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This Character has reached their Level Cap
Japanese フロンソワーズ
Romanization furonsowāzu
Race Human
Age / Birth 64 / GI957
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 12
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance
Ah Sill! When I was your age, I was just as beautiful as you!

—Freoncoise, reminiscing.


Freoncoise is the owner of the Yum Yum Diner restaurant on the floating island of Ylapu.

She was one of the oldest residents of the small city and served as something of an unofficial leader for the small town. As her diner was the only eatery in the community, when it was still located on Toushin Toshi Upsilon, it acted as a popular meeting place for the city's populace.

In Rance IV, Freoncoise was one of the first people on Ylapu encountered by Rance and Sill Plain. She offered to buy new clothing and equipment for Rance - whose previous clothes and equipment were left in a trans-dimensional rift after an encounter with Demon King Gele - in exchange for Sill working off the costs as a waitress. Rance immediately opposed the idea, declaring that Sill was only allowed to work for him, and battled Freoncoise for Sill's servitude. However, as his level had been reduced to 1 after returning from the dimensional rift, Rance lost the encounter and was forced to temporarily adventure without Sill at his side. After quickly gaining a few levels with training in a nearby tower, Rance was able to defeat Freoncoise, and demanded for Sill to return to traveling with him. Freoncoise relented, even allowing Rance and his party to eat and use her inn free of charge for the remainder of their adventure, hoping that Rance's strength would eventually return the city to the mainland below it. Other girls that came to Rance's rescue from Leazas also started working at her inn when not adventuring with Rance, such as Julia Lindum and Kanami Kentou.

After Ylapu crashed into The Continent following the defeat of Toushin Upsilon, Freoncoise assisted in rebuilding the damaged city. While it is unknown what happened to her after the city was successfully reconstructed, she likely resumed running her diner.

Personality and Appearance[]

Freoncoise is a middle aged woman with a large, hefty body and sandy brown hair. She is only ever shown wearing a standard waitress uniform consisting of a simple blue dress, a white apron, and a white bonnet.

She is a matronly woman who is welcoming to everyone in her town, though since she is old and unattractive, Rance hardly cares about these qualities and is constantly rude to her. She is known in the town as a stern woman and can only tolerate Rance's behavior for a few minutes before violently throwing him out of her restaurant. She is also shown to be levelheaded in times of crisis, remaining calm and focused even when the city was being overrun with monsters.


CG 0204

Freoncoise is very strong and sturdy in a fight when compared to the average person.

Despite her age and lack of formal training, Freoncoise is actually a rather strong woman. She possesses both a large build and a talent for fighting, allowing for her to be substantially stronger than an average civilian, to the point of being able to easily defeat Rance when his level was reduced to 1. Her reaching her Level Cap implies that she once saw combat fairly regularly, suggesting she is an experienced fighter.

As Ylapu City had long lost its strongest fighters by the time Rance and Sill discovered it, she was considered the strongest person in the city by a wide margin. Her strength is only impressive when compared to the untrained civilians that populated Ylapu City, however, as she was quickly defeated by Rance after a short time adventuring.

In addition to her fighting ability, she is a competent chef. Rance enjoyed her cooking, though he found the taste lessened by the knowledge that it was made by an ugly woman.