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Japanese ジル
Romanization Jiru
Demon King Gele 2.png
Race Demon King
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI
Cameoed in Rance VI


Gele in the Rance VI opening.

Gele, also known as Jill, was the fifth Demon King and was chosen by Nighcisa as his successor. Gele went on to become the most savagely brutal Demon King to ever live. 

When she was a human, she was a well-known beauty and a renowned philosopher, her wisdom reached out to many people, her intelligence helped those in need and her kindness was known across the land. There were, of course, people that harbored jealous feelings towards this seemingly perfect girl, which is why one day she was attacked by a mob of those that despised her virtues.

She was savagely beaten, raped and tortured. Her face smashed with rocks and sticks, her arms and legs were torn off, her delicate breasts ripped into by stones. After the ordeal she was left on the roadside to die, but by this point her mind was already gone. 

It was the sight of this dying girl that Demon King Nighcisa noticed as he took a stroll across that country road. In the last years of his life, Nighcisa was searching for a heir and it was the sight of the beaten Gele that made him feel pity for a human for the first time. He gave her his blood and turned her into the next Demon King as a result. Before he moved on, Nighcisa had told her about the Hero System and of its workings, that the Hero of the era would gain strength as humanity dies.

Ordinarily, the Demon King would feel blood lust naturally, but Gele was mentally broken and warped by the series of events that had unfolded just prior to her transformation. Due to that chain of events, Gele's hatred for humanity was the most intense hatred that could ever have been felt.

In under the span of a year, Gele had wiped out every single nation mankind had established.

Appearance and Abilities[]

Demon King Gele during her reign.

Fair skinned, with soft hair and pretty blue eyes, Gele was a girl who could be called faultless, intelligent, incorruptible and beautiful. However after turned into the Demon King she became cunning and brutal, she subjugated mankind to a life of slavery with several well-laid plans. Her knowledge of the Hero System meant that she knew how to foil any chance humanity had against her. Gele did not want to simply kill humans, she decided that she would give the entire race a taste of living hell by making them live as slaves, toys and playthings for the Monsters and Dark Lords. However, she prohibited monsters to kill humans unless it was absolutely necessary. It was done this way to keep humans numbers as high as possible to not be threatened by the Hero System.

During her reign no nation could be established, the lucky humans would live in small villages hidden across the land hoping to not get attacked by monsters or Dark Lords. Others would simply be caught and live as the toys of the monsters or forced to a life of slavery until they die of exhaustion or starvation. Nights were silent and dark and going out during such hours was considered suicide even by the bravest warriors.

In order to counter the Hero System, Gele set up thousands of "Human Farms" where humans would be bred and kept like livestock, this way the population would never fall to the levels necessary for the Hero to be able to kill her. Captured women would often be sent to the farms to be used for breeding purposes until they die. Sometimes some unlucky humans would be kept as Gele's "pets" where their arms, legs and tongue would be mutilated, rendering them completely defenseless, a clear way of causing to humans the same that was done to her. 


British, an immortal human that lived during Gele's era, claims that her era was so horrible that the memories of it still haunts him to this day and that he can still hear the screams of the people that were kept in Gele's facilities. There were even some Dark Lords like Ithere that feared Gele.

There were many that tried to take her down, but all their efforts would be futile. As the Demon King, Gele was the most powerful being in The Continent, unmatched by anyone and far beyond humanity's comprehension. Humans were less than insects for her.

However, when the time of her era was drawing close, Gele started to fear death. The Demon King always rules for 1000 years and near the end she started researching different ways to become immortal and rule over mankind forever. From books that a previous Demon King Ssulal had written and left to her successors, Gele learned about the existence of Supreme God Planner. She gained an audience with Planner, and requested to be the Demon King for eternity. Planner granted her wish and she became an unkillable immortal but the price she payed was that she was extremely weakened to only 5% of her full strength. There was a Dark Lord named Gi that served Gele and was her personal lover. However, Gi had split personality disorder, and his chaotic personality saw her weakened state as an opportunity to take her down. Certain factors allowed him to go against the Demon King's blood control ability and in the year GL1004 he betrayed Gele and used the Demonic Sword Chaos to pierce her heart. Due to her request to Planner, Gele was unkillable but Gi managed to seal her in a dark and empty dimension between space and time, where she would live for eternity as the Demon King, with nothing to rule. It's worth to note that, while Gele was a ruthless and cruel monster, she did truly love Gi and was legitimately heart-broken by his betrayal, and she spent the next millennium incapable of comprehending why he would act against her.

