Japanese 月餅
Romanization geppei
Devil Geppei.jpg
Race Devil
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Fujiwara House, JAPAN, Devil Realm
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance

Geppei was the chief adviser of Fujiwara Ishimaru. He brought many innovative techniques and ideas to the leader of JAPAN, from agricultural to military. However, he was best known/remembered for three deeds:

  1. The creation of Tenshiism
  2. The invention of the Yin Yang Ways
  3. The sealing of Dark Lord Xavier

His scythe is passed down through generations to the leader of Tenshiism.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Unknown to most of the world, Geppei is a Devil loyal to the Devil King Rathowm. The ceremonies he developed for Tenshiism take the souls of the deceased out of the cycle of reincarnation and send those souls to the Devil King instead. He inflated Fujiwara Ishimaru's ambition, convinced Fujiwara to go on conquering the main continent, so that the army of JAPAN could be a carrier spreading Tenshiism to the rest of the world. His invention of the Yin Yang Ways and various innovations were all a means to help him gain influence and trust with Fujiwara and the people of JAPAN. However, Xavier's Demon Army devastated the entire army of JAPAN, and utterly ruined Geppei's plan, causing Geppei to have a great feud with Xavier.

During his fight with Xavier, Geppei suffered great injuries (even for a devil) that after a few years he passed away. Prior to his death, he took on the leadership of the Fujiwara House for a while (Fujiwara Ishimaru had died fighting Xavier). Whether out of disinterest or a lack of political abilities, Geppei was unable to maintain the power and influence of the Fujiwara House over JAPAN. He spent the last of his years focused on spreading Tenshiism throughout JAPAN. So great was he bitter against Xavier that he also ensured the techniques for sealing Xavier will survive through Tenshiism in case Xavier ever reawakens.

Notes[edit | edit source]

In LP0005, when the partially-unsealed Xavier took possession of Oda Nobunaga's body, Xavier justified the massacre of Tenshiism followers by declaring it a religion of Devil-worshipers. It is unknown if Xavier actually knew of Geppei's true identity, or if his accusation was just coincidentally on the mark.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • AliceSoft has an artist on its staff who goes by the penname Geppei.
  • Geppei (月餅) literally means Mooncake.
  • Geppei is, in a way, a counter-part to the Goddess ALICE, both being the founders of the religions that represent the Gods and the Devils for their own selfish goals.
  • Geppei's original concept art depicted him as a girl with bat wings and a revealing outfit.

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