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Freak Paraffin
Japanese フリーク・パラフィン
Romanization Furīku Parafin
Freak Paraffin.png
Race Tousho, Human (formerly)
Age / Birth 727 / GI0294
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 181cm / 103kg
Status Deceased
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman, Patton Faction
Level limit 55
Skill levels Holy Magic Lv2 (?), Magic Science Lv2 (?), Magical Metallurgy Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance IX
Mentioned in Rance VI


Freak Paraffin was one of the founding members of the Holy Magic Sect, and the mentor of Magic Master Rune. The discovery and invention of Tousho and Biometal magic were made by Rune with the sole purpose of avoiding Freak's death. He's widely known in the world as an immortal mage with a bronze body and by LP0006 he is 727 years old.

An individual of legendary status that is renown in history as "The Treacherous Mage" due to his assistance in the assassination of M.M Rune that ended the Dark Lord War. Along with Hunty Kalar, he's been in Helman since before its foundation and was a member of the council of eight. He's a good friend of Hunty Kalar. She aided Freak when they killed M.M Rune in the days of the Holy Magic Sect. He also had a rather close relationship with Replica Misly, a former princess from a Kingdom devastated by a Toushin, and he saved her from death by turning her body into Tousho. 

Ever since Rune's death Hunty and Freak stayed in Helman in order to guard the most powerful Toushin created by Rune, a massive giant mecanical body that has enough power to fight against four Dark Lords at the same time, Toushin MM. This is the true reason why Hunty and Freak stayed in Helman for so long. He spent centuries wandering the world, studying robotics and magic, waiting for the day that mankind finally wages war on the Monster Realm.

He's a Patton supporter and he left Helman to join the Patton Faction after his apparent death and exile. He's one of his mentors and is willing to help him as much as he can in his mission to recover his country and legitimate right to the throne.

Personality and Appearance[]


Freak is a bronze Tousho that has been alive since the era of the Holy Magic Sect. He looks like a classic mage, with a long beard, robes and a hat, and has the common traits of Tousho, with a robotic body that lacks any inner organs or blood, conserving only his left eye.

Due to his old age, he's very wise and knowledgeable about many things of the world. He's been travelling for centuries and is very fond of magic research. He's an extremely talented and intelligent researcher, M.M Rune considered Freak a genius and admired him more than anyone else. His mind has helped humanity advance greater than ever and has even discovered new forms of magic by himself, including Death Magic.

Freak is a very cordial and respectful man. Only rarely he's seen mad and his patience is outstanding. He doesn't mind being insulted frontally by Rance or being looked down. He's very amiable with the youth and he's highly respected by most due to his impressive mind and legendary status. He's been good friends with Hunty Kalar since the Holy Magic Sect era and they are both Patton supporters. He's the smart member of the Patton Faction that usually comes up with the plans and organizes all the political and management affairs the other members don't know about. Rance usually treats Freak very poorly, but Freak doesn't mind at all and actually respects Rance due to how competent he is. 


Freak uses his Tousho body to attack.

Freak is a genius magic researcher and a mage that made great advancements in science and technology. His greatest strength relies in his scientific skills and his unmatched mind and experience. He has LV2 skills in Magic Science, Holy Magic and Magical Metallurgy and carries knowledge from several centuries of study and research.

In combat he has a very high cap of 55 and his current level is 50, making him a very powerful mage whose close to his full potential. He also possesses a Lv2 skill in Holy Magic and he usually shoots magic barrages by removing his right hand and shooting.

Freak is a very powerful mage and tousho.

Despite his reputation and fame, he's not too powerful as a mage and he's easily outclassed by mages like the Four Generals from Zeth or the Four Lords. His magic is above average but below the expected from Lv2 mages, unlike what one would think. He doesn't fight too often but he carries hundreds of years of experience behind his back.

His tousho body probably weakened his magic greatly, however it provides the advantage of not getting him tired regardless how much he fights or studies, since it doesn't need to sleep, eat, or rest. He still has to give his body proper maintenance but it's an easy task for him since he's an expert at building and maintaing Tousho.

