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The Omake dungeon is accessable from Elina's tent, after she has been captured. The monsters in there are several times stronger than normal, and provide more exp points. Before you start to get desperate (like I did...), this seems to be acessible only during your 2nd playthrough.

Actually if you start a second playthrough, and save, you can then enter the tent from your first playthrough save file.

On each floor (except the last floor) there are three rooms whose door have Gal Monsters drawn on them. You must have the corresponding Gal Monster in your party in order to enter that room. In the middle of the room you will face a strong version of that same girl monster. After defeating her, you will get the "Gal Monster Coin" item.

General map legend:

  • Green dotted lines are normal doors.
  • Pink dotted lines are Gal Monster doors.
  • Red dotted lines are locked doors.
  • U means stairs that go up.
  • D means stairs that go down.

General floor order is: B1 - B2 - B3 - B4 - B5 - B6 - B9 - B8 - B7 - B10



  • S is the starting location
  • X is the exit
  • E1 is where Plupet is located at. The message will only show his name with interacted, but nothing esle will happened.
  • E2 is a shrine
  • L = a locked door. Need a Bear item to unlock.
  • P is a pick
  • H1 = Kyankyan
  • H2 = Yamorin
  • H3 = Maid
  • B5 = Direct elevator from B1 to B5

Note: You must defeat the boss on the 5th floor from the direct elevator to get the key to the 3rd floor.

Note: At E2 you can take all the diamond items to be combined into an item that gives Reo 9999 HP 999 Attack 999 Magic Strength 80% in both physical and magical defense.



  • H1 = Sketch
  • H2 = Sexy Knight
  • H3 = Sour, You don't need to defeat her, she will flee after a few turns and you will still obtain the coin.
  • E1 = Trade 9 coins for a Blue Ribbon item
  • M1 = Special monster, says "U U D D L R L R B A"
  • L = need the White Bear item to unlock
  • B5 = elevator chute, no access



  • E1 = Kira will heal your party for 1000 gold
  • H1 = Mountain's Happiness
  • H2 = Conte
  • H3 = Turtle Girl
  • B5 = elevator chute, no access



  • M = Defeat monster to receive Diamond Shield item
  • H1 = Chyo-chin
  • H2 = Frozen
  • H3 = Cat Matamata
  • L = Requires Blue Ribbon item to unlock
  • B5 = Elevator chute, no access
  • B9 = Direct elevator from B4 to B9



  • B5 = Direct elevator from B1
  • H1 = Chyapu Chyapu
  • H2 = Zukappa
  • H3 = Sea's Happiness
  • M = Defeat monster to receive Diamond Belt item
  • E = Trade 9 coins for Crimson Ribbon item



  • E = Kira, heals for 3000 gold
  • M1 = Defeat monster for Diamond Hat item
  • M2 = Monster, says "L R R L L L R R L R L"
  • H1 = Snake-san
  • H2 = Itamashii
  • H3 = Magician



  • B9 = Direct elevator between B4 and B9
  • H1 = Death-ko
  • H2 = Princess Long Hair
  • H3 = Kamikaze
  • L1 = Locked, requires Crimson Ribbon item to open
  • L2 = Locked, requires Noir Ribbon item to open
  • T = Trapdoor, fall down to B10 (cannot come back up)



  • E1 is where Kira is located at. He will heal your party for 5000 gold.
  • H1 = Thunderdrum
  • H2 = Valkyrie
  • H3 = Battle Note
  • M1 = Diamond Gloves



  • E = Trade 9 coins for Noir Ribbon
  • H1 = Harimao
  • H2 = Sarufa
  • H3 = Touko-chan



  • O = one way doors
  • X = exits
  • Monsters:
  • M1 = Akin
  • M2 = Bear, uses ice attaccks
  • M3 = MonRampage Bunny, parallizes and scares party members
  • M4 = Little Man, high evasion
  • M5 = Robot, self heals
  • M6 = ?
  • M7 = Temjin
  • M8 = Iyana Yatsu
  • M9 = Light Warrior
  • MA = Yuri Squid, scares party members
  • MB = Plant of Love, removes bonuses and decreases your levels
  • H1 = Captain Vanilla
  • H2 = Kusushi
  • E = Reward : Hazure Hasushi - Removes the failure of the Hazure Girl. Protection from her entering your party.