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The GOLD, often simply refered to as "G", is the item universally used as currency in The Continent

All human beings from different nations use G to represent monetary value, being the G what allows people to live in society. There are many different ways to earn G from different works, like setting a shop, a bar, researching, breeding livestock, and countless other things. Many also choose to become adventurers and get paid G to complete requests from different individuals, usually involving going to locations where monsters inhabit that would be too dangerous for regular humans. Guilds like the Keith Guild, usually serve as intermediaries between an adventurer and its employer, but this isn't a requirement.

G are collected and manufactured by the a Hanny's Business called the "Haniwa Mint". The group consists mostly of Hannies that work in mines to collect GOLD from the corpses of a species of Haniwa called "Golden Hanny". These Hannies are huge Golden structures that are made of a material that greatly resembles real-life gold. They are not sentient or rational, so there are no qualms about recycling them into currency.

Monsters find the G pretty and see it as a prized amulet so, if they have the opportunity, they'll steal it from adventurers or civillians. For Monsters, possessing a lot of G is seen as a status symbol, earned from coming out victorious of many battles against humans.

The average annual income for an adult is more or less 40,000 GOLD, and the average of a lifetime is 2,000,000 GOLD. Successful business-men, adventurers or nobles and the like obviously earn a lot more.

G is classified and distributed in the shape of coins, and some carry more value than others. 

  • 1 G
  • 10 G
  • 100 G
  • 1000 G Coin
  • 10,000 G Coin
  • 100,000 G Coin
  • 1,000,000 G Plate
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