Appearances in the Series[]

Rance 03[]


A bit more than 1000 years after she was sealed, Gele makes a physical appearance during the events of Rance 03 when her loyal follower, Dark Lord Noce, releases her from her imprisonment in the Alternate Dimension after Rance was manipulated to remove Chaos, as he intended to use the Sword to defeat the Dark Lords. Noce and Ithere appeared immediately after and Rance attempts to fight Noce, but he's ignored by the Dark Lord, who's instead kneeling to the newly revived Gele. Her appearance changed into a more childlike form due to being sealed for so long in a void dimension with reduced power and life energy, which shocked Dark Lord Ithere and his Apostles but they all still kneeled to their master. Despite being only at 5% of her original strength, Gele still remains an extremely powerful entity that makes normal humans have trouble even breathing on her presence. Most of the humans that saw Gele during her revival were filled with a feeling of dread and hopeless despair and were just completely overwhelmed by her presence, to the point some of them were literally unable to move an inch. Rance tried to fight with Gele as soon as she was revived but he was dispatched with ease and thrown to a different location, which gave Noce an opportunity to shatter Chaos. Gele left the area along with her Dark Lords right after.

She's later seen consuming humans to recover strength and life force, as she's still greatly weakened, while her servants update her on the most recent events on the Monster Realm. They tell her about the Civil War between the Kayblis Faction and the Hornet Faction but Gele seems uninterested and asks about Gi instead, being informed by Noce that he recently died. Gele is noted for being extremely calm and seemingly apathetic all the time, possibly from having spent 1000 years in solitude. While Gele is recovering strength, Rance and his party manage to find a way to repair Chaos, which Gele notices immediately and sends Dark Lord Ithere to destroy Chaos for good.


Rance forms a party with many of the top fighters from Leazas and the Free Cities and makes his way towards Gele. Her intimidating presence can be felt even from a distance, with the mages being particularly susceptible by it. Once they reach the room where she's hiding, Dark Lord Noce blocks the path, guarding his master and engaging in a fierce battle against the party. After a long battle, Noce is finally slayed and the party's celebration is instantly interrupted by Gele's arrival. Noce manages to barely remain alive to whisper Gele's name, but she makes no emotional reaction and absorbs Noce's Demonic Blood Soul to recover power, however, she says that said power is still not enough. Chaos claims that if they were able to defeat Noce, they should be able to defeat Gele as well in her current state, a fact that Gele is aware of and instead opens a Dimensional Rift to an Alternate Dimension to run away. A strong wind blows from the Dimensional Gate and Rance's party is held back, yet Rance himself manages to go through the gate to chase after Gele on his own. He finds himself alone with only Chaos in a strange Dimension, which leads Gele to remark her surprise that a human would follow her. In this dimension, Gele is able to access to a Dimension Rip that allows her to recover strength by continuously raising the Levels of everyone in the Dimension, including both Rance and Gele. This leads Chaos to panic since the difference between a Level Cap of a human and a former Demon King is probably colossal. When Gele reaches her full potential, she closes the gate but is, for the first time, shocked by Rance, whose Level had raised to obscenely high values. Both Gele and Chaos are completely astonished, as she then figures out that Rance doesn't have a Level Cap and, thus, had potential to become infinitely stronger. Rance is now confident and laughing, claiming that he doesn't feel Gele's oppressive aura anymore, whereas Gele is angered by the outcome and he's able to eventually over-power her thanks to his limitless power growth, finally defeating her in battle. 


Having defeated Gele, Chaos is completely amazed by Rance and tells him to finish her off now that he has the chance, however, Rance ignores his desperate request and throws Chaos away because he's annoyed by him, much to the Blade's despair. Lying helpless on the ground, Gele expresses surprise that someone like Rance exists while he starts undressing and claiming that he's gonna have sex with her. During sex, Gele gets nostalgic and compares him to Gi or the men who raped her when she was still human, claiming that he is "a bit different", though Rance doesn't like being compared to other men. After he's done, Rance wants to return to The Continent through the Dimensional Rift and Gele has no force left to move. The Rift suddenly starts closing because Gele is depleted of her powers, and Rance hurriedly stands up, however, he's immediately stopped in his tracks by Gele, who claims that she doesn't want to be alone in a void dimension again and wants Rance to stay with her. He's actually tempted for a split-second until he can vaguely see Sill from the other side of the gate who, upon seeing Rance, starts stretching her hand to reach him. While Gele starts wailing for his departure, Rance apologizes by saying that he's not the type that would set down with a single woman and disappears through the Gate, leaving Gele alone once again.

