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Chapter 1: Alex and the sick girl[]

Tsubaki's Kitty[]

After the introduction scenes, you start outside the town and clinic of Raisin. As in Evenicle 1, be on the lookout for small puffs of purple smoke when in forests, which represent challenging enemy encounters that Alex will not be able to defeat at this stage in the game. Head east, following the tokens as they appear: green, red, green, and then the new green to the northwest. An orange dinner plate icon should appear nearby, grab it and then return to the east for a series of red combat tokens, and then finish with another green. As the game says, return to the inn if you need to heal. After the scene, consider equipping Alex's Anesthesia and Medica skills.

Boy meets girl[]

Go to the clinic just next to Raisin, then to Raisin itself for the Levelshop, and then back to the clinic. Alex wants to go west to the town of Oatmeal, but the road is blocked - head north instead, then follow the signs west and south. Be careful, Alex is weak and can only heal himself three times between rests at this point in the game. Once you reach the town, see the scene and then re-enter the town to visit the Church. Then go east to the icon blocking the road. Then, backtrack to the icon that appears next to the lake.

A date with Yuragi[]

Yuragi joins the party as a guest, meaning she doesn't gain experience, and you can't adjust her equipment or skills. She has much higher defence than Alex and will make things much easier. Head up the road just east of Raisin (don't go to the forest from the beginning of the game). After you reach the fork in the road, head east and keep going east after the road bends north. You will find a long peninsula that leads to a green token. Return to the road and head north. Grab the token and then go northeast for another, and then enter the dungeon. The dungeon itself is a one-way hall with no special details, just go in and then back out.

Go southwest to find the base of the hill, and then climb, collecting the red token along the way, which turns out to be three fights in a row. Continue up to the grave, and then turn back for a token. Walk back to Raisin, where there will be another token. Then enter the town - Yuragi leaves the party, but Masked Ranger joins in her place. Do as she says: west to Oatmeal, then north to the fork, then west to Prune. After the scene, head north and weave up the mountain. Enter the dungeon.

The mushroom men[]

Go north to the fight. This dungeon has quite a few forks, and in most cases, one fork leads to a dead end with a prize, and the other leads further into the dungeon. To complete the story, go west, then south for a token. Backtrack and go north, where you'll find the Horus statue and a chest containing the Cartography skill, which will allow you to enable the minimap (click the button in the bottom-left of the overworld screen). Continue down the forks as follows to continue with the story: east, east, north. There, you'll find an event and then a battle against three Bandit(?)s.

At this point, return to the Horus statue. Masked Ranger leaves the party, so you may need to use Tactical Retreat to flee any battles. A full MP restore can be found to the south. Yuragi joins the party during the red token event, so consider using her Guard skill to prevent blows to Alex (the higher the number next to the Guard icon, the more often she'll block attacks. It goes as high as 4). Defeat the supporting enemies in the fight first, using Fire Arrow to take out the Roper.

The water inspection[]

You'll be returned to Raisin, go to the clinic. Yuragi joins the party, and you can now access heart events across the map. Return to Prune, and then cross the bridge to the west for a dungeon. Like the mayor said, the monsters are docile and won't attack, so you can map the dungeon in peace. Simply go west at every fork until you see the lake. Go to the elevator near Oatmeal, then return to the mountain north of Prune. As soon as you start to climb the mountain, go west instead of east to find the water-treatment plant. Touch the token twice to use the secret passage.

Towards Marmalade![]

Continue south, and be aware that the monsters are stronger here. Haniwa are immune to magic, including Alex's regular attacks. After you reach the southern coast, turn east to Marmalade.

Healing Chorus[]

After the scene, go to Marmalade's Hospice, then its Church. Continue east to the cave. At the fork, head west to get the Bondage Rope skill, which allows you to capture Gal Monsters. Return to the fork and head north to the statue, then north to the secret room. Return to Marmalade and then visit its Hospice. After this sequence, it becomes possible to unlock scenes with Alex's wives at the clinic near Raisin using 2 medical records per scene. Unlocking your first event also gets you Alex's Group Medica skill. The elevator near Oatmeal has also unlocked.

Back to Prune[]

Go to Prune, where Masked Ranger rejoins as a guest. Despite the events, you can actually visit the town as usual if necessary.

The burning forest[]

Enter the forest and go to the fight in the northwest. Burning branches block the direct path to the lake, so head northeast at the first fork to find a way around. From there, the path is relatively linear, with only short side-paths. At the end of the path, you will fight the "Forest King" as a boss. This enemy can cause group damage, so Group Medica is helpful. After the fight, you will be teleported back to the overworld. Return to Prune, then to Marmalade (remember that you can use the elevator).

