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Yeah, Kayblis, Kesselring, Silky...and Camilla here. They're a rank above Sieg.



Four Elite Dark Lords
majin shitennō

The Elite Four Dark Lords are the most powerful and influential Dark Lords on the Monster Realm, directly beneath the Supreme Dark Lord and the Demon King himself. They tend to be stronger and older than the majority of Dark Lords, and they have the hierarchical right to command other Dark Lords as well. Because of their immense power they're greatly feared by humans, even more so than other Dark Lords. There can only be Four at the same time, and if one of the Four somehow perishes or steps down, his position won't be replaced unless the Demon King chooses and promotes another Dark Lord he considers qualified for the role.

All four members of the Elite Dark Lords possess an individual established Castle in the Monster Realm, inherited from previous members of the group. Dark Lords Xavier and Noce both were part of the Four Elite in the past but stepped down for their own reasons.

The Current Elite Four Dark Lords Edit

Elite-4-Kayblis Kayblis
Elite-4-Kesselring Kesselring
Elite-4-Silky Silky Littleraisin
Elite-4-Kamilla Camilla


  • The term was translated as "Four Dread Fiends" in the translation of Rance VI.
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