Naturally, since Alicesoft is a Japanese company, all their games are in Japanese. However, many of them can be enjoyed even by those without ANY knowledge of reading Japanese. Here are some recomendations.

- 1. Sengoku Rance - This game is perfect for the Japanese illiterate because it has been translated to English. 'Nuff said.

- 2. Daibanchou: Big Bang Age - Another fully translated game. Enjoy it.

- 3. Widenyo (or its predecessor, Mamanyonyo) - part of the Alice2010 collection, there isn't a whole lot to read outside of the item names and descriptions, stats and character names, and menu options (and some story scenes, but they are short and don't require player participation of any kind). Check out the wiki to learn the options and you're set.

For the first two games, the game title pages in the wiki also offer help and downloads of their respective English patches.

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