The abduction[]

Go to Marmalade's Hospice. There is no way to find a Dam Apple at this point, so Masked Ranger can suffer relapses of her Limit Breaker if your Hero Syndrome bar fills. Cross the bridge to the east, then head northwest towards the dam. Grab Yuragi's Tactical Retreat from the chest near the dam, and then try to enter. The guards will turn you away, so check the new token that appears. Head to the western side of the dam and enter via the door. You will find a Dam Apple, but Masked Ranger will refuse treatment. Enter the dam and head right for the boss battle. Use Firestorm to weaken the small fry and then pick them off. The boss can be stunned by Shuriken if possible. He can land group attacks, so it's your call whether to equip Yuragi with Ally Guard or an offensive skill. After being reduced below half HP, he will buff himself, so try to save a Shuriken for the turn after, potentially minimizing its impact.

Storming the dam[]

Kano joins the party, so be sure to equip some of her passive skills. Head east and down the stairs, then west until you see the event at the bridge. Turn back to find a new token, then return to the previous floor. Return to the room where you fought the boss for another scene. Go back to the entrance level to find what you're looking for. Since you're right at the entrance, this is also a good time to retreat to Marmalade to heal and eradicate or treat any illnesses. When you're ready, return to the bridge. Collect the Crayfish on the other side: it can be used to increase a character's max skill points. The rest of the path is fairly linear, and there is a healing spring just a bit before the boss that will heal the party to full (but can only be used once). The advice for the previous boss applies here, though this one has poisonous group attacks. Use Alex's Field Treatment to stop poison. After losing half health, the boss will begin to use charge attacks that do heavy (but not poisoned) group damage. Only Anesthesia or Shuriken can potentially stop this (unless Yuragi is equipped with a Stunning weapon), so save Kano's AP whenever possible. After the fight, leave through a door on the right.

Onwards on our trip![]

Return to Marmalade, then go to the token nearby to end the chapter. This marks the end of the demo: if you're playing that version, you will not be given a chance to save when you touch the token, so be sure to visit an inn or make a manual save if you want to explore further.

Chapter 2: Here be dragons[]

Tropical meetings[]

You wake up on the beach. Head northwest along the road to meet Bonny, then continue north to the Beach Cabin, where you can heal. Meet Rona near a beach umbrella to the northwest.  You're allowed to go to Nacre Harbor from here.  Head back down the road and leave the beach to the southwest, then follow the road west and north to the town.

Reclaim the hospice![]

Sidequest: Saint Rubbra[]

Visit Rubbra in the churches of Nacre Habor, Kayulany, and Karakawa, in that order. She does not appear in the other towns in the region. Note that this side-quest isn't actually optional: you will have to have to clear it by a certain point in the game, so you'd might as well do it now.

Leave town and go south to the brick square. There are three exclamation mark tokens you need to visit before you can proceed. One is east at the foot of the volcano, and the other two west of the square: follow both forks of the western road to find them. Then, return to the square to run into Charlotte again, who gives you an idea. Return to Nacre Habor.

On the way to Kayulany[]

You now know how to cure Kano.  Go back to the ropeway and collect the flower from behind the hut.  Return to Nacre Habor to cure her.  Follow the road all the way south to find Kaylulany.

The mysterious girl[]

Sidequest: Ramius[]

Head northeast of the volcano to the cliff overlooking the beach, to token surrounded by palms and bushes.  Here, you'll meet Ramius, who needs some cow meat. Go to the cow arena east of Kaylulany, cross the fence (you can walk right over it) and speak to the man near the western side. He tells you someone else took the meat to the beach. Go to the beach area and find the token near the fork that leads to the Beach Cabin. Return it to Ramius.

Head west of Kaylulany. After the cutscene, go to the token north of town, then return to town.

Run Alex, run![]

Alex will temporarily go solo, but it shouldn't be any trouble. Stick to the roads and return to Rona at the beach – you should only run into a single battle if you know where to go.  Alex will return to Kaylulany automatically.

Into Kalar Forest[]

Enter the forest. Travel southwest until you reach a blocked exit, then north to meet Bonny. She'll redirect you back to the exit, where you'll find the gowling course, where you want to look for John.  This place is full of exclamation mark tokens to mislead you. The actual token you want is in the southeastern side of the course, east of a water trap.  Head northeast from there for the magiphone (the large, hoop-like structure), then return to John.

Return to the forest, where you can now continue north.

The Greening disease[]

Keep north until you find a path leading west. See the event and then keep following the path to leave the forest and reach the Forest Camp and examine Bonny.

On Platina's trail[]

Go back to the forest and find a way to a new exit far to the northeast: from the Forest Camp entrance, go all the way east, then north, east, north, and north.  You'll fight a boss battle in the field.  The boss frequently lays traps: if you attack while a trap is in play, the boss will take 0 damage and will attack you for free. Make sure your character is ready for it, as there doesn't seem to be a way to disarm the traps except to walk into them with a durable character like Yuragi. Definitely don't trip a trap with Alex. Keep Intensive Treatment equipped for Poison.  After the fight, go east across the bridge.  After the scene, you'll be automatically brought outside the Forest Camp. Enter town.

