Femu Beko
Japanese フェム・ベコ
Romanization femu beko
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Aeris#Vietnam

Voice Actor : Maki Izumi


Command Points: 360

Recruitment: Take over Vietnam and talk to her

Skill: She halves all attacks (all your admirals as well as enemy admirals) in any battle she is in. Plan accordingly.


Recruitment: Select her recruitment event after occupying Vietnam.

Command Points: 360

Skill: "Local Downpour" - All attacks in the entire battlezone is reduced by 50%. (Includes Allies and Enemies)

HP: +20%
HP: +20%
All Attack: -20%
All Attack: -20%


  • Stat Growth: 4%
  • Her skill may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. Carefully consider the situation when fielding her in battle.
  • An admiral that focuses more on defense and attrition rather than brute force. It may be useful to use her against low hp but hard hitting enemies.
  • Better suited for defense than offense when you're outnumbered and outgunned, or when you have harder hitting weapons (enough to beat them even when reduced by 50%!) but slower than the enemy.
  • Her events only become available after she has participated in one battle.
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