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Japanese ガイ
Romanization gai
Race Archfiend, Fiend (former), Human (former)
Age / Birth ≈1200 / GL7??
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Spell-Blader
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv2 (?), Magic Lv3 (as a Human), Magic Lv2 (as Archfiend), Archfiend Lv? (?)
Appeared in Rance IV (Opening), Rance VI (Opening), Rance X: Part 2
Mentioned in Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance, Rance X


Gai, also known as Gi before the official localization, was the 6th Archfiend of the Planner Scenario, the system created to bring destruction and despair to the protagonist race of the continent.

He was originally a regular human born during the atrocious GL Era, the period known as the most dreadful in history when humanity was subdued by Archfiend Jill, who displayed brutality that surpassed any other Archfiend to date. Jill effectively eradicated every human civilization and reduced them to a life of slavery as living playthings for monsters and Fiends, with only small groups of people remaining on isolated locations hiding from the monster oppression. Furthermore, Jill established a large number of "Human Farms" in order to keep human population at high numbers and ensure that the Hero System wouldn't be able to act against her, successfully erasing their only hope for freedom. Gai was born in one of such human farms at some unknown point after the 7th century of the GL Era. His father's identity was a complete mystery to him and his mother went mad and perished in the institution not long after his birth, leaving him an orphan at a very young age. Since birth, he suffered from an unusual disease that neutralized all body sensations from the right side of his body, displayed with a hideous purplish skin color. At some point the young boy somehow managed to escape the farm, travelling on his own for a short while until he found a human settlement, where he was taken in to work as a servant in a pub. For a brief period of time, he found moderate happiness thanks to the hostess of the pub, who treated him gently and even gave him the name of "Gai" that he would carry for the rest of his life. This happiness was short-lived however, as one day the human settlement was attacked by Fiend Lexington, and his benefactor was violated and killed by monsters. Gai was able to escape the massacre, but not without severe mental trauma as a consequence of the experience. The unfeeling right side of his body burned with wrath and hatred, twisting his character and sparking the development of a split-personality disorder.

Following the event, he traveled aimlessly until he came across the Kalar Village, where he was able to take refuge for some time, as he was secretly kept under the care of a close advisor of the Kalar Queen. He displayed a great talent for the Magic Arts during this time as the Kalar advisor taught him the basics, becoming a powerful mage on his own right. One day, the Kalar Village was attacked by a group of humans who desire to harvest their crystals to craft powerful weapons, prompting Gai to rush out on their defense without thinking. On the heat of the moment, his right side took control of him, making him transition to his split personality. He grabbed a sword and discovered an affinity for swordplay, leading him to swiftly exterminate the aggressors. By the time he came back to his senses, the raid was over and around 20 people laid dead by his hands. As thanks for his help, the Kalar did not execute him as their traditions dictate, but was still exiled from the village. As a final gift however he received numerous magic items and Kalar crystals from the Kalar that had been killed in the incident. Gai decisively leaves the Kalar village, but this time more ready to survive on his own than he's ever been, having discovered a newfound talent for swordplay and with a remarkable knowledge of magic on top of the items gifted to him by the Kalar.

