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Gakuen KING Extra
学園KING 番外編
Gakuen kingu bangai-hen
Gakuen KING Extra
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 1998-11-26
Genre / Rating ADV / All-Ages
Base price ¥-"-" is not a number.
Voice none
Gakuen KING - banner
General info
Extra game
Music CD


Gakuen KING Extra -Hidehiko Makes Curry- is a small bonus game based on the original Gakuen KING and released on some of the Alice CDs to commemorate the release of the Windows port of the main game released on those same discs. It also became available via download on 2006/09/01.

It was made on the devs off-time partly in response to the "Gakuen King Sequel Production Promotion Committee" (a group of dedicated fans) asking for more, but a sequel wasn't realistic.

Gameplay has been reduced to just a menu, though the game screen will still show the locations and people you come across.


The story takes place after Kunlun's destruction, but before the various endings of the original game. Amatsugami Hidehiko is talking to Kozuki Sayoko and he suddenly mentions wanting to come up with something for her birthday. He bemoans not having the proper months to prepare.

This worries Sayoko greatly as she expects whatever he comes up with to have a profound impact on the Japanese economy, his more reasonable idea of a far too expensive ring is too much for her as well.

She wants something handmade and decides some curry would be nice. She promises they'll do it together. However her birthday arrives and she is off to a family member's wedding!

Hidehiko is now put to the test as he has to make a completely normal, yet delicious curry. Will he be able to do so?


You just go around finding ingredients and being given advice on how to make curry based on how those people do so.

The advice gives you Delicious curry points or Dangerous curry points. Every point allows you to put in another ingredient, but as far as I know you need to have the exact amount for the ingredients you want. Good points can be used to get rid of bad points and balance it out. You need to have a certain amount of points to be able to make a curry, so sometimes you might want some bad points.

You can get Delicious curry points from: Aya in her dorm room (5), Makura in Aya's room if you keep trying to take her pillow (2), Ikumi as you try to leave the boy's dorm (3) and Saigou in his room (1)

You can get Dangerous curry points from: Serika in her dorm room (3), Michiba Mutsumi in the cafeteria (2)

As for the ingredients, just look all over the place and talk to people. I will note what you need for the true ending and some other endings and where to find it, but it's really not hard to find. Sometimes you might want to investigate certain things twice as it is just random.

As you prepare to make the curry, you'll be attacked and need to defend yourself with the ingredients. You apparently pick them back up, but during battle you can only use an ingredient once. Offensive ingredients are: Harrison, Fugu liver, Tsunami's Crab, Dokabento, Aji no*no moto, Bakuha Dynamite Curry and Gogigi.

There are 10 (+1 prologue) endings, some even with variations depending on what you messed up.

  • True end requires you to make the perfect normal curry, you'll need:
    • Sweet carrot/甘美なにんじん: one of the cafeteria kitchen fridges
    • Lovely Onions/素敵なタマネギ: cafeteria kitchen shelf
    • Cool potatoes/イカしたじゃがいも: under the stove in the cafeteria kitchen
    • Stunning Beef/見事な牛肉: left fridge in the cafeteria kitchen
    • Weeping Roux/哭きのルー: Bought from the shop
    • Warm Rice/ほかほかごはん: Gotten from Hinako's lab
  • Very happy end: same as above, but it is not quite right (1 ingredient missing)
  • Somewhat happy end: same as True end, but you forgot the rice
  • Happy end for now: same as True end, but you used Aji no*no moto/味の*のもと
    • That's also found in the shop
  • Emergency bad end: use the Fugu liver/ふぐの生き肝
    • It is found in one of the fridges in the cafeteria kitchen
  • Explosive bad end: use Bakuha Dynamite Curry
    • Gotten from Bakuha in his dorm room
  • Bad? end: Mess it up slightly, no roux.
    • Rice is optional, but there is a slight variation if you have any or not (Dokabento is fine too)
  • Tohoho bad end: many variations, either use just veggies, no main ingredients, Harrison or no roux and chocolate
    • Harrison can be taken from Sumako in her room
    • Chocolate is taken from Saigo in his room
  • In tears end: Put blueberry gum or pucchin pudding in the curry
    • Blueberry gum is found in Kobayashi's room
    • Pucchin pudding is found in the IPTY HQ
  • Worst bad end: Putting in any of Tsunami's Crab, Yuriika or Gogigi in the curry.
    • Tsunami's crab is found at the sandbox
    • Yuriika is found in the small fridge in the cafeteria kitchen
    • Gogigi is found in the Animal pen/飼育小屋


Scenario/Production: Fumya
Illustrations/scribbles: Chomoyama
The person who couldn't stop us: TADA
The people we inconvienced: Shige and WAO
Special Thanks: Shade and Naritaya
Helped importing images: Noddy!, Naritaya