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Japanese ガーネット
Romanization gānetto
Race Apostle
Age / Birth ∽1500 / GL0???
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Ithere, Hornet Faction
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03


Garnet is a member of the Jewel Three, the loyal group of Apostles that have dutifully served Dark Lord Ithere since the Gele Era. At some point during such time, she was born as a common human and was eventually found by Ithere, who gave her his blood and turned her into his Apostle, vowing servitude to her new master as a result. As her apostle, Garnet has served Ithere for around 1500 years with unquestionable loyalty, supporting him in every event he takes part in and assisting him in any way possible. When the Demon King Gi passed away and the Monster Realm was divided as a consequence of his actions, Garnet joined the Hornet Faction following her master's decision to support Hornet.


She made first appearance during the events of Rance 03, fighting alongside Ithere in the 7th Helman-Leazas War against the Leazas Liberation Army. Her first major involvement was in The Battle of The O, where she engaged in combat against Shizuka Masou and Maria Custard, who was utilizing the military tank Tulip #3. During the battle she, along with the other members of the Jewel Three, employed a combined Black Destruction Beam against Maria's Tank, severely wounding it as a result. However, when they use it again in an attempt to finish off their enemy, the shot is deflected by Shizuka's own White Destruction Beam.


While they were unable to permanently defeat the Tulip, they forced Maria to withdraw from the battle and maintained a dominant stand against the Leazas forces. While Ithere himself faces Shizuka, the Apostles are attacked by Rance's group, who arrived to assist Shizuka and Maria in the battle, where she's finally defeated by the brutish warrior, who wasted no time to rape her on the spot. Not long after, the Helmanian forces start losing dominance and Commander Thoma ordered to retreat, resulting in the victory of the Leazas Liberation Army. She, along with the other members of the Jewel Three, managed to retire safely from the battle despite their defeat.

She re-appeared along with her master during the accidental unsealing of Demon King Gele at the hands of Rance, who unknowingly removed her seal upon obtaining the Dark Lord-killing Blade Chaos. She immediately knelled along with her allies to the revived Demon King and, following her orders, she along with Ithere and his other Apostles begin searching for Chaos and its wielder. She eventually managed to find Rance and his party on the courtyard of the Leazas Castle, where she's finally defeated by the group and captured by Leazas soldiers, and she cries out as Rance leaves to take down Ithere. Some time later she, as well as Sapphire and Topaz who had also been defeated by Rance on different locations, manage to escape while barely clinging to life and make it to Ithere's side, who was also defeated by Rance and was dying from mortal wounds he received during the battle. The three Apostles didn't hesitate and traded the blood he originally gave them upon becoming Apostles to heal his wounds. Reduced to mere humans, they perished immediately after, but they managed to save their master's life.

Personality and Appearance[]


Garnet is a female Apostle of around 1500 years old, but because Apostles stop aging upon their transformation, she retains the appearance of a very young girl that instead has an appearance more similiar to that of a teenage human. She has a tanned skin tone and a feminine figure, with curvy hips and a medium-sized bust. Her long hair is of a distinctive red, which is somewhat iconic of her character and is likely the origin of her name. She shares the same strange attire with her fellow Apostles, sporting long dark purple pants and an armwear of the same color, while leaving her chest completely exposed, publicly displaying her breasts. She also wears a strange-shaped red Helmet on her head, as well as a long bow of the same color. As if purposely contrasting with her red theme, her eyes are instead of a brilliant golden color.

Like most Apostles, Garnet is confident and arrogant, looking down on humans as lower creatures. She's cheeky and lively, with an energetic and enthusiastic personality and seems to enjoy the thrill of a battle. Much like her companions, she has an incomparable love and admiration for her master Ithere, and she's completely devoted to him. She will follow every command without hesitation, and her loyalty and admiration leads her to go through absurd extents to serve her master, not doubting in throwing away her own life to ensure Ithere's. Her love for her master is only comparable with that of her teammates, and they're in a constant competition for his affection and care. Despite this her relationship with Sapphire and Topaz is very close, almost like that of sisters and they're very capable when working together.



As a living being whose power was augmented by receiving the blood of a Dark Lord, Garnet is a powerful Apostle that represents a challenging threat to those that face her. Her specialty is Magic, being proficient with spells of the Thunder element, and her level of ability is comparable to that of a Lv2 user. Her most powerful attack is the Red Destruction Beam, a spell similar in shape and technique to a White Destruction Beam but of a glowing reddish tone instead. She's also capable of mixing this attack with the special attacks of Sapphire and Topaz, creating an empowered Black Destruction Beam powerful enough to inflict high damage on the heavily armored military tank Tulip #3 designed by Maria Custard.

Like her fellow companions, she also earned the same brainwashing ability from Ithere, which allows her to temporarily control other living beings actions against their will, and her proficiency is almost on the same level as Ithere's. Her overall power is high enough to fight off several humans on her own, and few humans would be able to defeat her in a 1 on 1 scenario.


  • She was ranked 23rd in the Rance 03 popularity poll in the category of female characters.
  • Garnet is not her original human name, but the one she received upon becoming an Apostle. Her true name remains unknown.