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Ghosts are a strange phenomenon that can sometimes occur after a mortal passes away. Typically, a very strong attachment sentiment to life, usually about feelings of regret, makes the soul of an individual to reject the process of death, even after its material body perishes. The soul itself takes corporeal form and keeps living in the continent. Most of the time ghosts take a very similar form to that of their previous physical body, although there are some cases in which this was not the case.

The strong attachment to life is usually what drives them to continue existing and the only way for their soul to be able to move on, is if they are able to get over their regret from their lives. This is absolutely independent of time and it could take them centuries until they are finally able to fully die, and their soul is sent again to the Reincarnation Cycle.

This is a very unusual phenomenon that is not exactly seen everyday. It takes a very strong will and attachment to life for the soul to keep their conciousness to become a Ghost. 

Ghosts are semi-corporeal, they can move through building, make themselves invisible to the naked eye and float around. They can talk just the same as they did when they were alive as well. Some ghosts have shown different properties, with some being able to interact with tangible objects in a similar way they did when they were alive, while others have a frail and weak semi-corporeal form that prevents them from interacting with the world.

Known Ghosts[edit | edit source]

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