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Why!? Why did this man have to learn my true name!? ...Why, why...What the hell did I do to deserve this...It's awful...It's too me...God....Ah, God won't help me..................

—Feliss, cursing her fate.


Japanese フェリス
Romanization Ferisu
Race Devil
Age / Birth 700 / GI0321
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 160cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Fugitive
World The Continent
Affiliation Devils, Rance Castle
Skill levels Devil Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02, Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Rance 4.1, Rance 5D, Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance X



Feliss was originally a 6th Class Devil that was bound by contract with Rance after the events of Rance 03. Ever since meeting the latter, she has been experiencing multiple misfortunes left and right, has been forced to work for him as a slave, and was demoted several times in the Devil's Hierarchy. Due to this, her disposition towards Rance is completely hostile, at least on her mind since she's forced to follow all his commands, and has hated him to the point of expressing happiness towards the idea of his death.

The reason why Feliss became Rance's Devil slave is due to a rule among their society that states that if a human were to find out a Devil's true name, then they would vow servitude to that human until their death. In Rance 03, Rance managed to find out her name with the help of Rosé Card and a Devil called Da Gale, binding Feliss to him and being forced to provide him assistance even if she doesn't want to. She mainly provided service in the battlefield and in bed, but sometimes also serves as Rance's personal informant over events of the past, providing important information that would otherwise be unknown to him.


After their adventure in Genbu Castle in Rance 5D, Feliss conceived Rance's first child, a devil called Dark Rance (not his real name, but a nickname given by Sill), which has given her a status of a criminal between Devils, since having a son with a human is against the Devil's rules. She was saved by Rance from a horrible punishment and is currently being kept safe in the Rance Castle. While she's affiliated to Rance, he doesn't consider her his slave anymore and is mostly just protecting her from Devils that target her for being a fugitive, and Angels, who regularly pursue Devils.

She used to be a member of the Kalar race but due to Soul Pollution caused from some "mischief" during her lifetime, she ended up becoming a Devil in her Time of Change instead of an Angel. She conserves her Kalar Crystal but as she's no longer a Kalar, it can't be removed and she won't die from it anyways, although she's still scared if people touch it. Her crystal is red so it's safe to assume that she was a virgin before becoming a Devil, and Rance noted her lack of experience when they first had sex, which is entirely possible that it was her first time. It is unknown when she became a Devil, but she's been alive since at least the era of the Holy Magic Sect, so she's over 500 years old at least.

Personality and Appearance[]


Feliss is a former Kalar, meaning she wasn't naturally born from natural copulation between Devils and changed into one during her Time of Change hundreds of years ago. Due to this, she still carries many of the traits of her former race, with a more humanoid appearance more akin to that of a Kalar than the typical Devil, conserving a beautiful female figure, long-pointed ears and the Crystal on her forehead. When she changed into a Devil, her hair turned green, she grew two horns, bat-like wings, a tail and her skin became paler. She also carries a Scythe with her at all times, which she employs in combat.


She's an easily irritable and mostly unfriendly individual, especially with Rance, who she despises since her first encounter with him due to getting demoted for his fault. After being enslaved by him, her hate for him only grew further due to having to put up with him all the time, and going through misfortune situations all the time. Feliss makes little attempts at hiding her dislike towards her master, and is rather sarcastic or derisive most of the time. Her intense dislike for him mostly leads her to wish for situations in which Rance gets killed so that she can finally be free from him, but Rance's natural talent, combined with his unusual luck, hardly makes this possible. Ever since becoming his slave, she considers her life to be hell and is greatly reluctant while working for him. Feliss is also forced to have sex with Rance whenever he wants, and he likes to tease her since he knows she has to obey all his orders by doing or acting in embarrassing ways. Rance has noted her lack of sexual experience, but really enjoys sex with her, claiming that she has a really tight and enjoyable vagina. Feliss is also notoriously nervous and skittish, and is quite a coward most of the time, but it doesn't help that Rance forces her to go through dangerous and noxious situations. She's also well-known for being very unlucky and with a tendency to fail at most of the things she does, even prior to meeting Rance. She's the type of person that when she manages to make one step forward, fate leads her to go two steps backward.


