GalZoo Island
GALZOO Airando
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Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2005/12/09
Genre / Rating RPG / 18+
Base price 8500
Voice Full voice except Leo
 GalZoo Island 
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Version History
  • The hard mode patch for 1.01 is also released on December 28, 2005. Get it here.

Back Story Edit

The Count Squid has created an island, called Squid Paradise, and has many Girl Monsters detained on his island, so he can select a wife. The main character, Leobard (aka Leo), is summoned by two Girl Monsters to help them defeat Count Squid.

Main characters Edit

(in general order of appearance)

  • Leopard Maala - Also known as Leo, his village was destroyed four years ago in a war, and lost his family. The famous Monster Trainer, Bastal Batch, took him in. Leo is now an apprentice monster trainer under Bastal Batch's instructions.
  • Lisa - A Maid Girl Monster tamed by Bastal Batch. Very strict when overseeing Leo's training, but at the mention of Bastal Batch she turns into typical love-struck girl.
  • Captain Vanilla - A pirate-like Girl Monster. She was responsible for summoning Leo to the Squid Paradise.
  • Kusushi - Herbalist Girl Monster.
  • Elina Batch - The daughter of Bastal Batch, she developed a rivalry against Leo to see who can save the Girl Monsters first.
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