The Four Lords of Zeth are the highest-ranked individuals within the entire Kingdom of Zeth, only answerable to the King himself. As such, they preside over the National Meeting of Zeth's top officials, which include its different Ministers and secretaries. Though the Ministers manage their own divisions of government as well as their assigned territories, it is the Four Lords that have the final say over national executive decisions, with their political influence carrying more weight than almost anyone else in the government.

One of their most important duties is the management and defense of their four respective Towers, of which they are the absolute masters. The four towers surround the Zeth Capital and are some of the strongest fortresses of the entire country, with each providing protection both in military forces and magical apparatus that protect the capital from harm. Though it is a national secret, they also hide in their basement four Mana Batteries that are critical to the operation of the Maginot Line, as they are responsible for the storage and distribution of the vast amount of magical energies brought by Zeth's mages to the Line's many defenses.

The Four Lords for a long time were picked much like the other positions of government, and would usually be the most politically influential individuals from Zeth's noble families. However this changed when King Gandhi took the throne, as one of his first decisions was to have the Four Lords chosen upon merit. As such any who would wish to be part of the group has to prove themselves as one of the most talented mages in all of Zeth after passing a special exam. As such during his early reign the Four Lords were all extremely powerful, however, with the exception of Chizuko Yamada, they were largely uninterested in politics and mostly pursued their own projects.

After the Monster Invasion of Zeth on LP0004, to better reflect Zeth's more egalitarian attitude toward non-mages, two talented but largely inactive members of the Four Lords were replaced by two non-magic users who had proven themselves instrumental in dealing with the Invasion.

The Lords[]

Lord of Champion Tower (North West Tower)[]

Chizuko is the Lord of Champion Tower, and a prodigy of the rare but powerful Information Magic, allowing her to parse through and manage a great deal of information. This allows her to be a very efficient ruler and as such she managed to be for a long time the only politically active Lord of Zeth all the while managing the powerful but dangerous Anise Sawatari. She has a one-sided crush on King Gandhi.

Lord of Magazine Tower (South East Tower)[]

Magic the Gandhi is the daughter of King Gandhi, making her the princess of Zeth, as well as a powerful user of Lightning Magic on her own right. Though she managed to become a Lord at an early age, she involved herself little in politics early on as she was still finishing her studies, and only started to be pro-active since her graduation that followed the Monster Invasion.

Lord of Sunday Tower (North East Tower)[]

Nagi su Ragarl was an extremely talented prodigy of Dark and Lighting Magic. She was the daughter of the powerful mages Chenezale do Ragarl and Athmaze, two talented students of the advanced magic school of Mysteria Tou. Nagi however cared very little about politics and instead lived a secluded life with her father and devoted her time into improving her own powers, the better to defeat her estranged half-sister Shizuka Masou. She stayed at her tower throughout the Monster Invasion and following her father's death, she fled Zeth after swearing revenge on Shizuka. She was thus destituted by King Gandhi and replaced by Chochoman Public.

Chochoman Public is a respected non-magic user who was instrumental during the Monster Invasion, acting as a leadership figure for Second Class citizens and providing much needed cohesion during the chaotic Zeth evacuation. As such he was recognized for his efforts by King Gandhi and appointed as New Lord of Sunday Tower. He is a 57 year old man, and as such is its oldest and only male member.

Lord of Jump Tower (South West Tower)[]

Papaya Server was a talented mage and the greatest mage scientist in Zeth as well as head of the Papaya Institute. She was the daughter of the noble but magic-lacking Nelson Server who would become the head of Pentagon. Originally a kind woman who provided much advancement to Zeth's research, she radically changed when she obtained the Nomicon, a dangerous grimoire who gave her many secrets of forbidden magic while corrupting her mind. Though she continued giving Zeth new advancements, Papaya soon started conducting inhumane experiments and never left her tower now filled with horrors. Due to her inactivity during the Monster Invasion, she was destituted by King Gandhi and the Nomicon was destroyed, restoring her benevolence.

She was replaced by Urza Pranaice, a non-magic user and the old leader of Ice Flame who throughout the Monster Invasion tremendously helped with the war effort and the cooperation of magic and non-magic users. Urza has since then proven to be a very active Lord and dedicated to her work and responsibilities.