Gai continued to hone his skills through his fights for survival until he joined a relatively small monster subjugation group. He quickly stood above the others thanks to his incredible fighting ability, earning a position as the vice-captain of the battalion. In the corps there was only one woman, who was notoriously beautiful and was largely favoured by all the lustful men in the corps, who saw her as their angel in the despair-filled world they lived in. She seemingly became quite interested in Gai, frequently approaching him and treating favourably. Their relationship burst a seething jealousy from the other members of the battalion, who gathered in order to savagely beat him. The dejected and tired Gai decided to not fight back and let them kill him, but before they were able to, his split-personality took over once again. Ruthless and brutal, his right side began slaughtering his attackers with no hesitation and viciously murdering everyone that targeted him. His frenzy even extended to the other members of the battalion that had not originally attack him. At the end of the incident, every member of the battalion had been put to death by Gai's sword, with the exception of the female warrior who had instead been violated and strangled by Gai. Following the carnage, Gai's evil personality truly awakened and completely took control while leaving his normal self dormant. The now cruel Gai proceeded to act as he pleased, stealing anything he desired and raping any woman that striked his fancy. Gai eventually boasted an extraordinary strength that placed him among the strongest warriors of humanity, making him an unstoppable force. Despite his usual acts of brutality during this time, the number of people he killed was surprisingly low, as he was more interested in robbing or raping, not even caring enough to take the lives of his victims. One day Gai attacked a caravan group where he found a girl that he became particularly fond of after abusing her. He found out that she was a slave in the caravan and decided to take her with him. Unfortunately, shortly after the two were attacked by a Fiend and the girl was slain in the skirmish. Annoyed, Gai recklessly charged against the Fiend but his strike was blocked by the Invincibility Field protecting him. In the end, he was defeated but he managed to survive the encounter and, when he woke up, his original personality had recovered control. From this point on, Gai began to conceal his appearance so that his unsightly right-side wouldn't bring suspicion, starting the mental battle to resist his right side that would hunt him for most of his life.

At an unknown time and location, Gai eventually managed to come into possession of the corrupted sword Chaos, an incredible sentient sword originally formed from an adventurer that made a deal with the Gods in an attempt to defeat the Archfiend. At this time Gai was, presumably, in his right side's personality, but he was able to bond with Chaos due to their compatible personalities. Chaos found in Gai the first partner he truly accepted as a rightful wielder, since most people that attempted to wield him would have their will dominated by the selfish sword, which in turn earned him a reputation as a cursed sword. However, because he accepted Gai as his true partner, he agreed to fight alongside him as his weapon. Gai's affinity with Chaos earned him a powerful weapon with the power of destroying the Invincibility Field of Fiends and the Archfiend, making him one of the few individuals potentially capable of exterminating a Fiend in combat.


Gai as a Fiend under Jill.

At some point after this, Gai somehow encountered the woman standing as the head of the monsters and Fiends, Archfiend Jill. Wielding Chaos, the sword that could potentially slay the Archfiend, Gai challenged the Archfiend to a fierce battle, hoping to be able to strike down the dreaded Jill. As she was in possession of insurmountable power however, even the extraordinary Gai found himself unable to defeat Jill as the sadistic ruler of monsters toyed with him. The battle would take a turn that would change the course of history when Gai's split-personality surfaced in the middle of the battle, a facet of his character that deeply intrigued and fascinated Jill. She quickly subjugated Gai and forcefully gave him her blood, losing his humanity as he was turned into a subservient Fiend. As Fiends are unable to disobey the Archfiend of the era, Gai was forced to pledge loyalty to Jill, becoming her subordinate. Due to his transformation into a Fiend his power exponentially increased, quickly standing as one of the most powerful entities among Monsterkind and earning a spot within Jill's inner circle. As time went on, Jill found herself increasingly charmed by Gai's strength and character, relying on him as her most trusted right-hand, even reaching the point of dismissing other Fiends she was previously satisfied with such as Lei, and naming him the Supreme Fiend. Her attachment to him eventually triggered feelings of love on the ruthless Archfiend, turning him into her personal lover.

In the year GL1000, when the Era of Archfiend Jill should have ended, Gai learned about the deal she made with Supreme God Planner in an effort to gain immortality and rule as an Eternal Archfiend. Seeing her in a more vulnerable position, having received a large amount of the Archfiend's blood over the years, he grew ambitious seeing an opportunity to rise to power himself and betrayed his master. This initiated a conflict known as the Archfiend War, where Gai allied with the Hero of the Era who was wielding the Holy Katana Nikkou (the counterpart to his own sword Chaos) in a battle to defeat Jill. The struggle ended 4 years later in the year GL1004 when Gai managed to come on top of their battle and stabbed Jill's heart with chaos, bathing himself in her blood. Because she was immortal as per her agreement with Planner, Gai utilized Chaos to perform a powerful spell that would seal Jill in an alternate void dimension, where she wouldn't be able to escape. He bathed in so much of Jill's blood when he pierced her heart that Gai inherited the position of the Archfiend as a result, marking the beginning of the GI Era.

