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My name is Eveta Gaialord! The Mummy Man of Justice! (laughing)
Feel free to call me Big Bro Gaia! (laughing)

—Eveta Gaialord, introducing himself.

Eveta Gaialord
Japanese エベタ・ガイアロード
Romanization ebeta gaiarōdo
Race Undead, Human (former)
Sex Male
Status Undead
Class Mummy
World Squid Paradise
Affiliation Pyramid
Appeared in Galzoo Island


Eveta Gaialord, predominantly referred to as Mummy Man (ミイラマン, miiraman), is a Mummy that resides in the mysterious Pyramid located on the westernmost side of Squid Paradise.

In life, Eveta was a citizen of an ancient civilization who worked as an engineer. At some point in time, he was commissioned alongside several others to construct a pyramid intended to serve as a burial ground for their king. When the project had nearly finished production, Eveta fell victim to a freak accident deep within the pyramid and was fatally injured. To save him from death, one of his colleagues remodeled his body into a mummy. While the procedure was a success, Eveta remained comatose, forcing his coworker to abandon him in one of the pyramid's many chambers. He laid dormant for thousands of years and was eventually drained of all of his bodily fluids, reducing him to a dried out husk.

Thousands of years later, the pyramid Eveta occupied was transported to Squid Paradise, an island created in an alternate dimension by Baron Squid, a Squidman Guy Monster imbued with the powers of a god. Having selected the pyramid entirely because it was the largest tomb in the world, the baron was oblivious to Eveta's existence and made no contact with him.

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During the events of Galzoo Island, Eveta's shriveled body was discovered by Leopold Mara, a young Monster Tamer who had entered the pyramid in search of the Gal Monsters that had taken up residence in it. Unable to identify the husk as another lifeform, Leo fiddled with it for some time before experimentally dousing it with water. The sudden hydration instantly restored Eveta's body and mind, allowing him to speak for the first time since his death. As a show of gratitude for reviving him, Eveta offered to assist Leo's party in navigating the pyramid by deciphering the lithographs used to activate its complex transfer mirror system. While Leo and his gal monster were hesitant to follow the instructions given on the lithographs, which inevitably involved performing various lewd exhibitionist acts, they were nonetheless indispensable for activating each of the transfer mirrors and exploring every corner of the pyramid.

Several weeks later, Leo stormed Baron Squid's headquarters of Squid Palace and defeated him in combat. Unwilling to accept his loss, the baron began to destroy the dimension that Squid Paradise inhabited, causing the island to shake violently and break apart. Recognizing that the force of the tremors would destroy the pyramid, Eveta fled to the outside world to take refuge in the battleship Yamato with the other residents of the island. Assisted by the powerful magic of the Devil Kira and the Fountain Goddess Youko, Eveta was able to use his ancient knowledge to summon a teleport gate and transport the group back to their homeworld. Eveta is not seen after the Yamato returns to its home dimension, leaving it unclear as to what he intended to do after having his pyramid destroyed.

Personality and Appearance[]


The self-styled "Mummy of Justice", Eveta always wears a large grin across his face.

Eveta is an undead male Human with a lean muscular physique, blue eyes, and a broad, toothy grin. While a mummy, he is very scantily clad, and sports bandages only on his chest and wrists along with a single long, ragged strand worn around his neck as a scarf. Outside of his wrappings, Eveta wears a gold and blue patterned nemes adorned with a snake on its forehead, a blue loincloth with a similar golden snake pattern, large golden pauldrons, a blue cape with gold embroidery, and a large red eye mask.

Bombastic and cheerful, Eveta is an eccentric but good-natured individual who refers to himself as the "Mummy Man of Justice". He has chosen to devote his undead existence toward assisting those in need, and has made a personal vow to always wear a smile on his face and greet others with laughter to lift their spirits. Though well-intentioned, this speaking style often has the opposite effect, with his ceaseless laughter even when giving solemn or unpleasant information, including describing the events that led to his own death, causing him to unintentionally sound callous or mocking. He also has no sense of modesty, claiming that presenting one's naked body was a common practice among his people, and sees nothing wrong with ordering others to do the same. Nonetheless, he is a genuinely reliable person who never fails to follow through on his promises to lend his aid, making him an invaluable ally.

Despite his jovial demeanor, Eveta is suggested to be a far more somber and cynical character than he lets on. He describes life as being about making sacrifices in response to Leo's frustration with having to subject his servant gal monsters to demeaning sexual acts, and does so without his usual laughter. He also admits to feeling very lonely after having spent thousands of years trapped within the pyramid by himself, and spends his free time quietly sitting in silence when he believes no one is looking at him.

Eveta has a somewhat difficult relationship with Leopold Mara. While grateful for his help in exploring the pyramid, Leo is often frustrated by Eveta's constant laughter, particularly when listening to him read the erotic instructions on the pyramid's lithographs. Being told to have his gal monsters perform sexual exhibitionism in a tittering voice causes Leo to instinctively strike Eveta in the face in anger, only to immediately apologize afterward after regaining his senses. Eveta takes these sudden attacks in stride, and merely compliments Leo on the strength of his punches after they occur.


A skilled civil engineer from an ancient and advanced race, Eveta has an intimate knowledge of mechanical techniques that have otherwise been lost to time. This knowledge blends together the practical and magical, and was used to construct the pyramid, which includes mysterious and complex technology such as transfer mirrors capable of instantaneously moving an object from one space to another within itself. Eveta further displayed his skills during the Yamato's escape from Squid Paradise where, when assisted by the magic of Kira and Youko, he was able to open a portal between dimensions, a supreme feat of magical talent.

Eveta's skills outside of his abundant knowledge are unknown. While he is noted to possess an impressive physique, which in conjunction with his claims of being an ally of justice suggests that he has some degree of physical strength, he is never shown engaging in combat, leaving his actual fighting ability a mystery.


  • Eveta's origin as a man who was saved from death by having his body remodeled into that of a hero of justice parodies the origin story of the protagonist of the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider X.
  • Eveta shares his last name with the Rance Series character Van Deloss Gaialord. Like Van Deloss, Eveta is a mummy encountered in a pyramid that has had its location displaced by teleportation magic who assists the protagonist's party in exploring deeper within the pyramid via erotic exhibitionism. Eveta being referred to as "Mummy Man" (ミイラマン, miiraman) rather than his actual name also parallels Van Deloss being referred to almost exclusively as "Mummy Man" (ミイラ男, mīra otoko).
  • Eveta's introduction, as a mummy in a pyramid that has been dehydrated to the point of being an unrecognizable husk after years of isolation, is identical to that of the character Mummy Shiraville VIII from the Alicesoft game Daibanchou. The portrait used to represent Eveta's dehydrated appearance recycles the portrait used to depict Mummy in a similar state.