Freak's Toushin showed in Kichikuou Rance.

As one of the key members of the Holy Magic Sect, a Toushin was specifically designed for him. The 24th Toushin to be constructed, Omega was an extremely powerful Toushin. It had the most offensive capabilities and specializations ever fitted to a Toushin.

It was originally designed to retrofit Freak, but he was afraid of the idea of losing his sense of self and individuality and was unable to transplant his will into the Toushin. With a skull-like face and a generally disturbing appearance, Toushin Omega would have been a terrifying force, had it ever been activated.

Toushin Toshi Omega was designed to deal heavy weapons damage, and the Toushin Toshi attached to it was more of a specialized military base than the other Toushin Toshi. In Kichikuou Rance, Omega was so powerful that it could defeat on a one on one fight to Dark Lord RedEye.


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Personal History[]

Freak was born in the year GI0294 in an era that considered Swordplay as the epitome of honor and strength. Magic users, no matter how powerful, are reviled and considered to be dishonorable cheaters. Despite this, his natural skills and talents in magic made him a powerful mage and his improvements in science were outstanding. Freak was a long-time researcher of the magical arts, and one day accidentally discovered Death Magic as an unintended byproduct. He spent many years of his lives researching magic and its ways.

"If I ever turned against you, I'd prefer it if my life ended right there." - Luca Rune

In his elder years he met a young boy named Luca Rune at a Magic Academy, who became enchanted with Freak's ideas. Rune refered to freak as his Mentor and the two became fast friends and set about researching together. However, an elder Freak was drawing closer to death, and Rune was terrified of losing the only man he could call a true friend. Taking Freak's newly discovered Death Magic as a base, he managed to invent a form of magic called "Biometal". This magic allowed to metalize body cells and preserve human bodies and minds eternally. This was the born of the Tousho and he rapidly implemented this technology on Freak, preventing his death.

When Rune founded the Holy Magic Sect and changed his name to Magic Master Rune, Freak became one of the Five Aces of the council of the sect, one of Rune's most trusted companions. He aided in the creation of Tousho, Toushin Toshi and the political management of the Sect. However, when the Dark Lord War broke out with the Monster Realm the decay of the Sect was heavy. The war with the Dark Lords hurried the manufacture of Toushin but they managed to finish Toushin #24 Omega, which was designed for Freak. However, Omega was never activated, since Freak ended up backing out at the last minute due to fears of losing his ego. As a result, M.M Rune had it sealed beneath the ground in a frozen land.

A point was reached in which the Dark Lord War brought severe consequences to humanity. Revolts started popping and the glory of the magic reign began to crumble. Ultimately, Rune became bitter and paranoid in his old age, and ordered that all "barbarians", the surface dwellers that cannot use magic, be regarded as enemies. Toushin Upsilon attacked a certain kingdom and reduced it to nothing but ashes and rubble. It was the sight of this destroyed scenery that convinced Freak that he had to stop his friend's madness. The princess of said kingdom perished but Freak managed to save her soul with the use of Death Magic. He turned her dead body into a Tousho with a rare metal called Mythril that nullifies magic. The Tousho was given the name Replica and conserved her old name Misly from her time as a princess.

Freak, Hunty and Replica Misly attack M.M Rune.

Freak and Replica Misly were aided by Hunty Kalar and attacked M.M Rune in the holy capital Detna Luca, who was unable to defend himself due to the anti-magic body of Replica. Even though M.M Rune wielded powers that could shatter space itself, he was unable to even put a scratch on the small Misly that thrusted a dagger through his head. Despite his betrayal, Freak's resolution and hopes shattered to pieces. He was deeply saddened by the death of his former friend and decided to stay in Helman along with Hunty to prevent the Toushin designed for Rune from ever being activated. He spent the following centuries dedicated to the study of magic and continued with his research. When Helman was founded he joined the Council of Eight along with Hunty and became one of its political leaders. He became one of Patton's supporters and agreed that he was the one that should become the next emperor, but he was very saddened by his apparent death in the year LP0002 after his failed invasion over Leazas

Appearances in the Rance Series[]

Rance IV[]

Freak holds Misly in her last moments.