The legendary QD![]

Backtrack through the forest to Kaylulany, and then back to the beach, specifically back to the giant "Q" near where you started the chapter, in the southeast side of the bridge. After creating a bridge with the Sumo, head north to QD's place and enter the first trial room in the southwest. This is a "quiz": the correct answers are True, False, and True.  Grab the Teleport LE skill and equip it to Platina (it costs 0 SP).  You may also want to add it to your quick-access buttons by going to Menu and pressing the small, square button next to the "Teleport" button.  Teleport to Raisin, and go to the clinic to the south.  After the event, you may want to spend some of your Medical Records on Wife Events, especially Kano's, which will get you a new Medica ability.

To Kalar Village![]

Teleport back to the Forest Camp and enter it to properly diagnose Bonny.  Head west out of town. This area is maze-like, but simple: go west until you hit the first north, then follow it to the large area with the river. Head east to a midboss battle.  Kill off the Circles (use Platina's Thrust if you want), then attack the midboss. Again, use Intensive Treatment to deal with Poison, and keep up Yuragi's Ally Guard to keep attacks focused on her. After the fight, continue east to get the password.

Teleport back to the Forest Camp. This time, go all the way west, then north to reach the gate, and from there to Kalar Village.

Bonny's treatment[]

Teleport back to Forest Camp and enter. Bonny has gone out of town.  Head west, then almost all the way south. At the four-way junction, head west to the graveyard.  Grab the exclamation mark token in the corner.  Teleport to Forest Camp.

The sick dragon[]

Teleport to Kalar Village.  If you haven't already, consider buying Platina a Kalar Sword M to boost her magic, which will be useful in a minute.  Leave town to the west.  Follow the road up the mountain to find Platina's mother's cave. Head in and check the token to examine her.

Yana's revenge[]

There's a fire at Kalar Village, but be careful: a fight will start as soon as you re-enter the town, so if you need to heal, teleport somewhere else to do it, first.  Go in. After the event, you'll fight the boss.  Yana is weak to Thunder, so use Platina's Shock if she's equipped for it (considering Yana will randomly drain your BP, it should be Platina's strongest attack, especially if you buy her Kalar Sword M beforehand).  Keep up Yuragi's Ally Guard and throw Shurikens whenever possible to keep Yana stunned. Beware of his AoE attack, which is quite a pain to deal with, because Yana here is quite fast compared to previous boss. After the fight, return to the dragon cave.

Heinline's crisis[]

Teleport back to Kalar Village, then to Nacre Harbor. Walk back to the ropeway – if you've forgotten where it is, head south to the square, then west, then north.  Follow the road to Karakawa.  Don't forget to visit its church for the last step in the Rubbra sidequest.

Follow the road west out of town, and all the way to the end. The road disappears at points, but you can always see it continuing in in the distance.  Once it finally stops, head north and around the loops until you reach the volcano dungeon. The dungeon itself is relatively straightforward with only quick dead-ends.  Once you reach the dragon cave, you'll fight the boss.  Use Platina's Thrust as her primary attack, seeing that it deals extra damage to Ancients (ie the boss). Feel free to use Poisoned Coating on this and all future bosses seeing that it's still quite helpful even though the formula is different from first Evenicle (the boss will poisoned for several turns (2 to 3 turns) in exchange of the reduced poison damage which only inflict 1% of current HP).  After the boss goes below half health, make sure to keep Kano's BP high so that she can use Shuriken at a moment's notice, because the boss will try to charge special attacks.  You may also want to keep Yuragi's BP for Flurry (if she has a high Stun rate) or even use Anesthesia in a pinch. That said, since the boss is quite slow, you may want to keep attacking and have Alex to cure the party if the special attack goes through (most likely you're almost finished the boss when it charge the special attack, especially if you grinding to level 20).

A dragon's favor[]

Teleport to Nacre Harbor, then home.

Chapter 3: The Bronte sisters[]

The ducal assembly[]

Do any Wife Events you want, especially Platina's, which will get you another Medica skill.

Starting in Chapter 3, you'll start to run into Hero's Syndrome illnesses that you can't cure in the nearby area: you'll sometimes have to go through the chapter to unlock new parts of the continent, instead.  Be prepared for this and use the Treat option on a character's status page if the illness is particularly bad.

Sidequest: Dragon Trials[]

While the game doesn't say so, you can now revisit QD's place to get another skill for Platina, but you may not be strong enough to actually clear it yet. Keep this in mind for later, after you've gained a few levels. When you do come, the challenge is to clear all five enemies before they take a certain number of turns.  You can't stun them, so use your most powerful attacks, especially group attacks.  Again, you'll probably have to come back later.  Like the Saint sidequests, this is mandatory after a point. Winning gets you Pulverize, a powerful group attack for Platina.

