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The Fuurinkazan is the special trademark skill of the four generals of the Takeda House. The name is written using four kanji ("Wind" (), "Forest" (), "Fire" () and "Mountain" ()) and takes a bun of the four leading generals: Kousaka Yoshikage (with "kage" being a misreading of kaze meaning "Wind"), Sanada Tourin (with "rin" also spelled as 林, meaning "Forest"), Baba Shouen (with "en" being spelled as another word meaning "Fire", 炎) Yamagata Masakage (with "yama" 山 itself meaning "Mountain").

The ability is special skill that serves as an ideal military tactic that combines the strengths of all the four main Takeda Generals. Shouen's fierceful strength, Masakage's leading excellence, Kousaka's impeccable stealth and Tourin's tactical genius. All these four talents combine to make the ultimate military maneuver that excels in every role, showcasing Takeda Shingen as the ideal and perfect warlord. While after the events of Sengoku Rance, three of the Four Generals passed away in the war against the Oda House, the remaining commander Sanada Tourin is still able to make use of the Fuurinkazan. It is likely that the ability is an actual skill created by the combined efforts of the four, and can be used just the same as other special skills like the Rance Attack.

Gameplay-wise, in Sengoku Rance, this ability grants each of the Four Generals with initial buffs in all stats, increasing by 50% attack, defense, agility and intelligence. It is automatically activated in every commanding battle they take part in, and they don't need to be deployed together. Naturally, it is an extremely powerful and effective skill that greatly enhances the already powerful generals of the Takeda Army. In Rance IX, Tourin is able to use the Fuurinkazan, where it's able to increase the gauge bar immensely and allowing other characters to use their special skills and turning the tides of the battle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fuurinkazan represents the principles depicted in the famous military treatise written by Sun Tzu, The Art of War, where each General's skills represent each of the ideal traits of warriors, being referenced in their personalities, abilities and even in their names.
    • Baba Shouen embodies the concept of a warrior being "fierce as the flame", represented by his aggressive personality and incomparable strength, granting an Attack buff in-game.
    • Yamagata Masakage embodies the concept of a warrior being "unshakeable as the mountain", represented by his unyielding and resolute personality, granting a Defense buff in-game.
    • Kousaka Yoshikage embodies the concept of a warrior being "swift as the wind", represented by his serene personality and unparalleled rapidity, granting a Speed buff in-game.
    • Sanada Tourin embodies the concept of a warrior being "silent as the forest", represented by his sensible personality and his outstanding tactical mind, granting an Intelligence buff in-game.
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