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Japanese ゴキンケン
Romanization gokinken
Race Human, Cockroach
Sex Male
Class Assistant
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Dr. Oama
Appeared in Rance IX


Gokinken is a strange humanoid creature working in the Concentration Camp of Helman that serves as the experimental laboratory of Oama Motohide.

Formerly a regular human, when he was subjected to Oama's strange physical mutations he was given the name of Gokinken(cockroach). His skin is in a dark-red tone, he's extremely muscular and his head appears to be of a slimey-gray substance with two dots as eyes. He was designed to be relatively long-lived and resistant, serving as the laboratory assistant since then, working for the man that turned him into a monster against his will.

It is heavily implied during the events of Rance IX that he's, infact, Pigu Geliciam's father, who was once a rightous and noble journalist that tried to uncover Stessel's true colours. Venturing into dangerous ground, he was eventually captured along with his family and given to Oama. Pigu was also experimented and turned into half-puryo, but remains unknown what happened to his wife.