Teleport to Kalar Village and continue west until you hit a token, then west into Asimoff. Follow the road west and then north to White Castle across the bridge, then to White City slightly further north.

Sidequest: Saint Jens[]

If you've already cleared Rubbra's quest in Heinline, visit Jens in churches in White City, Yellow City, and Dark City, in that order. Easy.  Like Rubbra's, this sidequest eventually becomes mandatory.

After visiting town, turn back to White Castle.

Charlotte's Sister[]

Return to White City.  To find the herb for Emilia, go south along the pipeline until you find the token about mid-way down, near a signpost.  Return it to town.

To Yellow City![]

Yellow City is easy enough to find: simply head west along the coast, following the road.  Once you reach the scene with Rechel and Heat, head straight south until you see tokens to the east.  Continue past them to a combat token, where you'll have to fight a group of Contraptions. The copter is the boss.  Use Platina's spells to do the max possible damage, picking off the two tanks and then turning back to the copter.  Once that's done, return to the road and reach Yellow City.

The Poppins[]

Alex needs to check on the Poppins. Check the token west of town (not the one in the garbage dump, the one left of it), and then the new one that appears slightly further west.

Lake DePussy[]

Return to Yellow City, and then head northwest to the bridge. The guards won't let you by, so go around the lake to the northwest.  Continue until you reach the other side.

Sidequest: Ramius[]

If you've finished Ramius' Heinline quest, you can find her on the southwest corner of the lake.  She needs you to go to a factory.  Feel free to put this off until you've gotten to the island as part of the story, which isn't far off.  After you're done, go back to the factories where you fought the Poppin's Contraptions. Then, return to Ramius on the southwest corner of the lake.

South of the lake, you'll find a small village and the other bridge to the island.  Check the bridge, and then go to the village. The diver will suggest you hunt Splish-Splashes in region: find them at the red tokens nearby. You can kill or capture them, it doesn't matter.  Return to the village, then the bridge to gain access to the island.

Curing Geppetto![]

Teleport to Yellow City.

Exploring Yashima[]

Head north and then east into the Yashima region. Visit the camp, and then follow the road into the wetlands, where it will get foggy.  After the scene where the party talks about the wetlands, head immediately northwest to a boss battle.  Use Rupture to damage his defense, and be prepared to stun him to stop his charge attack.  Unfortunately, he frequently stuns party members, which can make this RNG-heavy. His charge attack is single-target, so keep Yuragi's Ally Guard charged so she can intercept it and minimize his damage.

You're returned to Yellow City.  Head west to where you originally met Geppetto and Brownie, near the bend in the road.

Patriot's Missive[]

Teleport to White City. After the conversation, head to White Castle.

The Terrorists[]

Follow the pipeline south to the substation, then teleport to Yellow City.

The Ruins[]

Cross the bridge to the far side of the lake, and then continue all the way south where you'll find first one token, then another. Enter the dungeon.

For the fastest route, continue east to the fork, then south. At the next token, there will be a scene and you'll find yourself on the south side of a cave-in (if you're forced to teleport out after this event, you'll have to walk via the northern path. The northern path also has a treasure chest in it if you want to backtrack). Continue east to the end of the dungeon. You'll get two blue MP charges before the boss, so you should be able to heal more-or-less to full.

Use Rupture on Gajel, who's going to try to intercept all of your attacks.  Make sure to use it again when necessary. Other than Rupture, make sure to attack other targets to drain Gajel's guard status: have your front-liners attack Paralai, for example. When Gajel's guard is low, have Alex use Light Arrow to take out Momiji before she can do much healing (it should go without saying that you should always equip elemental boosting abilities when fighting a boss with a spell: equip Light Affinity here). You may want Platina to help fight Momiji with Shocks. Unlike most bosses, Momiji can be hit by Kano's Assassinate. Use Yuragi's Flurry as well, especially if she has high Stun.  If you have Platina's Pulverize from QD's, you may find that useful as well.  Once your primary targets are dead, switch to Gajel and Helbell.

Petri's Kidnapping[]

Teleport to White City.

To the pyramid![]

After the scene, go south to the substation, which you can use to travel to South Asimoff.  Continue down the road to Dark City.  After the scene, head into the area to the northwest and examine both flamethrowers and the two strangely-shaped holes. Then, return to Dark City for an explanation.

Head back to the northern flamethrower and go east and south from the star-shaped hole.  Bring the starfish to the star-shaped hole to open the northern flamethrower.  Head up to the "apple"-shaped hole to learn it's actually a pepper.  From there, return to the star-shaped hole and go east and north to get a pepper. Go to the "bathroom" nearby to clean the pepper, then put it in the hole.  Go past the old flame-thrower to get the steel carbon, and return it to town.

