allows him to persuade others into following his commands no matter how suspicious they are, and is very casual about the nature of his business. Despite this, he is still viewed as a highly dangerous and untrustworthy individual by almost everyone who encounters him, with even the unintelligent and gullible Mokomoko Takenaka instantly recognizing him as a villain.

Underneath his pleasant persona, Gracq is a brutally ruthless person. He displays no empathy for others and coldly takes advantage of people weaker than him. Those under his control are often either extorted for money or sold into slavery, and are immediately killed once they have exhausted their use. His organization has a talent for turning kidnapped women into SEX slaves to occupy their brothels, destroying their minds and bodies through torture and conditioning until they require constant sexual gratification to continue to function. Despite his sexual abuse of women, Gracq himself is completely asexual and is incapable of experiencing feelings of lust, meaning he creates SEX slaves solely for the sake of improving his business rather than for his own pleasure.

While he is normally the kind of man who avoids developing meaningful feelings for other people, he has a deep hatred for both Katyusha Bosch and Saulnia Benz due to them once stealing money from him. While he remains civil and businesslike when asking Rance to give them to him, once they become his he vows to personally torture them until they submit to him as completely obedient SEX slaves, after which he abandons them in a Helman slum to be raped to death by peasants.


A prodigiously skilled criminal mastermind, Gracq is widely respected and feared across the Continent. He possesses the Mafioso Lv2 skill, giving him excellent potential as a leader of a criminal organization, and has studied across all of the world to perfect his abilities as a mobster. He personally oversees all of the DX Association's activities, and has the final say in all of its decisions no matter how small. His talent for business and manipulation has allowed him to gain influence over many institutions and individuals, ranging from major manufacturing companies to several high ranking members of the nobility, giving him indirect control over large portions of the world. He is also a master of torture and has perfected the methods used to convert women into SEX slaves as quickly as possible, meaning he can reduce a person to insanity in a matter of days. Under his leadership, the DX Association has greatly expanded its influence across the Continent, making it one of the most powerful groups in the world, comparable to the likes the global conglomerate the Dott Corporation.

In terms of individual ability, while Gracq is not a fighter, he is nonetheless a surprisingly dangerous opponent. He possesses a Level Cap of 25 which he is very close to reaching and, contrary to his frail build, is shown to be impressively strong, breaking a man's jaw with a single kick to the face. While he could easily be defeated in combat by even a moderately skilled warrior, he always surrounds himself with elite bodyguards, all of whom are former high-ranking soldiers, mercenaries or coliseum fighters, making it a very difficult task to accomplish.


  • At just 162 cm, Gracq is the shortest male character in the Rance Series whose height is known, being over 10 cm shorter than Rance himself and even shorter than several female characters.
  • Gracq is the only person known to possess the Mafioso Skill Level.
  • Gracq's last name is a reference to Al Capone, an iconic American crime boss famed for his amazing business skills.
  • Gracq's tendency to always have his eyes closed may be a reference to Marlon Brando's Godfather character from the film of the same name, whose signature perpetually squinting eyes are frequently referenced in media.