During the initial years of his reign, very little changed in the monster-dominated world. Despite having been born experiencing a human life, Gai had grown detached from his former race and held very little interest in them. This changed in the year GI0020 when a young woman called Silky Littleraisin stormed Gai's castle in order to take Gai's life and free humanity from slavery. After killing countless monsters, the warrior reached the Archfiend in a barely living state but was unable to defeat him due to the invincibility field protecting him. Fascinated by her, Gai invited her to become one of his Fiends, a proposal that she accepted under the condition that humans were released from the monster oppression. Four years later, Gai successfully managed to assemble all of the monsters and Fiends and move them to the western side of the continent, dividing it between two areas; the Monster Realm and the Human Realm, where humans are allowed to live on their own in peace for the first time in over 1000 years. Silky's actions made her humanity's greatest saviour but she was erased from history due to her position as a Fiend in service of the Archfiend. Her tale, however, was passed down among high-ranked authorities of the AL Church and royal families.


Following the division of the continent, his era carried on with a period of relative peace, as humans were for the first time left alone without having to worry about the threat of the Archfiend. Gai managed to successfully dominate his right-side for the most part, along with his bloodlust, preventing him from acting based on the Archfiend's urges for destruction. While there were short periods where he would occasionally lapse into his psychotic personality, when he was known to be violent and cruel, this would not occur frequently, allowing humanity to recover their destroyed civilization. While this in turn made humans fight among each other for supremacy, with time it was stabilized as many new nations were born, and some old ones like Nippon resurfaced after facing conflicts. During this time Gai made his second Fiend from a man named Ramon C. Burksham, who became a trusted advisor of his thanks to his fortune-telling abilities. Also, Burksham became a valuable friend to Gai and was named the Captain of his personal guard as a response to that trust. Instead of waging war towards humanity, Gai did what no other Archfiend did and focused his efforts on bringing order and firm control to monsterkind as he was completely indifferent in humanity's affairs. This made him a polemic figure in the Monster Realm, as many monsters and Fiends that were hostile to humans were greatly irritated with Gai's non-interference policy, causing him to cultivate the hate of many with his decisions. His position was unwavering however thanks to the immense amount of power he possessed and the strict level of command he managed to impose on the Monster world, forcing those that despised him to put up with his ideals whether they liked it or not.

His quiet reign experience the first sign of an upcoming conflict when the Magic Sect succeeded in unifying humanity under their banner in the year GI0363, with the brilliant mage M.M Rune effectively becoming the leader of the human race in the process. Their potential reached a new level 26 years later when Rune perfected Biometal magic and succeeded in his invention of his first Toushin, an extremely powerful war machine capable of fighting a Fiend on equal ground. Seeing a possibility to finally fight back and defeat the Archfiend, the Holy Magic Sect launched a large production project to manufacture a total of 25 Toushin.