Use your new gowling ball to plug the circular hole to the west. Follow the road and check out the token next to the hole that looks like a woman on a bathroom sign.  Walk back to the "bathroom" to steal their sign, and then use it in the hole.  Past the flamethrower, you will find a hanny that you can use to plug the hanny-shaped hole. Follow the road to the final token.

Go back to town to heal and clear any remaining diseases. Head onto the hill near the circular hole and continue west and north to a bubble platform, which will carry you into the pyramid.

Exploring the Pyramid[]

Head northwest. You can use the hospice here to clear any diseases and level up, but not to heal, so be careful. You'll be returning to this room several times, so you'll have fairly regular access and shouldn't have to use Treat in the field. There's one blue MP pickup in the southwest: make it last.  Fight the battle token to the northeast, which is a standard enemy encounter.

Each floor in the pyramid (other than the one you just left) includes a shortcut that you have to unlock from the other side, and a teleporter that will send you back to the start of the dungeon.  You'll be doing a lot of backtracking, so you'll want to use both. Be careful: the teleporter activates as soon as you find it – make sure to find that floor's shortcut before using the teleporter.

Head south and clockwise around the floor. Note the teleporter to the west (the glowing circle with the token on top of it), but ignore it for now and find the shortcut to the north.  Just west of the shortcut, you'll find a locked door, and Alex will want to go back to talk to the mummy.  Teleport back to the first floor and talk to them.  They'll ask you to go back to the previous floor and get some costumes from the southwest room. Teleport back a second time, and use the costumes.

Use the password on the locked door on the second floor to access the third.  Touch the token, and Charlotte will get infected.  The party will have to turn back, so use the teleporter and diagnose her at the hospice.  Return to the third floor.  Go east and continue clockwise.  Again, you'll find a teleporter, this time on the north, but ignore it for now. Continue west, then north to open the shortcut and south to find the next gate. After you've seen both, use the teleporter to talk to the mummy.

Use the shortcuts to get back to the gate and continue to the fourth floor.  Go east, continue to the far northeast corner, then west.  Shutters will lock you out of the lab. After the scene, head down the path to the south to open the shortcut, and then go to the northwest corner for the rice and the teleporter.  Return to the hospice to treat Charlotte.

Walk all the way back to the shutters. Once you grab the sample, you won't be able to use the roof exit any longer and will have to continue to the bottom of the pyramid, starting to the north.  Follow the path south, east, and then north.  After activating the device, head south to leave the dungeon.  You still can't teleport, though: head west to the platform for a scene.  Return to Dark City.

Chasing the Terrorists[]

Go to the token at the foot of the ladder east of Dark City. This will unlock all the ladders in Asimoff, so consider going to others to pick up treasures and collectables.  Once you're ready, go south from the Dark City ladder and follow the pipe to the end. Grab the token to the north.

Monkaiser Returns![]

Return to the pyramid via the ground floor. Don't use the same bubble platform you did before, which will lead you back to the roof and force you to walk through the pyramid again. Instead, use the bubble far northwest from Dark City.  Head north to the mecha, teleport back to Dark City, and then return to Patriot via the pipeline.

Crime and Punishment[]

Teleport to White City, then head to White Castle.

Ende's World[]

Head through the ground floor counterclockwise until you reach the southeast corner. Head into the corner for the stairs leading to the next floor.  Follow the hallway west to another set of stairs, and then see the event with Patriot and Petri in the next room.

Backtrack to the previous floor, and return to the fork, heading north this time.  You'll reach a hospice and examine Patriot.  Go back to ground level and grab the token in the kitchen on the north end of the floor, just west of center.  Since you're so close to the entrance, feel free to teleport back to White City to heal at any point during this section.

Return to Patriot, who will blow a hole in the wall to the north. Follow it to the boss battle. Have Charlotte maintain your defense and attack boosts, using Focus to keep up her BP between boosts.  Have Kano maintain Rupture.  The boss can poison you, so you may need to use Field Treatment. The boss has plenty of group attacks after she goes below half HP, so try to save your MP until then, and Stun her whenever possible. If you have the problem with it, you can try to grind to level 30.

Emilia's Penance[]

Go to White City, then home.

Chapter 4: Make love, not war[]

Looking for a ninja[]

Cash in as many Wife Events as you can, especially Charlotte's for the final Medica skill.

Sidequest: Dragon Trials[]

Remember, you can reach a new Dragon Trial at QD's, but you probably aren't able to clear it yet, and not just because of levels this time. This challenge is about elemental attacks: one enemy is weak to Fire, another Ice, another Thunder.  Come back after you get upgraded versions of all three elemental attacks during the next chapter.  See the Skills page for more info if you don't have them by the end of the chapter.

Teleport to Nacre Harbor to talk to Heat, then White City to talk to Patriot.  Finally, teleport to Yellow City and head north into the marsh.  Follow the coast north to a new token, and you'll be able to cross shallow fords like the one to the west.  Head all the way west (across another ford), then all the way north. Cross the next ford to the east and continue to the Hidden Village.