He made his first appearance in the series near the end of Rance IV. He detected that someone had entered in the floating city of Ylapu in Toushin Toshi Upsilon, where Replica Misly was guarding and preventing the activation of Toushin Upsilon. Worried, he quickly made his way to the floating land and went to the Casket where Replica Misly was. True to his concerns, he found a broken Misly that had been defeated and left to die by Tousho Dio Calmis, who was following orders of a Helman exploration team. Misly was happy to see Freak again and he apologises with her for not arriving sooner. Replica then dies in his arms. 

He later finds Hubert and tells him about his relation with the Sect and how dangerous weapons Toushin are and that they shouldn't be activated. However Toushin Upsilon was already turned on by Bicchi of the council of eight, who was leading the exploration team with the idea of obtaining a powerful weapon that would allow Helman to overpower all its enemies. The Toushin Upsilon quickly killed Bicchi and is willing to follow the last directive given by Rune of attacking Dark Lords and non-magic users humans. Wanting to prevent another massacre from the Toushin, he aids Rance to defeat the Toushin. He tells him about its weaknesses and his knowledge over the functioning of the toushin helps Rance to weaken the toushin by destroying several key parts ubicated in the casket of the city. However, Freak and Hubert were separated from Rance's team before the final fight with the Toushin after being attacked by Dio Calmis.

Freak reunites with the other members of the Patton Faction.

The two of them fought Dio Calmis, but the Tousho was too powerful for them to win. Fortunately, they were saved by Hunty Kalar who managed to defeat Dio by herself. When Rance's team managed to defeat Toushin Upsilon, the floating land that was kept afloat by the Toushin started falling, forcing them to quickly escape with the help of a surviving dragon that was hiding in the Toushin Toshi named Cantel. Hunty took them to the location where she was hiding with Patton and the group was fully assembled. Freak and Hubert are deemed as dead in Helman after the collapse of the Floating Landscape. Freak agreed to assist Patton in overthrowing Stessel's regime in Helman and the Patton Faction was made, conformed by Patton, Hunty, Hubert and Freak.

Kichikuou Rance[]


Non-canon warning: This section contains non-canonical information that is not considered part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Freak's portrait in Kichikuou Rance.

In Kichikuou Rance, Freak joins as part of the Patton Faction, who is leading a revolution in Helman to reclaim the throne. If Rance allies with Patton he joins Leazas along with the other members of the Patton Faction. When Patton takes the lead of Helman, Freak takes a similar role as Maris's, managing most of the political affairs and paperwork for Patton.

If he's deployed against RedEye, Freak will get angry because Dark Lord RedEye inhabits Toushin Gamma, whose consciousness used to belong to Freak's friend, while also cursing his current body's weakness. He decides that it's time for him to do what he should have done during the Dark Lord War, since he doesn't want to lose the war with the Dark Lords due to his weakness again.

Afterwards, Freak will leave Rance's party and bid farewell to Patton, intending to transfer his own consciousness into Toushin Omega. Freak is successful and immediately confronts RedEye. Freak destroys RedEye's army and seriously damages the Dark Lord. However, RedEye attempts to kill Rona Kestina when it realizes it cannot defeat Freak but he uses Toushin Omega to block the attack, severely damaging Freak. After confirming Rona's safety and rescuing her from RedEye, Freak ultimately dies. RedEye is severely damaged and retreats for the time being.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends at this point.


  • He's one of the eldest humans in the series, being older than every human alive with the exception of The Legendary Five.
  • In the Rance IX popularity poll he was ranked 8th among male characters.
  • He is one of the few humans to possess more than one level 2 skill.