Gi's era

In the year GI0420, many of his Fiends urged Gai to attack when the 20th Toushin was finished. At the pressure of his subordinates, and seeing that he simply cannot ignore humanity's movements anymore, Gai complied and declared war to the Holy Magic Sect, ordering all the Fiends that desired to take part in the battle to do as they pleased. This resulted in a large-scale conflict that became known as the First Fiend War, as the forces of Monsters and Fiends engaged in battle with the army of mages, Tousho and Toushin that the Sect had been preparing. While the Holy Magic Sect did not expect the Monster Realm to attack first and they didn't finish all the preparations they originally had in mind, not all Fiends (and even Archfiend Gai himself) accepted to take part in the conflict, leveling the playfield. The war lasted a total of 32 years with disastrous results for humanity. While the Toushin were able to fight on par with Fiends, they were unable to defeat them due to their invincibility field, preventing them from taking any of the Monster Realm's territories and progressively weakening the sect's power and influence. Countless revolts started to pop in the human side from people that wanted the unwinnable war to end already but it only fueled the rage of M.M Rune, who suppressed revolts with a brutal might. Eventually, Rune was betrayed and assassinated by one of his closest subordinates and the Holy Magic Sect collapsed following the death of their leader. After the Sect crumbled, Gai declared the end of the war and called back all the Fiends and monsters that remained in human territories to return to the Monster Realm. The end of the war gave the chance to the Human Realm to experience a time of peace but the post-war period was only followed by more armed conflicts of groups seeking dominance. A large persecution instigated by the AL Church also began as a result of the grudge people developed against the Holy Magic Sect during the warring period, which led to the oppression of magic users and the destruction of all the scientific advancements the Sect had accomplished during their time.

Around the fifth century of his era, a man named Kakutomi Kite ventured into the Monster Realm and sought an audience with Archfiend Gai. Kite was a renown figure in the Human Realm who was recognized as the strongest martial artist in the world, however, due to a personal desire of his, he desired immortality and requested Gai to turn him into a Fiend in exchange of his servitude. Likely because he saw Kite as a potentially powerful subordinate, Gai accepted his request and a new Fiend was born. Around this time, the Human Realm was also experiencing turmoil as the Helman Empire and the Kingdom of Leazas were founded as a result of multiple conflicts, two nations that would become extremely influential in the human world for several centuries that followed.

Seeing the end of his reign approaching, Gai started to look for a competent heir that could inherit the Archfiend throne. He shared his concerns with his advisor Burksham, who tried to assist his master with his fortune-telling abilities. After experiencing a vision of the future, the Fiend ordered his three Apostles to search for an individual that could inherit Gai's will, who parted on different paths to fulfil their mission. In the year GI0800, a large conflict named the Southern Proxy War took place after Helman and Leazas fought for the control of the southern territories, motivating a young mage named Parsley Rig Zeth to take a stand along with her comrades to stop the fighting. Due to the proximity of the place of the battle with the Monster Forest, countless monsters joined the battle out of a shallow desire to participate in the carnage. One of Burksham's Apostles, Lucy Julietta, charmed by Parsley's endeavor, decided to lend her assistance in the conflict, as well as advising her in many of her future decisions. Eventually, Parsley's group succeeding in ending the war and the Kingdom of Zeth was founded by Parsley after large groups of mages were gathered looking for a place where they would be free from persecution.

As Gai found himself unable to locate a suitable successor, he conceived the idea of producing one himself. He went on a prolonged sex-spree with many human women and, after many failures, his daughter Hornet was finally born, who he believed could potentially possess the right qualities. He raised her with a strict education and trained her for her future role as the ruler of Monsterkind, ensuring that she knew everything she would need to know to maintain order and rule over monsters effectively. In the year GI0859, Gai brought a young girl of an unknown background named Satella to become Hornet's playmate, raising them together as close friends since childhood. When both became 10 years old, Gai gave them his blood and turned them into immortal Fiends.