Onwards to Klark![]

Visit the token to the west to cross into the spring region of Klark. Head north to Utsushiyo.

Comforting Jingu[]

Sidequest: Saint Masquerade[]

If you've already cleared Jen's quest in Asimoff, visit Masquerade in Utsushiyo, Jingu, Kakuriyo, and Sekishiki, in that order.  There are more steps after you unlock the way to Yomi, which are discussed below.  This is mandatory after a certain point in the chapter.

Sidequest: Ramius[]

If you've helped Ramius in Asimoff, you'll find her just east of Utsushiyo. She'll give you a job to find the Pale Lover flowers, which happens much later in the chapter.

Follow the road east into the summer region. Keep going along the road until you hit Jingu.  Note that Platina never gets a teleport to Jingu, so you'll always have to walk here when you need to visit. You need to find some bamboo leaves, which are easy to find: just backtrack and you'll see the token off a bend in the road.  Return to Jingu via the road, then teleport back to Utsushiyo.

The Restored Statue[]

Walk back to the hills south of Jingu, then head west to where your party uncovered Brownie.  She'll uncover a short dungeon.  Go north at the first fork, and then east to the end of the path.  Teleport back to Utsushiyo.

The Saijo Family[]

Head east out of town, then north up the hill to the autumn region. Follow the road to Kakuriyo.

The autumn region is very large and holds a lot of the cures you need for the Hero Syndrome during this chapter.  You'll probably need to find a few at this point, so take the opportunity to search and find them.  There's an optional dungeon to the east of Kakuriyo, which will be important later, but contains a few prizes you can get now.

To find the cure for Slowpoke Syndrome to progress the plot, head along the southern edge of the autumn region until you reach the western coast.  Head north up the hill instead of continuing down the coast, and you'll find the token along the ledge. Yes, this is a dumb place for a fish.  Return to Kakuriyo to cure her and get Saijo on board with the law.

The Go Family[]

Follow the road west and then north of Kakuriyo to reach a tunnel. Go north at every fork to reach the other side, and follow the road all the way west to Sekishiki.

Sidequest: Ramius[]

Head up the hill outside town and head east.  South of the igloo, you'll find a token that contains the Pale Lover flowers.  Return them to Ramius outside Utsushiyo.

Sidequest: Dragon Trials[]

Platina's illness is actually helpful for clearing the Dragon Trials, since she can use her attacks on the enemy weak to lightning.  But the Lightning Bolt spell works just as well, so don't feel bad if you miss the opportunity.

To find the flower to cure Platina, just follow the road north out of Sekishiki and all the way to the north.  Climb the hill at the end of the path, then west to the token.  Return to town to cure her.

The Noguchi Family[]

Teleport to Kakuyrio, then head west, continuing west past the fork. Start down the long, twisting path down to Yomi.  Once you find the path to the Stockades (blocked by a token), head southwest. You'll find the town south of the lowered hot springs.

Kano has caught the newest disease, and you need to go to the Stockades to treat it.  But only a paragon can get in.  Leave town for one final cutscene.  If you haven't already done so, you'll now have to complete the Saint Rubbra, Jens, and Masquerade sidequests.  After seeing Masquerade in Sekishiki, you'll be able to collect three Yodel Oils, which you need to finish the questline. You win them after random encounters with Pressure Masters in the Yomi region.  Just hunt around until you find them. Note that you can't meet Masquerade on your first trip to Yomi, even if you have the Yodel Oils: you have to leave town and see the cutscene where Alex talks about Rubbra before Masquerade will show up.  If you're up-to-date when you first enter Yomi (if you've cleared all the Saint quests up to this point, and if you have three Yodel Oils), simply leave and re-enter before going to the Church.

Follow the road northeast of Yomi and down to the Stockades via the winding path to the east.  The Stockades are designed around a four-way, central fork: to clear the dungeon quickly, stick to the middle paths except when necessary.  Head straight north to the feeder, only to discover it's broken.  Go back to the central hub, then east for a scene with Ende, and then the eastern feeder. Return to the entrance, then head directly west into the southwest corner (yes, even though you've been told not to go west).  Head north from the southwest corner to find a token in a side room.

Return to Ende's cell, then to the eastern feeder. To complete the trap, head to the northern feeder to hide from the monsters.  With that done, go to the western feeder for a boss battle. These three are much stronger than before, but Helbell is standing in the front row, so take him out as soon as possible.  Use Rupture on Gajel again, and the rest is more-or-less the same.


Teleport to Yomi to cure Kano, then to Utsushiyo. Cure any diseases you have, and then go back to Yomi.  You'll be unable to teleport for a while after you go in!

