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Sorry, Urza. I'm a man. Can't move on 'til I've returned a favor. I don't think everything the Admiral does is right, but after coming this far, there's no turning back for me.

—Foot Rot, explaining his devotion to the Pentagon to the members of Ice Flame.

Foot Rot
Japanese フット・ロット
Romanization Futto Rotto
Foot Lot.png
Race Human
Age / Birth 41 / GI978
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Pentagon, Zeth, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 31
Skill levels Hammer Combat Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI


Foot Rot was the 3rd chair of the 8 Knights of the Pentagon, the single largest anti-magic revolutionary group in all of Zeth, during its final year of operation.

A native of the Free Cities Alliance, Foot worked as a mercenary throughout most of his life. While taking a job in Zeth, he was left disgusted by the poor treatment of non-magic users within the country and decided to remain in the nation in order to assist them. He quickly joined the ranks of the Pentagon, where his experience as a mercenary allowed him to rise through the ranks and achieve a position within the 8 Knights, the eight highest ranking members of the organization. During this time, he formed a close friendship with Daniel Safety and the Pranaice family, and rescued the abused and broken second class citizen Kimchi Drive from her poor circumstances by providing the financial support needed to allow her to recover and live comfortably.

Like many other members of the Pentagon, Foot was persuaded by the powerful words of the group's newly appointed leader Nelson Server to become more radical in their methods to improve the standing of non-magic users, resulting in him remaining in the organization even as his friends Daniel and the Pranaice siblings broke off to form their own more moderate group Ice Flame. Despite remaining a part of the Pentagon, Foot remained sensible, and attempted to use his high position within the group to keep the more extremist ideas of his colleagues in check.

During the events of Rance VI, Foot assisted the other members of the Pentagon during their raid on Zeth's Women's Prison in order to rescue the captured Elizabeth Lacock from the clutches of Zulki Crown. He later appeared during Ice Flame's Green Corps' assault on the Pentagon's base after negotiations between the two groups fell through, where he attempted to fight them off, resulting in his death.

Personality and Appearance[]

Contrary to his brutish appearance, Foot was a noble and altruistic man.

Foot was a large, muscular middle aged man with a grizzled and rugged appearance wearing the standard dark blue Pentagon uniform. He sported short and very light brown hair with a pair of large sideburns and a matching comb-shaped mustache. His eyes were small and sunken in, with one being covered by an eye patch with an eye crudely drawn onto it, and his mouth was almost always in a sadistic smile, giving him a naturally dangerous expression at all times. Additionally, he always carried a large corn cob pipe in his mouth, further contributing to his sinister appearance.

In stark contrast to his villainous visage, Foot was actually an exceptionally kind and reasonable man. Though not a native of Zeth himself, he chose to dedicate the remainder of his life to improving the circumstances of its citizens simply because he believed that it was the right thing to do. His astounding selflessness was further shown through his choice to become the benefactor of Kimchi Drive, donating substantial portions of his money regularly in order to help the struggling young woman. Of the remaining 8 Knights of the Pentagon, he was by far the most moderate and reasonable, and made a substantial effort to control the highly volatile actions of his commanding officer Nelson Server. Notably, the extraordinarily violent operation "Liberate the Motherland", which resulted in the dismantling of the Maginot Line and ultimately led to the Collapse of Zeth, was only put into action following his death, suggesting that he played a major role in keeping it from happening any time sooner. Despite this, he faithfully followed Nelson's ideals and agreed with his belief that true freedom could only be achieved by the second class if more drastic actions were taken.

He maintained a deep mutual respect with Daniel Safety due to their shared desire to improve Zeth. While Foot refused to follow him into Ice Flame, Daniel never lost his faith in his friend and continued to believe that it was possible to persuade him into joining their cause. Daniel was saddened by Foot's death, claiming that it was a needless sacrifice of a very good man. Similarly, he was very affectionate towards Urza Pranaice, and continued to praise her during his final moments, mentioning that he hoped she would be able to find a husband worthy of her love someday.

Foot was the person who found Kimchi Drive after she had been abandoned and ruthlessly violated in a public restroom in a Zeth slum, and was also singlehandedly responsible for aiding her recovery by providing her with the money she needed to stand on her own. Kimchi viewed him as a surrogate father figure, and continued to think highly of him even after they had joined opposing organizations. While Foot's feelings for Kimchi are never directly shown, as he was stated to have continued to send money to help maintain the orphanage that she ran long after she had joined Ice Flame, it can be assumed that he cared deeply for the well being of both Kimchi and the children she cared for til the end of his life.


A skilled veteran warrior, Foot utilized an anchor as an unconventional weapon to combine offensive power with a wide attack range.

An experienced mercenary, Foot was a skilled and dangerous fighter, and was considered to be the second strongest member of the Pentagon after his colleague Kinggeorge Violae. He possessed an above average Level Cap of 31, giving him a good amount of combat potential, which was further increased by his large and muscular body.

In combat, Foot wielded a large anchor to battle his foes. While he would generally utilize the anchor as a hammer to attack with at close range, he was also capable at throwing it due to his natural physical strength, allowing him to attack from a distance when he was required to.

Besides his combat ability, Foot was a skilled field commander whose experiences in battle allowed to be an adept strategist. This talent allowed him to achieve the position of 3rd chair within the Pentagon, resulting in him leading the group's forces in the absence of Neslon Server and Elizabeth Lacock.


  • Foot's name, like all of the major members of the Pentagon, was derived from a class of battleship in the British Royal Navy. In Foot's case, his name is based on the HMS Hood, which is written closely to the word Foot in Japanese. Because of this, he is the only member of the Pentagon whose name isn't exactly the same as the ship that he is named after.