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Birth of the Akuji-gumi
Akuji-gumi Tanjō

Fight Back is the second episode of the OVA adaptation of Daiakuji, Daiakuji: The Xena Buster. The episode was published on February 26, 2004 and is 30 minutes in length.

Daiakuji 2


The episode begins with Tamanegi and Akuji doing their usual prostitution business. Akuji then decides to stop by at his favorite restaurant where his friend, Minka works at, Minka deciphers the fact that Akuji's group is making money by using prostitution methods, and she is not fond of it, she tells him that he is repeating he same mistake over again even after three years of being in the war, Akuji then decides to leave the restaurant only to have Minka get kidnapped by members of the Wakame Gumi gang shortly after.

Meanwhile, Shimamoto Jun, Oosugi Tsuyoshi, and Kanbara Yuuko who were all Akuji's past trainers decide to join the Youth Service Group, Tsuyoshi informs Akuji that Morita Ai was being held as a captured hostage, and Akuji's deals with her by carnally pleasuring her in order to persuade her to join the Youth Service Group. After five minutes of testing, Akuji's plan works out, but Mirai Kako and Kinugasa Tomoko interrupts Akuji by telling him that they've received a notice that Minka has been kidnapped by the Wakame Gumi. Shocked by this, Akuji's abruptly stops his intercourse with Ai and finds out about Minka's whereabouts as soon as possible. Later, Akuji manages to find Minka only to be subdued by Ichihashi Ran, Dr. Suteki, and Daeko, and while being subdued Akuji is forced to watch Minka undergo immoral acts.

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Akuji becomes angry after seeing what Ran forces Minka to go through.

2017-02-16 (19)

Satsu appears in the nick of time to save Akuji and Minka.

After Minka loses her virginity, Akuji's biological aunt, Takega Satsu comes in the nick of time to save Akuji and Minka, by blowing a hole into the ship they were all on, Ran, Suteki, and Daeko escape, leaving Akuji to find Minka who is about to jump off the boat, after being ashamed to have Akuji watched as she was being tortured, Akuji tries to stop her, but is too late as she falls into the sea, Akuji jumps in after her, but his search for her comes to no avail.

Jun and Yuuko are introduced to Satsu, who finds the good luck charm Minka tried giving to Akuji before he joined the army, and shortly after Kaga Tarou appears before the group to devise a plan of revenge in order to take down the Wakame Gumi for good. The next day, the Youth Service Group attacks the Wakame Gumi home once more, while Akuji and Tarou storm into the prison in order to save Kaga Motoko, who was held in the prison for helping Akuji escape the first attack. Akuji and Tarou encounter Ran, Suteki, and Daeko once more, and Akuji attempts to fight Daeko only to be knocked back, however, Tsuyoshi comes into to help Akuji by giving him some advice, and shortly after Akuji manages to defeat Daeko.

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Akuji uses his ultimate technique to defeat Daeko.

The Youth Service group wins the battle and Akuji manages to free Motoko from prison, therefore, Akuji regains control of his family household once more. Akuji returns to the shore where Minka drops herself in. Angered and dissapointed at the fact that he was unable to find Minka, he throws away her good luck charm, and declares that he is going to be taking over Osaka in order to stop the Ouime's (WIMME) reign of conquest, and bring down their corrupt ruling system where women harshly dominate over men. Satsu then tells Akuji and Motoko about a notable rising religious group called the Nako-kyo, and Akuji brings himself to take over that union next.