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Japanese ゲイツ
Romanization geitsu
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Low-Medium
Appeared in Rance 4.1, Rance 5D, Galzoo Island, Rance Quest


Gates are a species of Guy Monsters noted for their geeky appearance and personalities. These strange monsters love technology, or more specifically, technology related to informatics. They all have cloaks, freckles, wear glasses and have long, prominent noses, giving them a rather nerdy appearance.

They all carry a computer with them everywhere, which they use for many different personal hobbies of their own. They are somewhat goofy, graceless and clumsy, but still very intelligent creatures with an amazing ability to develop and evolve over time. Their minds have an incredible potential for processing information and learning over time allows them to implement more sophisticated devices and programs in their computers, improving their own potential and power. Each stage on this evolutionary process is called "version". With each version, the ability of Gates increases exponentially, and their clothes gradually become more flashy and flamboyant over time. The versions are initially represented by numbers and then through a series of letters, and Gates have their version printed on their shirts, making them easily recognizable.

Thanks to their gifted minds, computers have been created by using the Brain Tissue of these monsters as CPUs. The higher their level, the more potent the computer is and can do faster and more complicated calculations, allowing scientists to make quicker technological advancements with more efficiency.


Gates 94
One of the weakest versions. Their brain tissues are used to create most computers of the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company, since they make the cheapest PCs.
Gates 95
The most commonly seen version.
Gates 98
A more advanced version with more beautiful clothes.
Gates ME
A powerful but unstable class of Gates.
Gates XP
A very rare and high level Gates. Their Brain Tissue has an incredibly high performance. The computer of Chizuko Yamada has a CPU made from one of these.
Gates Seven
The highest version seen up to date. Appears in Rance Quest.


  • Both their name and design are based off of Bill Gates, one of the co-founders of Microsoft, the world's largest PC development company. Additionally, each sub-species of Gates is named after a different version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, with the strongest varieties being named after the most recent versions.
  • Some versions of Gates, such as Gates 98, Gates ME and Gates XP can be seen carrying a rainbow-colored apple core. This is a reference to the old Apple Computer, Inc. logo used from 1977-1998. Apple and Microsoft are generally considered rivals in the computer market.