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The Gods are the entities that created and observe The Continent, the world formed by the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm. Upon the world's formation, Ludo-Rathowm created from his own body the Three Supreme Gods, who would be the ones responsible for producing the life and setting that would provide their father the greatest entertainment. One of the three, the one known as Harmonitt, decided to create the lesser Gods and established the Gods Hierarchy, who would help them administrate the different aspects of the world. All the Gods live in a different dimension called the Gods Realm, separated from the world of mortals and typically inaccessible to them.

Most of the lesser Gods have administrative roles ensuring that the Reincarnation Cycle works correctly by managing the circulation of Souls, which is done through a tedious process akin to paperwork. Some Gods are former humans or Kalar that ascended and abandoned their life in the world of mortals, though they take some of the lowest positions of the hierarchy.

Angels are lower class Gods, and have a volatile relationship with Devils, as they're both in competition to gain human souls. Frequent battles occur between Angels and Devils, but they generally end at a stalemate.

The Three Supreme Gods[]

The Three Supreme Gods were created by Ludo-Rathowm to administrate the Continent for him. They can be considered his "sons" since he created them directly from his body.

They are at the top of the hierarchy of Gods, and many Gods are oblivious of their existence.

They created almost everything in the world and compete with each other to make the world a more interesting place to amuse their "father". However they rarely influence it directly, since the randomness of the events makes it unpredictable and, thus, more entertaining.

They cannot be killed or even harmed by mortals, unless the Hero of the Era unlocks the "Tranquil Nirvana" setting, then the ability to kill the Three Supreme Gods is activated.

The Three Supreme Gods only created the outlined settings, the "core" aspects of the world, they didn't meticulously create every last living thing that exists, which is why bugs like Rance can pop up from time to time.

The Eternal Eight[]

Ranking just below the Three Supreme Gods, the Eternal Eight are beings that hate the mortal world and hate each other. They govern the laws of reality that have been set out for them by the Three Supreme. Lesser Gods and Mortals do not know of the Eternal Eight, and they like it that way. They are extremely powerful Gods that are unknown to most living beings.

They are uninterested in ruling anything and they are mostly arguing with each other. Since each controls a different element, usually opposing elements hate each other.

The Eternal Eight are immortal and can't be killed by any means. It is unknown whether the fully-powered Hero could kill them.

Notable Eternal Eight[]

  • God of Light: Controls light, sometimes takes on the persona of 1st Class alias of GOD. They hate the God of Darkness.
  • God of Darkness: Controls darkness. They hate the God of Light.
  • God of Fire: Controls fire. They hate the God of Water.
  • God of Water: Controls water. They hate the God of Fire.

1st Class Gods[]

First Class Gods are the highest ranking Gods in the heavenly hierarchy and they are loyal servants of the Eternal Eight.

They rarely take part at all in the affairs of the Continent. They are technically killable but they are immensely powerful, stronger than the Demon King and the Devil Princes from the Devil Realm.

Notable 1st Class Gods[]

  • Ragnarok: Alter-ego of Supreme God Roven-Pan. Commands and issues orders as to how the world will be purged when the time comes.
  • Nautoala: Alter-ego of Supreme God Planner. He is known as the Lord of Neutrality.
  • Quelplan: The authority in charge of the administration of all souls in circulation. 
  • ALICE: The true head behind the AL Church, the most important religion in the world of mortals.
  • System Goddess: The Goddess in charge of monitoring parallel worlds across time and space. Generally communicates through a 5-to-15cm projection of herself.
  • GOD: God of eternal light and holy spirits. He doesn't like Rance.
  • Da Angus: Gatekeeper of the God Realm, very proud of his muscles.

2nd Class God[]

Second Class Gods are only a small bit lower in status than 1st class Gods, they affect the world directly and watch over the other Gods. They are also subordinates of the Eternal Eight

They can be killed, but the Demon King is the only being on the Continent powerful enough to accomplish such a feat.

Notable 2nd Class Gods[]

  • La Vaswald: The Goddess of Worldly Destruction. She was deemed worthless as her chance to fulfill her role never arised, so she was destroyed and splitted into two beings.
  • Amaterasu: The Goddess in charge of Hell. By accident she let hell holes pop up all over JAPAN. She apologized by giving JAPANese people the Tenma Bridge, the three Emperor Treasures and miso soup.

3rd through 6th Class Gods[]

These Gods act as captains in the fight against the Devils and obey mostly 1st and 2nd class Gods.

  • Colas 0024: The 4th Class God in charge of monitoring the Hero System. The true identity of the Hero's companion Cola.
  • Leda: A 4th Class God that seems to be a captain of Angel Knights. Possibly a former Kalar. In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, she takes the place of ALICE as the person secretly controlling the AL Church.

7th through 13th Class Gods[]

Gods of the ranks 7 to 13th are the divine entities that enter in contact directly with the world of mortals, making them the ones most commonly seen by humans. Many Angel Knights are among these ranks, who are tasked with the retrieval of Souls and the extermination of Devils in their path. The most common and famous of all Gods are the Level Gods, as they've become a natural and essential part of humanity's lifestyle.

13th Class Gods are the beings that just ascended to Godhood like Kalars and fresh human recruits. They mostly act as Level Gods or are given tasks of soul recovery.

Notable Gods[]

  • Mach: Supreme God Harmonitt's Alter Ego. God of mischief and fun. Oddly, he sometimes acts as a Level God.
  • Johnny: Personal level God of Maria Custard, he is a flirtatious man dressed like a clown.
  • Cherokee: Personal Level God of Patton Misnarge, she is an unfriendly chain smoker.
  • Willis: Rance's personal Level God, recently graduated.
  • Mikan: An Apprentice Level God training under Willis. She's pretty bad at her job.

Other Gods of Unknown Rank[]

The Four Holy Gal Monsters[]

A quartet of Goddesses designed to give birth to the 3rd generation of Monsters. Even though they're called Gal Monsters, they're technically classed as Goddesses. They are considered the "mothers" of monsters, as they seeded the world with their kind. They have the ability to create new monsters and spread them across The Continent as they see fit.