In the year GI1000 when Gai's era would come to an end, he performed the ritual to pass on the Archfiend's blood to his daughter Hornet. Having spent her life preparing for this moment and having grown into an extremely powerful entity in her own right, Hornet was ready to inherit her father's place. Unfortunately, the ritual failed spectacularly as Hornet turned out to be incompatible with the Blood. Seeing that the successor he chose was unfit, a more desperate Gai used the 15 year grace period to broaden his search to other worlds, using high-level magic to traverse through Alternate Dimensions to look for another heir. He managed to find a girl named Keel Lana in one of such worlds, who he abducted and tried to forcefully turn into the next Archfiend. However, aware of her fate and not wishing to become the Archfiend, Keel took her own life, preventing Gai from carrying on with the ritual and forcing him to continue searching. In GI1015, he traveled to dimension 3E2 (a world that closely resembles real life modern world) and found someone that harboured an incredible innate potential that could inherit the role of the Archfiend; a young high-school girl named Kurusu Miki. He kidnapped her and travelled back to the continent to perform the ritual but just as he was leaving Ogawa Kentarou, Miki's close childhood friend, followed him in order to rescue her. After various adventures in the strange fantasy world, Kentarou eventually managed to get to where Miki was with help from Hornet's apostle Kenja Keiko. Unfortunately, by the time he managed to get to Miki, Gai had already finished the ritual, completing her transformation into the Archfiend. Using a Hirami Lemon that he previously found, he was able to temporarily halten her corruption into the Archfiend's persona, allowing her to retain her sanity. After passing on his title, Gai was reduced to a normal human again and, wracked with guilt upon realizing what he had done to Miki, lost the will to live and requested Kentarou to kill him. The GI Era ended with his death and marked the beginning of the LP Era, named after the title given to Miki of "Little Princess". Not wanting to become the Archfiend, Miki and Kentarou escaped from the Monster Realm in order to look for a way to restore her humanity and return to their world, leaving the world of monsters headless in the process.


Miki and Kentarou escaped from the Monster Realm.

Before dying, Gai left a letter with his last will for his daughter Hornet: "With Miki Kurusu as the next Archfiend, rule the Monster Realm and maintain peaceful coexistence with humanity." Miki's abdication of the role of Archfiend made this wish much harder to fulfil. While confused by the turn of events, Hornet was willing to follow her father's last will, but Fiend Kayblis was enraged by his decision. Seeing a perfect chance to become the Archfiend himself he approached many Fiends and formed a group called the Kayblis Faction, dedicated to finding and murdering Miki, who is suppressing the Archfiend's powers, in order to turn Kayblis into the new Archfiend instead. Hornet retaliated and made her own Hornet Faction from the Fiends that wished to respect Gai's will, focusing on protecting Miki and wishing to convince her to accept her role as the next Archfiend. The dispute resulted in a conflict known as the War of the Factions, the first civil war between Fiends in history.

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During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Gai manifests during the final battle when Blood Memories uses past recollections to imitate the fighting style of the previous Archfiends, surprising Hornet and Satella with his unexpected appearance.

Appearance and Abilities[]

He had a personality disorder that mirrored his physical appearance: one part of him was a rational and wise man, but the other was an irrational psychopath. He tried his best to keep his more dangerous side from taking control. 


Archfiend Gai.

With a head of long dark hair, Gai dressed in a regal garb, looking much like a hybrid between a warrior and a mage. Gai was a formidable foe to any that faced him.

When Gai became a Fiend his body underwent a physical change that reflected his mental struggle, one half of his body was as he looked when he was human, but the other half of his body changed into a more twisted and demonic form. 

Gai was proficient in both swordplay and magic, becoming a very talented spellsword, a unique title on The Continent.

For the most part, Gai seemed to have mastered control over the bloodlust typical of those who become Archfiend. It is unknown if he felt the rage against mankind usual to Demons, but it is known that he rarely acted upon it. He was a wise and charismatic leader that did not seek conflict.

He adopted a policy of noninterference with the world of humans, commanding all Fiends to leave humanity alone. This caused a lot of controversy amongst the Fiends, but his will was mostly respected. He divided the world into two territories, the Monster Realm and the land the humans lived in, preferring to avoid interacting with humanity. 

Because of his noninterference policy, Kingdoms such as Helman, Leazas and Zeth were able to be founded. Ludo-Rathowm almost destroyed the world during Gai's era because it had very little conflict.

GI - Gai's Era[]

GI0001 - Gai becomes the Archfiend. Fiend Xavier is unsealed in Nippon , but is sealed away again right away.

