Francine Yamabuki
Japanese フランシーヌ・山吹
Romanization Franshiinu yamabuki
BBA Francine face.png
Race Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age


Francine Yamabuki is a health teacher and a nurse at Seijou Academy. She dresses very provocatively and has a strong sexual appetite, specifically towards younger boys. She intensely dislikes her colleague Ijuuin Tamari to the point she refuses to join Wolf Fang if Ijuuin has already joined them.


Francine has long brown/purple hair. She has amber colored eyes and wears a pair of thin-frame glasses. She also wears red lipstick and matching red nails.

For her outfit she appears to wear a schoolgirl-like uniform with the top mostly missing, exposing her large breasts. A white lace bra can be partially seen sticking out. She's also wearing a white labcoat with black sleeves. On her sprite Francine can be seen wearing red heels.

Battle quote - "Unless you're a cute little boy, get out of my way."