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A picture drawn by Orion, lead artist and character designer of the Rance series, featuring several characters and foods. From left to right, these characters are: Kimchi Drive, Freoncoise, Kiku Kikkawa, Sill Plain, Martina Curry, Biscuitta Berns and Kibako. Click/tap the image to zoom.

Foods in The Continent are varied and diverse. Most dishes are made with ingredients of one's environment, so plates served in the Helman Empire vary wildly from those of the Leazas Kingdom or from those with a different culture like JAPAN. There are some foods that are "universal" probably either due to their simplicity, or because materials for it are vastly found all over the continent. Breads are a good example of this.

Typically, insects are great sources of meals, and some Monsters are edible and can serve for delicious dishes. Pretty much anyone can cook but the higher one's Cooking skill level it is, the same meals will have a completely different flavour. Those with with higher skill level can prepare more complex and complicated meals, do it faster and are more delicious.

There is also a sub-skill called Confectionery that is more focused in making sweets, candies, cakes and other treats of that kind.

Known Users[]

Cooking Lv2[]

Cooking Lv1[]

Cooking Lv0[]

Confectionery Lv2[]

Confectionery Lv1[]

Special Meals[]


Cockatrice monster.

The Hendoropa is a meal that resembles a stew, made from the monster cockatrice's meat.

Sill’s specialty and one of Rance’s favorites. She ate some during the Kathtom Sinking Incident (Rance 02) at the bar and thought it was good so she started studying how to make it.

It isn’t a particularly high class food, but it’s very tasty and requires enough preparation to make the cook proud of themselves for it.


A high class dish that requires a very rare ingredient called Peach Apple, a beautiful apple that glows pink. There also seem to be low quality peach apples. 


A popular dish in Zeth , it’s made from fish and a plant called a zawa. It’s a flashy red dish, but contrary to its appearance, it isn’t spicy.


The Tempura is the youkai tanukis’ favorite dish. Sill is good at preparing it and Tokugawa Ieyasu loves it. Covered in a golden, crunchy, crispy batter and fried.

Ingredients: Squidman, Sake, Sea bream, Ohohoufufu, etc. 

Botan Nabe[]


Nabe made from the meat of a creature that lives in JAPAN’s mountains, the botan. An insect that resembles a pig.

Often prepared with miso flavoring.  

Kimchi Nabe[]

A mysterious dish with an ingredient that can only be made by those with the name “Kimchi.”Spicy and delicious.

If you have the aptitude, your stats will improve when you eat it. 

Mini Hanny Curry Sauté[]

The stinging and popping is the draw of mini hanny dishes.A skilled chef has to make sure that it doesn’t explode while he or she prepares the dish. 

Body Sushi[]


Sashimi is made from fish monsters that have just hatched from eggs and grown a little bit and then served on top of a naked woman’s body as she lies face up.

It gets its flavor from the skin, so it’s very delicious.

It's a very high class dish. Rance likes to eat it with Pigu.


Natto is made from soy beans, fermented by the body of a girl wearing straw, traditionally from the independent state of Strawzend. The natto made by Strawzend royalty, using so-called "kingstraw", is very exclusive.

Body Natto[]

This natto is served on top of a naked woman's body, similar to Body Sushi. It's the most extravagant way to eat natto in Strawzend. One serving normally costs 20,000 gold. The serving girl may have anything done to her and is not allowed to complain or refuse.

Funyao Salad[]

A salad made with abundant monster eggs.If not eaten within five minutes of its preparation, it will go bad in no time.

Bar and Home Dishes[]


A delicious liquid. Made by extracting a broth from a riverside fish (curry) and adding various seasonings.

Lately food companies have been selling curry powder and curry roux made from the broth so it can be easily made at home.


A white, squishy food. Fruit picked from the udon tree and left to sit overnight becomes “udon.”

The egg of the udon tree "Udon Egg" can also be eaten raw and is even more delicious. The udon egg used to be the egg of a vicious bird (Rance 4.2) but we’re changing its origin.

The curry fish is a new thing too.


A bowl of ramen.

Noodles made by the gal monsters “Ramen,” “Babystar” and “Gold dragon”.

