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Title Screen[]

  • New Game
  • Load
  • Alice's Cottage
  • Quit

Game Modes[]

When starting a new game, you will be prompted whether to play in Normal Mode (普通モード) or Easy Mode. In Easy Mode (簡単モード), you won't die even if you get a Gameover. If you run out of time, it'll automatically roll back. However, it is impossible to have all the Girl Monsters tamed in Easy Mode, while it is possible for Normal mode.

There is a Hard Mode patch that makes the hard mode available as well.

If you've cleared the game previously, you will then be prompted to load Clear data (引き継ぐ) or not (引き継がない). Note that you cannot load clear data if you are playing on hard mode. When you load a Clear data:

  • Stats won't carry over, but all the power ups for each Girl Monster will.
  • Pluppet's inventory will carry over (With the exception of some items).

Dungeon Crawling[]

In general, you have a week for each dungeon (If Sunday ends and you still have a Girl Monster in that dungeon, Elina will capture it). If you capture all Girl Monsters and are able to move on ahead of time, you'll have some advantage days, as you will have what many days are left of the week PLUS one more to finish that dungeon.

While on a Dungeon, if any Girl Monster ever comes with a blue face, I suggest you send her back home. If she keeps going with you, she might end up getting sick (red face), and if that happens, you won't be able to H her at all. And to cure her you must either use an item or speak to Kusushi in a night event (which also ends your night time), so... Don't push them too hard, 'k?

At 12 PM and 6 PM your characters will eat (though you need a lunch box for that) and restore their health. If unable to eat, you'll lose 50% of your health instead. Not only that, but at those intervals enemies also power up. Enemies usually sport x2 stats past mid-day and x3 stats when it's night!

Capturing a Girl Monster (with the exception of Kusushi and Vanilla) will result in you leaving the dungeon right away, so plan accordingly on your actions. And defeating a Girl Monster with Leo's whip attack will reduce the hearts of the girl by 1 when trying to capture her.


While inside any dungeon, your screen will look like the picture on the side. At the top-left is the view of the place. You can either move using the arrow keys (you can strafe by holding down Shift plus Left or Right), or by clicking on the arrows that show up when you move your mouse by the view.

At the top right of the dungeon view is the name of the dungeon itself, followed by all the field traits you have due to the active Girl Monsters in your party (Such as, but not limited to: Poison Immunity, Mushroom Immunity, etc.). At the bottom is the list of your active characters. Hovering the mouse near any portrait will present you with one or two options. Leo only has the Status option (ステータス), while Girl Monsters have that option plus the "Pull out of battle" (戦闘から抜ける) option, which will send the Girl Monster away for the remainder of the day, sending in the next Girl Monster in your party reserve to your active lines. At the top you will also see their current affection level (Servant (しもべ) -> Trust (信頼) -> Love (愛情)). At the bottom is your current and Max HP.

Next to the character portraits are four buttons. From top to bottom:

  • Bag: Opens up the list of usable items (Or at least, items of direct relevance, regardless of if you can't use them or not).
  • Party Screen: Opens up the Party Screen. You can't make any changes while in a dungeon, this is merely to review your lineup.
  • Branch of Return: (Well, it's more like "Return Tree") Using this item will send you out of the dungeon, regardless of your position. Perfect for hasty retreats!
  • Options: Displays the options screen.

At the middle of the right side you can see the immediate map of the dungeon, and clicking on it will expand it to full screen. Right below the map is the general inventory button, which will display every single item in your posession. Finally, at the top of the right side is the current day and day of the week along with the time scale.

Game Flow[]

  • Morning ADV events
In this time, any Girl Monsters returning to grown up will show up.
  • Map visits
Before going into a dungeon, you can forage some spots on the map or talk to Kusushi and Vanilla. If the very first thing you do is forage one of the dungeons, you will get an M piece for a potion. Note that if you don't enter the dungeon by 11am, the day will end. You may visit Plupet's shop (unlocked later in the game), Kushishi's shop to create items, and Vanilla's room to level up, if you have enough experience.
  • Dungeon
The main point of the game. Go into a dungeon to fight, forage for items, but most importantly, to capture the Girl Monsters before Elena beats you to it.  If you remain in the dungeon past 24 hours, you will sleep on the spot and wake up the next day.  Your HP and moves will not be replenished.
  • Girl Monster visit
If you have captured a girl in a dungeon today, you will meet and make a contract with her
  • Night Events
Talk to any Girl Monster in here. Note that a Star will trigger a small scene. A Star with an "!" inside is an important event storywise. A yellow sign means the girl has the max affection for the first stage, so go into a night event to get her +5% interrupt rate (IR) and an statusupdate from Servant (しもべ) to Trust (信頼) . A red sign with 初 means you can H the girl for +5% IR for the first time (Trust (信頼) -> Love (愛情)). Afterwards, a brown symbol will trigger a 1-day intensive training with that girl (+20% IR), bringing you to the next day's night event. A red H means you can H the girl again, for no more IR gain.

