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Hard mode A[]

Enemies are expontentially harder and grows a bit stronger each day
(uncertain if there is a time limit for Elina/Ika
You start the game with Hazure Onna.

Hard Mode B[]

Enemies are expontentially harder.
You cannot sell any items to Plupet thus disallowing you from buying unlimited amount of a certain items. However, a certain item that raises the damage threshold by 500 is only available in hard mode.
Ika will not choose a bride at the end of the week.
Elina will not capture a monster girl.

Change in strategies between Normal and Hard Mode[]

Enemies in hard mode are very capable of dealing a lot of damage. Keep your HP as high as you can at all times. You have to be especially aware of your elemental resistance as well as your physical/magical defense percecntage or you may run into a situation where a monster can potentially one hit KO you because you have an elemental weakness to its attack.
Instant-KO moves (Zukappa, Sulphur, Death-Ko) are more potent in hard mode because enemies have more HP to deplete but their instant-KO will drop them down to 0 regardless if it succeed.
Hanny flashes has potential to deal a lot of damage especially considering that they ignore defenses and that their stats are higher than normal. Use Kotodama and Kameko accoringly for best result.
Be careful of what you use your rare stones on. They are rare drops and are obtainable in limited amount.
At the 16th hour, the monsters are become a lot tougher. It is recommended that you bring in all your high HP gal monsters at front here. At the 22th hour, they are downright deadly.