Even if you know the recipe you can’t make them unless you’re one of these three, so human shops stock up on the noodles and soup and prepare them together or sell them together.

Among ramen distributors, there are those who peacefully deal with these three and those who kidnap them and force them to work.

Curry Macarolo[]

Stew and gyouza inside french bread wrapped with udon. Tastes kind of strange.


A terrible dish. Rance and Sill both dislike it.

The taste somehow sticks and scrapes and leaves you half dead. But there are those who like it.

Haniwa Soba[]

Cow meat and udon cooked on top of a fragment of a hanny. Eaten with sauce.

Most delicious when made with black hanny. Nouveau riche like to use golden hanny.

Goldfish Stew[]

An image depicting several goldfish.

On the menu at the employee cafeteria of the Happiness Pharmaceutical Company. Not particularly unusual.

There are many small bones and, thus, many people who don’t particularly like it.

Small Uppii Skewer[]

Part of the A meal sold at Froncoise’s shop (Tasty Tasty Diner) on the floating city Ylapu.

Popular because of its wonderful texture (crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside), its scent, and its juiciness.

Food Stand Dishes, B ranked Gourmet[]

Frog On Rice[]

Slimy rice dish made by putting frogs mainly found in wells on top of rice.

Sold on the basis of “the taste of home,” but often the taste isn’t great.

Lard Fish Stew[]

B-class gourmet food with a lot of fans because of its peculiar, sweet taste. Your mouth becomes so full of oil with one mouthful that you break out into a cold sweat.

You’re sure to die young, but it’s the best way to intake as many calories as possible.


A sushi roll-like dish, also known as dick because of its appearance. 

Sexy when eaten by girls(?).


A squidman.

A round food about 20 centimeters in diameter made from squidmen.

Probably raw.


Frankfurter-shaped food made from akame.

You can almost taste the ingredients like they’re alive.


Chinese manjuu made from squidman.

If you eat the Black version with squid ink in it your mouth becomes pitch black.


Copandon’s favorite. Local cousine from the free city of Portugal. The latest trend is to fry it so that the outside is crunchy and the inside is soft (karitoro).

As a fun fact, if a Rommel, a mechanical monster capable of casting Holy Magic, fails an incantation for the "Tiger" spell, a takoyaki comes out instead. This is because the catalyst for a Tiger spell is the same as the components making up a takoyaki.

Fast-made and Portable Foods[]


Simple food that can be made in three minutes. Made by combining a kewpie with various ingredients and casting a spell. Has a different taste every day.

But it disappears if you don’t eat it within three minutes.

Instant Ramen[]

The dehydrated version of the ramen made by the gal monsters Ramen.

Add water and eat. Comes in cup and bag forms.

Shinobi Steak[]

A Ninja food, seared thoroughly. Can serve up to 30 people.

Grilled bass[]

Bass, which are plentiful in Biwa lake in JAPAN, are a popular camping food, grilled over a fire.

Other Portable Foods[]

The things often brought on adventures are dried meat, onigiri, dried pudding, chocolate.

There’s also bread like anpan packaged so that it’ll last a few days. The Iga ninjas carry around a tough biscuit called Katayaki.

No-cook Meals[]


A grape.

Bunches are gathered by defeating moving plants of the same name.

Can be used to make grape glacé, grilled grapes and the McCart Bar's famous dish 'grape special'.


A watermelon.

A living creature that resembles a lot to a real life watermelon. He can be eaten as-is and is very refreshing and delicious. 

Kenshin caught one while swimming in the ocean.


A pretty rare plant that gives an amazing result when made into tempura.

Contains poison, but is fine if cooked properly. If eaten without being cooked properly even a hugant will die instantly.

Steamed Potatoes[]

Just like the name implies, potatoes that have merely been steamed.

Extremely common food in Helman.

Boiled Daikon[]

No kind of soup stock used.

Traditional Helman food that consists only of finely chopped daikon tossed into boiling water.

Raw Gomu[]

Local Helman dish consisting of gomu, an insect that lives inside trees, sliced and eaten raw.

Extremely tough to chew and thus very difficult to eat, but contains high nutritional value. Food poisoning frequently occurs, so it is now illegal to sell in shops.