Gele claimed that it would take her another thousands of years to recover alone in the dark space.

Rance VI[]

Gele makes appearance in the opening sequence, where the most important things about her era and her character were described.

She later makes an indirect appearance as a Boss Fight when Dark Lord Sieg uses his transforming ability to turn into Gele, though, since Gele's power is far greater than his, the transformation ends up being weaker than the original and only lasts for a relatively short period of time.

Rance X[]

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During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Gele manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Demon Kings, surprising Rance with her unexpected appearance.

GL - Gele's era[]

GL0001 - Gele inherits Nighcisa's blood and becomes the new Demon King.

GL0002 - Every human nation was wiped out and humanity was enslaved.

GL???? - The Hero can't do anything as Demon King Gele had been warned about the system and subsequently created human farms to keep human population at an all time high.

GL???? - 2nd Class God La Vaswald is destroyed by Supreme God Roven-Pan and divided into two Dark Lords (La Hawzel and La Saizel) by Supreme God Planner. They pledge their service to Gele.

GL???? - A group conformed of five incredibly talented and strong humans form the mightiest party in the history of humanity. They are called the Legendary Five. They set on a journey to find a way to break the invincibility field and defeat Gele.

GL0533 - The Legendary Five enter in the Ancient Ruins. They are never seen again. The first weapons capable of killing Dark Lords, Chaos and Nikkou, are created.

GL???? - Wielding the Demonic Sword Chaos, a powerful spellblader named Gi appears to challenge Demon King Gele. His split personality surfaces mid-battle and Gele uses this chance to convert Gi into a Dark Lord. Gele falls in love with him and he becomes her lover.

GL???? - Gele gains an audience with Planner. She requests to be the Demon King forever. Gele becomes an unkillable immortal, but her power is greatly reduced to only 5% of her former strength.

GL1000 - The Demon King War. Supreme Dark Lord Gi wages war on Gele after learning she has made arrangements to live as an eternal Demon King, taking advantage of her weakened state.

GL1004 - Gi and Chaos manage to seal Gele away into an empty dimension. Gi is bathed in so much of Gele's blood after piercing her heart that he becomes the newDemon King.

Known Dark Lords Created: Noce, Ithere, Ray, Medusa, Sieg, La Hawzel, La Saizel, Gi .

Preceded by: Demon King Nighcisa

Succeeded by: Demon King Gi


  • Along with Little Princess and Demon King Rance, she's the only Demon King to make real appearance in the Rance games, outside of opening sequences or flashbacks.
  • Gele is notoriously one of the few people that has caused some level of fear in Rance because of the oppressive aura she generates. He claimed that even he was at odds, stating that he experienced a strange feeling of "wanting to run away" even though he was looking at a beautiful woman and he wouldn't usually think such thing.
  • In Rance 03 Gele has an unknown level cap despite the fact that she's a demon king. This might mean that only the established Demon King of the current era is exempt of the level cap rule or that she simply isn't technically a Demon King anymore.
  • The appearance of her limbs in Rance 03 changed into a more twisted and demonic form that wasn't shown in previous designs of her character. It is likely that this is a change that was applied retroactively and her arms and legs always looked that way in the canonical storyline.
  • The enslavement of humanity lasted exactly 1027 years until they were set free in the year GI0024 by Silky Littleraisin and Demon King Gi.
  • She was originally going to make appearance in Rance Quest but the idea was cut off in the final game.
  • In the Rance 03 popularity poll, Gele was ranked 9th in the Female Characters category.
  • In a Twitter Q&A, Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, stated that Gele had a Level Cap of 36 and the Magic Lv1 and Divine Magic Lv1 Skill Levels during her time as a human. Orion made a point of noting that this information had not been verified by Alicesoft, and as a result should not be taken as fact.



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