To Poppins Den[]

Head east to a cave.  The first room is twisty but linear. In the second room, head east, and in the third room, northeast.  Exit and go to the hut to diagnose Spartan.  Collect the token to the southeast to find the cure, and then back to the hut.  At this point, go to the new cave to the northeast.  Follow it to the end, and then backtrack to the hut.

Go northwest to enter a new cave.  This cave has Contraptions, so consider equipping Thunder spells and Charlotte's Disassemble.  Go north of the lake, then north at the first fork, and west at the second.  Here, you'll fight a boss.  If you have Platina's Elemental Imbue from QD's, it will be very helpful here: use it on Kano while Platina herself uses cheaper Thunder spells, and continue to use Disassemble.  After the fight, pick up the green token and you'll be able to teleport again (if you need to walk back to the Hermit's House, just walk back to this part of the caves from Kakuriyo or Sekishiki).  Teleport to Sekishiki.

Oatmeal's Pyramid[]

Head to the boat tile west of town.  You now have the boat, but it can only travel in the shallows, so you can't make much use of it.  Sail south to the Hidden Village.

Teleport to Oatmeal back in Left-Hand, head north to Prune, and then go east along the cliff to the smaller pyramid.  Kano decides she needs the key, so teleport to Marmalade, then return to the pyramid.

The pyramid is filled with Skelly enemies, so consider equipping Light Arrow and Yuragi's Blow.  Follow the path to the first room.  The colored switched determine which doors open here: it doesn't matter how you set the first switches, but at the second set, use the blue route.  Continue to the second room.

The second room uses floors that are only visible on an animation loop, but you can walk across them freely even if you can't see them.  Go to the island to the northwest, then east to the small, one-tile island, and then north.  From here, go east again to a token.  Continue east for a path that eventually leads to the island to the southeast. From there, south to the corner, and then west to the exit.

In the third room, you're supposed to stay on the logs to cross the room.  If you walk into the water, you have to restart.  If you're having trouble, you can actually skip the whole thing by walking along the rim of the pool to the north of the entrance, though the walk is slightly longer.

This boss fight is tough: she dodges easily and can Petrify and Poison party members.  You may also want to use Accuracy-boosting accessories if you're having too much trouble hitting (her evasion is quite high).  The only way to restore a Petrified party member is with Field Treatment.  If everyone in the party is dead except for Petrified party members, you get a Game Over.  You'll frequently have to give up on healing Poison to prioritize Petrify, and you won't get many opportunities to use healing.  If you don't or can't keep on top of the Petrifications, you will probably lose.  Keep the boss stunned whenever possible using Shuriken and Sword Lash.  Keep up Ally Guard.  Since the fight is so random to begin with, you may even want to use Charlotte's Inspire on Yuragi to put all your eggs in one basket, or you can try to grind to level 40.

After the fight, teleport to Marmalade.

The Atrocity of War[]

Teleport to Sekishiki and return to the Hidden Village via your boat. Brownie will upgrade it to go in the ocean.  It's not recommended for you to run off and explore the world quite yet: there's very little out there but Points of Interest and Megamonsters you can't beat yet, and later chapters have several sea-based sidequests that will feel redundant if you've already searched everywhere.  That said, if you need to grind (say, for the next boss), you'd might as well do it on the ocean.  For now, just head east through the underwater passage, and follow the coast south to the next port.

Enter the Poppins city to the north. Several events later, you'll be able to access the chapter's boss battle.  It's easiest to get there by teleporting to Utsushiyo and heading south – the road is open now.  Unfortunately, this fight is also extremely random, and if he uses too many group attacks, you'll lose without any say in the matter.  Again, if you need to grind, do it while searching the ocean.  There's not much else to say because the fight is so unfair, although if anything else at least the boss can't inflict petrification.  Keep him stunned.  He's armored, so make sure to use Rupture and, if you're lucky enough to have gotten it at random, Yuragi's Bash.

An End to the Madness[]

Return to Utsushiyo and then home.

Chapter 5: The Cockshrooms[]

To Red Cross![]

Starting in this chapter, you may occasionally discover Furious enemies, which glow red.  The only way to get rid of Fury is Platina's Calming Cut, but that's only acquired part-way through the chapter, so until you get it, prioritize enraged targets whenever possible.

This is the first chapter where you won't have enough Medical Records to buy every available Wife Event at the start of the chapter (though it's close).  Remember to check back in later in the chapter to get the rest.

Sidequest: Dragon Trials[]

The final trial is all about doing as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible.  Again, you'll have to wait until later in the game, and you may want to wait right until it becomes mandatory.

Sidequest: Mystery Salt[]

If you go to Prune, you'll find one of Rechel's wives north of the town.  Talk to her, and then take your new boat to the port on the west side of the dam (teleport to Marmalade and head west).  Go to the token in the water, and then travel through the tunnel. You'll end up on a new island where you can fight a Megamonster that's probably out of your league. After visiting the island, you can return to Rechel's wife to complete the quest, but there's no other reward than access to the Megamonster.