GI0020 - The Warrior Silky Littleraisin storms Gai's castle, demanding that he release the human beings that Jill enslaved. Impressed with her, he offers to make her into a Fiend, which she accepts in exchange for mankind's freedom.

GI0024 - Thanks to Silky's request, humanity is released from slavery.

GI0420 - The Fiend War breaks out between the Fiends and the dominant force of humanity, the Holy Magic Sect, who wish to kill the Archfiend once and for all. Gai doesn't take part in the war himself.

GI0451 - M.M Rune is assassinated and the Fiend War ends as a result.

GI0500 - Fiend Xavier revives once again and begins to ravage the nation of Nippon with his apostles. He is greatly weakened by the Hero wielding the Holy Katana Nikkou. The Tenshi Sect split him into pieces and seal him inside 8 gourds.

GI0532 - Zanageth Helman founds the Republic of Helman.

GI0534 - Gross Leazas founds the Kingdom of Leazas during a period of civil war in Helman.

GI0762 - Fiend Babolat, who had been reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul during the war with the Holy Magic Sect, manages to revive.

GI0802 - The Southern Proxy War breaks out. Fiend Burksham and Lucy Julietta encourage the founding of the nation of Zeth.

GI0813 - Fiend Kayblis devastates the Kingdom of ZethThe year is forever remembered as "The Kayblis Dark Year."

GI0815 - Fiend Medusa devastates the Kingdom of  Zeth. The year is forever remembered as "The Medusa Dark Year."

GI0850 - Gai goes on a sex-spree to create a suitable heir. Hornet is born, his only child to survive birth.

GI0859 - Satella is brought to Hornet so they can play together and they become friends.

GI0860 - Gai turns Hornet and Satella into Fiends and prepares special education for his daughter so she can train to be the Archfiend.

GI0913 - Fiend RedEye hijacks the Maazel Line from the Kingdom of Zeth and the nation is constantly attacked by his monster army for several years. The year it began is forever remembered as "The RedEye Dark Year".

GI0940 - Operation: Bomb the Maazel Line is undertaken. The Hero of the Era uses the Holy Katana Nikkou and repels the Fiend RedEye, taking back the Maazel Line.

GI1015 - For unknown reasons, Gai kidnaps Miki from the universe 3E2 and makes her into the Archfiend. He then allows Kentarou to kill him. He sends his dying Will to Hornet in which he wished for her to "protect Miki, make her the next Archfiend, and establish peaceful coexistence with humans." His choice splits the Fiend society into two factions, Hornet and Kayblis.

Known Fiends Created: Silky Littleraisin, Babora, Warg, Kite(Indirect), Berksham, Satella, Hornet.

Preceded by: Archfiend Jill

Succeeded by: Archfiend Little Princess (personality suppressed)


  • He's the first Archfiend to have successfully created offspring.
  • Gai is one of the most influential characters in the current setting since he allowed nations like Leazas and Helman to be founded as well as directly starting the Fiend civil war by making Miki the Archfiend.
  • He and Wrench Luncheon are the only characters known with a split personality disorder.
  • Gai is the only Archfiend that was a Fiend prior to his transformation.
  • Gai's fate in the original Miki and Kentarou games varied wildly from game to game. In these games, he is depicted as the famous Count Dracula rather than any sort of demon. Kentarou defeats Dracula using a magic word in the original Little Princess. In its sequel, Little Vampire, the events of Little Princess are completely rearranged by the game's "Prologue" section. In this version, Kentarou receives a magic sword and uses this to kill Dracula (perhaps inspiring the Demon Lord-killing Holy Sword Nikkou). While Dracula does not request Kentarou kill him as Gai does in the current canon, he does allow Kentarou to kill him without a contest, saying that now he will be able to rest.


(𝓗) Hornet Faction. (𝓚) Kayblis Faction. (|) Unaffiliated.
(*) Part 2 contains major spoilers for Rance X.