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Frank Rews
Japanese フランク・ルーズ
Romanization furanku rūzu
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Republic of Gamerica

Frank Rews is a non-recruitable character in Daiteikoku.


Gamerican President Frank Rews is first presented as the level-headed, aloof leader of the nation's people. In contrast, he is soon found by the player to be an unwilling puppet figurehead controlled by Gamerica's secret Green Grass Society. He views the society's members as a domineering and disrespectful bunch, and he harbors a secret, rage-fueled desire to regain his power and prestige as president.

Original Inspiration[]

The real world inspiration for Frank Rews is not officially verified and is veiled in speculation. As a president himself, logic follows that Rews would be an antagonistic parody of America's 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Another theory states that he is based on WWII American Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews. Lieutenant General Andrews was a "senior officer of the United States Army and one of the founders of the United States Air Force."


  • The romanization "Roose" or "Rews" alludes to the English word "ruse", meaning "an action meant to deceive (someone)". Along with "frank", which in English means "honest and direct in speech or writing", this forms the oxymoron "frank ruse".