All this traits mostly apply to her time prior to the events of Rance VI, where Feliss was left with a severe trauma that has shattered her psyche and left her to become really silent and unmotivated, like a broken shell, to the point she doesn't even hate Rance all that much anymore. Rance hasn't had sex with her since and doesn't use her as a slave anymore, simply keeping her under his protection in the Rance Castle while she gradually and slowly recovers over time. Her expression has also changed into a more serious and depressive one in her most chronologically recent appearances, distancing from the previous irked expression she used to boast.

By Rance X, she's mostly recovered but has developed male phobia and fears the touch of a man.

She's accompanied by her son, Dark Rance, who she values and loves despite everything. He makes everything in his power to keep his beloved mother away from harm, and despises his father for the all troubles he has brought to her life. The constant suffering and misfortunes Feliss goes through actually helps Dark Rance to become stronger thanks to the Enchanted Sword he wields, Gram, a magical sword that grows in size and power based on the grief in one's heart, allowing to turn his sorrow for his mother into power.

It is unknown if she holds any feelings towards the ten devils she gave birth to during her torture.


Wielding a Scythe and Dark Magic, Feliss easily surpasses the strength of regular humans.

Feliss is a relatively strong Devil that managed to reach the 6th rank of the Devils hierarchy. She could definitely give Angel Knights a good fight if she faced such situation but, like most Devils, she mostly relies on hiding between the shadows in the human world. She's a powerful fighter, perfectly capable of defeating a party of mid-tier adventurers in an encounter, but when it comes to high-level opponents like Thoma Lipton she doesn't even consider the idea of fighting.

Like many Devils, her weapon of choice is a Scythe, which she was quite proficient at handling and could use to attack several enemies with one cleave. Being the Scythe a rather complicated and dangerous weapon to wield proves Feliss to be quite talented at fighting, as she's capable of using it in battle with great results. She could also employ magic, mostly relying on the rare element of darkness like most Devils do and she's capable of casting relatively high-level spells like the Devil Beam.


Being a Devil, she's also capable of great feats like flying with her wings, or employing obscure arts of the race to grant her dealers wishes, although these were pretty limited. She also serves as a great source of information, being around since over 500 years grants her knowledge of the past usually unbeknownst by humans. As Rance's slave, she's also forced to do a lot of things she usually wouldn't want to. Rance usually likes to give good use to her wings, as they come handy in a lot of scenarios, but more often than not fails for one reason or another, and it consumes a lot of her energy to carry other people with her.

Appearances in the series[]

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Rance 02[]

Feliss makes her first appearance in the series during the events of Rance 02 when Rance was during a job to defeat the Four Witches of Kathtom. Adventuring in the maze created by Mill Yorks he came across a Devil Talisman, which randomly summons a Devil in order to form a pact, and unknowingly summoned her by mere accident. Believing that she was intentionally summoned she offered to grant him three wishes in exchange for his Soul, which Rance agreed immediately despite the complains of his companions.

  • His first wish was to let him have sex with her, which she reluctantly agreed.
  • Initially, his second wish was to let him have sex with her again, but she bashfully refused, so instead he asked for a Peach Apple that he was needing at the time for his current quest.
  • As for his third wish he simply asked her not to take his soul (not knowing that she would only do so after he perished and not right now). Unable to refuse the wish, she disappeared into the darkness while crying and cursing Rance.

Rance 03[]

Feliss-III (4).png

After failing to take Rance's soul and being pitifully toyed with by a human, she was demoted from a 6th Class Devil to a 9th, losing the right to collect souls and getting reduced to a mere sentry on the Devil's Passage near the town of Ice on the Free Cities Alliance.

After the 7th Helman-Leazas War began during the events of Rance 03 Rance was requested by Kentou Kanami to assist Leazas in the war, he found his path towards Kathtom blocked by numerous Helman soldiers, forcing him to get to the town through the Devil's Passage that Feliss was blocking. As she despised Rance for causing her demotion, Feliss made everything in her power to prevent him from passing, much to his irritation. However, he took help from the corrupted priestess Rosé Card, who told him that Devils have a strict rule that forces them to swear loyalty to those that find out their true name. With the help of Rosé's devil subordinate, Da Gale, Rance managed to find out Feliss' true name, forcibly making her his slave, which only increased her hate for him.

As his new slave #2, he had her follow him around during the events of the war as an active member of his party, assisting him during battle and facing many hardships, as well as experienced many misfortunes. During the epilogue when Rance was believed to be dead, she went back to her former job guarding the Devil's Passage and cheerfully celebrated her freedom.