Bread, Rice and Others[]


Regular bread. It's a common and simple food.

White Bread[]

Bread of a bit higher quality than the common bread. Heidi Bredeter tends to steal it.

Black Bread[]

The maid in Leazas Castle wasn’t able to eat anything but this. It's black and untasty.


Cooked rice. A staple in Nippon.

Onigiri (Omusubi)[]

Shaped rice. Sometimes wrapped in seaweed. The Holy Magic Sect was cultivating them in fields.

They’re native to JAPAN but are often eaten on the continent too.

Plum-filled, salmon-filled, and yogurt-filled varieties exist.

Fidget Soup[]

Extremely dry bread with meat or red bean paste inside. Not actually soup. The origin of the name comes from the fact that the red bean paste melts almost like soup in the mouth.

So painful to eat that just one can fill you up.

Helman Bread[]

A loaf of Helman bread.

Staple food of Helman. Very tough, and only produces the slightest flavor when chewed well.

It won’t go bad for almost two years so it's used as preserved food in other countries.

Hanny Rice[]

Hanny food. Not particularly good-tasting for humans. Sometimes cooked again. (Hanny Fried Rice)

Harvested yearly, so new hanny rice is better tasting than old.


Cow milk, milk[]

Nutritional drink taken from cows. Said to have height-increasing properties, so Tilde drinks it often.

Peach Mud Super[]

Product sold by the unmanned vending machine MSX in the deserts around Genbu Castle.

A thick taste that sticks to your throat, but it’ll cheer you up. Peach-flavored.

Power Salt Water[]

Product sold by the unmanned vending machine MSX in the deserts around Genbu Castle.

Replenishes a dried out person’s water supply. Also revives mummies.

Caution: Does not contain salt.

Pink Unyuun[]

A shake-like drink. One of Rance’s favorites. Cold and refreshing.


Pamelon Moon[]

Juice Eropicha gave to Magic. Has a smooth, romantic taste.

Doesn’t smell like alcohol, but will get you very drunk.

14 Year Green[]

Legendary Japanese sake (nihonshu). Made exclusively by carefully selected young girls.

Plum Beer[]

On the menu at the Kathtom pub.

Can’t be drunk by lightweights.

Glasses Girl Ginjo[]

Famous sake served at Genbu Castle banquets.

Has a sweet, serious taste that makes you horny.

Loliko 8chai[]

Refined sake the Kurupiston Santos stocks.

Those not from Kurupiston get arrested for possession.


An alcoholic drink of JAPAN.

A mild taste that comes in a range from dry to sweet.

The sweet sake being favored by a certain minor and manchild.


Kashiwa Mochi[]

Melts and pops if fresh.


A purple mochi made with azuki beans is a popular treat, particularly with ravenous youkai...

Pipipo Daifuku[]

Uses large grained pipipo.

Can freeze brains with the pipipo’s refreshing sourness.

Cow Nectar Manju[]

The recipe is guarded carefully.

Outside and inside are pure white with a glossy shine.

Grape Glacé[]

Sweets Atago makes. Grape fruits are cut into long thin slices and flavored with distilled grape liquor, then mixed with sugar.

An extravagant snack that goes perfectly with tea.

Dried Pudding[]

Pudding, stretched and dried.

The flavor is somewhat thick, and it’s very chewy. Recommended as portable food for adventures as it lasts a long time.

Grilled Karakara[]

Sold for two gold per stick at food stalls in Cidade square. The burnt soy sauce is aromatic and makes a karakara sound when pointed toward the wind.

Rance, Dark Rance and Reset love it.

Deer Crackers[]

Kojika often eats these. Wherever Kojika goes, kind old men and other people give these to her for some reason.

Even stray dogs wouldn’t eat them.

Titanium Screw[]

Maria’s favorite. Looks like a large metal screw.

Candy made with Genkotsu sugar. Sweet with a lot of calories.

AL Manju[]

A typical souvenir from the main Alicist Church.

Comes in banana miso flavor and miracle pudding flavor assortments. They come with the symbol of the Alicist Church burned into them so more zealous believers can’t eat them.