God of Light GOD
Japanese 光の神G.O.D
Romanization hikari no kami G.O.D
Race Gods
Sex Male
Class Eternal Eight, 1st Class God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance

About Edit

The God of Light is one of the Eternal Eight, and as a result, one of the most powerful entities in existence. He is an immensely powerful deity that represents the force of Light itself and without his existence the very concept of light would cease to exist. He is one of the pillars that allow the mortal world to exist and have rules.

Like the rest of the Eternal Eight, the God of Light is seemingly unkillable and is, like the name indicates, Eternal. He's absurdly powerful and only the Three Supreme Gods, the Devil King Rathowm and the Creator God Ludo-Rathowm hold more power than he does. He hates the God of Darkness, feeling that is apparently reciprocal.

Despite his immense power and almighty status, he's completely uninterested in almost anything and exists solely for the sake of existing. Even though he lacks interest or motivation over anything, there's a plate in the Devil's Passage near the town of Ice in the Free Cities Alliance that was made in tribute to the God of Light and he's very upset if someone steps on it, taking it as a personal offense against his very person. There's a warning next to the plate so that no-one would accidentally step on it. The only mortal known to have stepped on it is the adventurer Rance, who earned the dislike of the God of Light for doing so.

When he wants to take part in the affairs of the Gods or the mortals, he takes on the persona of the 1st Class God GOD, the god of Holy Light and Saint Spirits. He's a figure surrounded by an extremely intense light whose form can't be seen clearly.


  • Rance doesn't like intense lights and every time he gazes to the sun, he sneezes. This is most likely caused by the God of Light's dislike for him.
  • He's the only member of the Eternal Eight that made appearance in the Rance Series.
  • The name of his alter ego is literally "GOD" spelled in western alphabet.


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