Battle Flow[]

Once you capture girl monsters, they can fight alongside with you. Each have their own HP, which will all total up to one life bar. Leo and each girl monster have their own attacks. However, girl monsters can only use their commands a limited amount of times. If you need to, you may have a girl monster leave your party by clicking the lowest button on her picture. Leo may also activate a special attack. If you have certain female characters in your party, they will activate a unique powerful move. For example, Yama no Sachi and Umi no Sachi will execute a powerful attack, while Zukappa and Harimao will cast a powerful healing spell.

If you are fighting a Girl Monster instead of a regular monster, upon defeat you will be prompted to rope her. At the bottom of the screen you can see the amount of hearts she has left (Call it lives if you wish) and the ropes you have available. Simple ropes will take anywhere from about 1 to 3 hearts, while powered up ropes can go from 2 to 5 (or more?). If you fail to tie up a girl it will run away, but next time you find her she will be have what amount of hearts you left her with in the previous encounter.


Battles in general look like the screen to the right. At the very top you can see the life bar of the enemy, and at the very bottom you can see your current HP.

Whenever you hover the mouse over a character's portrait, up to three options will pop up. The first and second one are attacks, each Girl Monster having their own, and while the mouse is over the name of a skill, you will see the number of uses left along with the max number of uses a bit below. Further below, Leo has "Run Away" (逃げる) while Girl Monsters have "Pull out from Combat" (戦闘から抜ける), which is exactly as if you used during dungeon exploration: The Girl Monster leaves the party for the rest of the day and the next reserve (if any) joins the active party.

The small tab on the right side of the lower section is the Combat Log, which will display the messages of all combat actions up to the current point of battle. The three buttons below are:

  • Bag: Opens up the list of usable items.
  • Party Screen: Opens up the party screen. You can't make any changes at all and this is merely for reviewing purposes.
  • End: Ends your turn without making any action.

The standard flow of battle is as follows:

  1. Assuming the player started, you will have the turn first. Any Girl Monster or Leo can act at this moment.
  2. The monster will attack next.
  3. Before the party's actual turn, a random Monster Girl might do an attack. This attack will not cost her any skill points, and not all skills are eligible (Nekomatamata's second skill is a perfect example).

Leveling Up[]

While both Leo and every girl monster levels up by terms of Experience that count for a bit of increased stats, Leo levels up in a quirky method and every girl monster can also be further powered up.

While Leo has a bar of experience that fills up normally, you must visit Vanilla in the island map to actually level Leo up. Do note that every girl monster present in your team (Active or in Reserve) will receive a bonus of one affection point.

Monster Girls instead can be further powered up each time you H with them. Prior to the event, you will be presented with a screen that has all your M Potions in all colors and sizes. Small potions will increase the HP, Strength and Magick of the Girl by 10, 2 and 2 respectively. Large potions increase the same attributes by 100, 20 and 20 respectively as well. (only if you choose 中に出す, note that the girl will be a child for a while afterwards)

Also, if it's the first time you've used a M Potion of that color on a girl you will be presented by a Power Up screen (again, choose 中に出す for that).