Rance IV[]

Months later when Rance re-appeared in the floating land of Ylapu, he began exploring the land searching for a way out. At some point during his exploration of the mysterious land, Feliss was called upon to assist him, and she explained him about the history of the floating fortress and the Holy Magic Sect.

She assisted him in many events, saving him from consuming Lexington's Demonic Blood Soul and helping him rescue Alicia from Toushin Upsilon. She also provided Devil's nectar which Rance delivered to the witch Frostvine to create Athena 2.0.

Rance 4.1[]

When Rance is slaying monsters assaulting Happiness Pharmaceutical, he can call Feliss to assist him. She claims to have her "own stuff going on" but she agrees to assist Rance in 10 battles. She does not play any role in the plot. Feliss apologizes to enemies before attacking them.

Rance 5D[]

During Rance 5D, she suffers from a disease called Flux that shrinks and weakens her. Because Rance has sex with Feliss while she's in this state, she becomes pregnant with Rance's child. Usually, it is impossible for a Devil to bear a human's child, but the aforementioned state of Flux made conception possible.

Rance VI[]

At some point after 5D and before the events Rance VI, Feliss gave birth to Rance's first child, a young and rebellious devil who would later be nick-named Dark Rance by Sill (his real Devil name remains secret). Because this is considered a serious crime among Devils, she was demoted to an 11th Class and branded a criminal. As punishment she was sentenced to be continuously used as a breeding source for Devils in order to increase their numbers until she gave birth to 300 demons (she had only given birth to 10 by the time she was rescued), forcibly restricted and raped by Devils non-stop.

During the events of the game, she's eventually saved by her son with the help of Rance, escaping from the Devil Realm while persecuted by Devils. However the horrible experience she faced left her psyche severely broken, being reduced to a broken shell with little emotion. Dark Rance despises his father and blames him for his mother's fate. He took Feliss and they left on their own.

Rance Quest[]

Feliss being tortured by the Shepherds.

Living their lives as fugitives, she and her son are targeted by Devils while also being persecuted by Angels and the AL Church. Eventually while escaping they are convinced by the members of the Shepherds to take shelter within their quarters, as they directly oppose the AL Church. However, their true intentions are to use Feliss in a ritual to empower Chaos to gain the ability to kill Gods. She's restrained to the floor with the use of nails and the ritual is performed and she's stabbed by Chaos. Fortunately for her she suffers no mortal damage, and she's promptly rescued by Rance.

After this, he immediately takes her back with him to the Rance Castle, where she stays for some time recovering from the event. Later on they're able to meet again and converse about her state of affairs, when they're suddenly attacked by Angels that are hunting down Feliss, who are quickly dispatched and raped by Rance. He then guarantees her that as long as she stays under his protection, no harm will ever fall upon her again, convincing her to settle on his castle where she still remains slowly recovering over time.

Rance X[]

She finally has a heartwarming reunion with Dark Rance while out with Rance (who interrupts) and sobs tears of relief after her son bids her farewell, happy that he's wearing the scarf she knitted for him.

At Rance Castle, she has an event where she discusses with Pastel and Isoroku about motherhood as fellow mothers of Rance's children, while they warmly look over Reset and Rangi playing with each other. In her character event, Rance tries to ease into sleeping with her, but then loses his patience and nearly attempts to force the issue by grabbing her waist. However, upon finding out that she is still traumatized upon the touch of a male and in no condition for any intimacy, Rance drops the effort and declares that he'll wait even longer to have sex with her. Feliss gains a little bit of respect for him because of this, which immediately gets outweighed by his repeated joking around about killing Dark Rance.


  • She is the only one among Rance's slaves that isn't human.
  • In Rance 03, she had a Level Cap of 99 but this was entirely for engine and gameplay purposes as devils don't actually have a Level Cap or Levels as they are considered to be outside of the Planner Scenario.
  • She wasn't included in Kichikuou Rance because she literally was forgotten.
  • She never ranked in any popularity poll but her popularity suddenly boosted in Rance 03, where she was ranked as high as 3rd.
  • She is the first Devil to make appearance in the Rance Series.
  • She has some similarities with Pastel Kalar, they both hated Rance until long after their children was born, they both gave birth to their children by going against the traditions of their respective races, both of their children have tried to kill Rance for causing their mothers misfortune.
  • The name "Feliss" is likely derived from Latin felix which ironically means "happy" or "fortunate".