Golden Wensding Mark 2 Hakushaku
Japanese ゴールデン・ウェンズディング・マーク2伯爵
Romanization gōruden wenzudingu māku tsū hakushaku
Race Human
Sex Male
Class King (former)
World The Continent
Affiliation Kingdom of Leazas
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01
Mentioned in Rance 03


Wensding is the previous King of The Kingdom of Leazas. He looks like a pretty fat man with a huge beard, much like a classic stereotypical King.

He and his wife, the Queen, have been made to retire by his daughter, Lia, so that she could be crowned in LP0002. Not much is known about how proficient he was as a ruler, but Lia was capable of improving and made Leazas prosper after she was crowned. It's been stated though that he and his wife had lost a lot of political power by the time Lia got the throne, and they were basically kicked out by their daughter.

He and his wife were on a vacation trip in the Free Cities Alliance during the Helman invasion of Rance 03. The Prince Patton ordered to search for them but they were not captured. Either Way, capturing the then Princess Lia was enough to secure the country, since she was the one that already held most influence and power, and the one that had knowledge of the Holy Items.


  • A word "Hakushaku" is included in his full name, but "Hakushaku" means earl.
  • Judging by his surname, it is likely that he doesn't carry Royal Leazas blood and married in to the throne.
  • He and his wife are never mentioned again after Lia becomes the Queen, but they are confirmed alive.