Power Up Screen
Category Effect (JP) Meaning
特殊 戦闘時特殊機能習得【TRAIT】 "Obtain the battle special function 【TRAIT】"
スキル スキル 【SKILL】がパワーアップ Upgrade 【SKILL】 to the next level.
スキル スキル 【SKILL】がパワーアップ Upgrade 【SKILL】 to the next level.
属性 【炎】 耐性アップ Raise resistance against 【炎】 (Fire).
属性 【氷】 耐性アップ Raise resistance against 【氷】 (Ice).
属性 【雷】 耐性アップ Raise resistance against 【雷】 (Thunder).
属性 【聖】 耐性アップ Raise resistance against 【聖】 (Holy).
属性 【闇】 耐性アップ Raise resistance against 【闇】 (Darkness).
ステーツス 【回避力】 アップ Raise 【回避力】 (Evasion) by 30%.
ステーツス 【防御力】 アップ Raise 【防御力】 (Physical Defense) by 30%.
ステーツス 【魔抵力】 アップ Raise 【魔抵力】 (Magical Defense) by 30%.
スキル スキル 【SKILL】 の回数アップ Raise the no. of uses of 【SKILL】.
スキル スキル 【SKILL】 の回数アップ Raise the no. of uses of 【SKILL】.

Do note not all of those options will be present. For example, after taking the Battle Trait, it will no longer be present (For more information on individual battle traits, please check the Character Details section). Also, Skills can only be powered up once (in terms of level, you can increase their uses as many times as you see fit). Resistances and Status up options can only be taken once if I'm not mistaken.

While you can H a girl an infinite number of times, you can only access the power up screen 7 times, one for each color of a potion (And these do carry over in a new game +), but you will still gain the effects of the potions (HP, Strength and Magick up).

Party Screen[]


Accessible from the first option in the lower right corner of the map screen (or through the Party Screen button while in a dungeon), you can view your current team and all the other Girl Monsters you have tamed. You can only make changes in here while outside of a dungeon though.

Girl Monsters are sorted by special (Vanilla and Kusushi), then in order of dungeons (KyanKyan, Yamorin, Maid-San, Sketch, Sexy Knight, etc.), with the extra girls at the bottom of the list. Clicking on the portrait of a Girl Monster will add her to the next available spot in your party lineup at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can sort Girl Monsters in different manners using the bottons on the right. From top to bottom: Level (Sorts them by level), Intimacy (Sorts them by if she's in Love, Trust, or just a Servant), and the default sort.

On the lower half, the first bubble on the left holds the current percentage of Evasion (回避力), Physical Resistance (防御力) and Magical Resistance (魔低力). At the right are your current resistance levels: Physical, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Light and Dark, along with the faces at the bottom (Red for worst, Yellow for average, and Blue for best). The blue bar is your current HP. Do note all these values are merely the average of your current active members (That's it, Leo and anywhere from 0 to 4 Girl Monsters), reserve Girl Monsters don't affect these numbers.

The bubble right below your life will display any possible Combination attack (If you have the necessary Girl Monsters in your active party to make a combination skill, you can use Leo's 2nd skill to make the move). To the right is the status information of whatever character you hold your mouse over; from name, affection level, percentages, life, level, HP, equipped item, field and combat abilities and the current condition of the character (Happy, Tired or Sick).

The last two buttons you see on the lower right are to clear your current party (At the top) and exit (bottom).

Status Screen[]


The Status Screen is simple: At the left is the list of Leo and all the Girl Monsters he has tamed, sorted by whatever sorting method you last chose in the Party Screen. The look of the girl is at the center of the screen as well.

The important information is on the right side though; starting with the name, LV, current EXP and affection level in the box at the top.

Right below is the Life (体力) of the character, Physical Attack (攻撃力), Magical Attack (魔法力), Evasion Percentage (回避力), Physical Resistance (防御力), and Magical Resistance (魔低力).

Underneath is the Skill Box; you can hover your mouse over the boxes here to see the information of the skill, including name, effect, and uses. Only Leo has three skills, so don't fret about a Girl Monster missing her third skill. To the right is the box of resistances: Physical, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Light and Dark. Directly below is combat ability and field ability respectively.

The box with the seven little bottles displays what M Extracts you've already used with that Girl Monster (Denoting how many times you have accessed the Power Up Screen with her, and thus, how many more times you can). The Item box on the right is to use several types of items on the girl, followed by the Equip box below.

The last bits to the right are mostly for statistics. The number by the crossed swords is how many times that Girl Monsters has been in battle, followed by the number of times you've H'ed her (regardless of transmigration), and at the bottom is how many times she has transmigrated (returned to kid form).

Hovering your mouse under the "Profile" button will make a small screen appear by the girl's portrait with some personal information. The button to the right is to exit the screen.