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Female Warrior
Japanese 女戦士
Romanization Onna senshi
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Keith Guild, Free Cities Alliance


The Female Warrior was a mercenary and adventurer working for the Keith Guild on various jobs to make a living. 

In the year GI1012 (21 years old) she came across a young 14 years old Rance that had been kicked out of his village. He immediately tried to assault her, but she quickly noticed his perverted intentions and beat the shit out of him. Despite that, she decided to keep the inexperienced boy under her wing and teach him the ways of the world.

Over the next two years, she taught him everything about adventuring, swordplay and many things to allow him to live on his own. She also taught him about forming relationships with girls, and about contraception though he ignored most of her lessons. They traveled together on many adventures and Rance tried to have sex with her countless times, only to get a beating every time. While their age gap was close enough to be a brother-sister relationship, it was closer to a mentor and disciple relation. Over time, Rance grew to respect and even admire her as a teacher and a mother figure.

In GI1014 the Female Warrior passed away by unknown means during an adventure, leaving Rance alone.


  • In the sketch presented, a decorative shell can be seen in her armor. It is likely that Rance's obsession over collecting shells originated as a memento of the Female Warrior.
  • She is the only character that Rance has openly admired.
  • Her design shares many similarities with the character of Ranmaru.
  • She is the only known member from the Keith Guild that has passed away while adventuring.
  • She is the first woman Rance failed to have sex with.