Sidequest: Edo Amethyst[]

Go back to the Kalar Graveyard and you'll get a request for a special amethyst.  Unfortunately, the only way to clear this is to beat a Megamonster, the Outer Zone, which is probably too powerful at the moment.  Once you're ready, sail to the middle-south of the map by sailing around Heinline.  You'll find a port where you can land on Heinline's west coast.  Land there and use the bubble platforms to reach the monster. See the Collection guide for more details.  Return to the Kalar to complete the quest. There is no reward.

Sidequest: Message in a Bottle[]

Teleport to Yellow City and collect the token east of town. This is easy: just sail to an island northeast of Yellow City, where you'll find another token.  You'll probably find it easier to sail from Kakuriyo, so continue with the plot a little to unlock Kakuriyo's port.  After you reach the token, teleport back to Yellow City and talk to DeCunt to wrap things up. There is no reward.

Teleport to Kakuriyo.

Sidequest: Ramius[]

If you've helped Ramius in all previous quests, she'll tell you about her new job in the optional dungeon to the east.  Go there and head north: there's no need to explore the rest of the dungeon. This wraps up Ramius' plotline.

Go to Kakuriyo and travel east and slightly north to reach Red Cross.  Like Rona says, you have to travel directly from Kakuriyo to Red Cross for this to "count," so if you're having trouble, just start the trip again.  Head into town.

The Holy Knight's Sanctum[]

Go north to the sanctum.  You get some bad news, so teleport back to Red Cross.

A New Crisis[]

Sail southeast to the Holy Continent.  The port you're looking for is southeast of the giant, black rock. Follow the road to Dalai.

The Rainbow Bridge[]

You have to investigate four parts of the continent. Follow the road west of town until you see a token alongside the road.  Grab that, and then a second token at the collapsed stone bridge to the northeast. Teleport back to Dalai, and go east to a third token.  Finally, head west of town to reach the fourth and final token, after which the party will decide to talk to Rubbra.  Return to town.  Follow the road back to the west to a new token near where you talked to the hannies. Alex and Rubbra will create a bridge to the northwest.

To Sacred Lama![]

Go north to the Haniwa Village, but the party will initially refuse to enter. Go east to the token, which convinces the party that they have to enter town. Return and go to the hospice for a scene.

Sea-Faring Hannies[]

To find the Fireworks Grass, you actually have to pick up the token in the water to the southeast, between the hammer-shaped piece of land and the hanny-shaped piece of land. You can see it off the coast. Teleport to Dalai or Red Cross, return to your ship, and sail to that position to get the grass. Return to Haniwa Village to cure Charlotte, then go east for a boss fight. Use Rupture, Freezing Laser and Yuragi's Ball Battling for maximum damage. Also if you have problem with the boss attack, take your time to catch White Birdies and equip themalong with Thunder Amulet so that you have thunder damage reduced by 60% (the boss is exclusively uses thunder attack). Continue up the road to meet Jens.

The Sealed Dungeon[]

Go to Lama. They won't let you in, so if you need to heal, you'll have to go back to Hanny Village, but the quest is short.  Head northeast and across a short land bridge to a token, then return to Lama to find another token just outside town.  Re-enter town and you'll regain access.

Jens suggests you go to the Sealed Dungeon to the southeast. Follow the linear path to the giant seal, circle around it to the west, and then south to another token, which opens a secret door.

Ixtab's Secrets[]

Continue through the dungeon collecting every token you find.  This is the fastest route: go all the way west and then north to the end of the first room.  In the second room, head west at the T-junction.  You'll encounter a token in the third room that gives you an urn.  Go to the next junction, then west to inter the urn.  Continue along the path to the red token, but don't be afraid of it, it's just a standard encounter for the area.  Fight it to learn you need an ID card.  Go back to the urn to get the ID card, and then return to the door.

Inside the lab, collecting green tokens will unlock doors, but be aware that the doors and tokens can be very far apart.  Go to the token not far from the entrance to get started.

The Origin of Illness[]

Go east to the next token, which causes a second to appear next to it.  Go back to the entrance, north of the first token, where the door to the north has opened. Go west of the door, where you'll find a chest with Platina's Calming Cut.  This attack is practically mandatory for future bosses, so make sure not to miss it!

Head north to the next token, go through the door, and then east to another.  Go through the door to the east for another token, and then backtrack. After going back through the door, head south to a new exit.  After the cutscene, head south and east for one final terminal.  After reading it, a new token will appear to the south: use it to unlock the "front door" to the lab inside the Sealed Dungeon.  Go through to see where it is for future reference (it's north of the "back door" you've been using up to this point). Teleport to Utsushiyo.

Teleport to Yomi and then walk all the way back to the Stockade.  Ende will be waiting for you just inside the entrance.  Teleport to Lama and walk back to the lab's "front door" inside the Sealed Dungeon, and then head north to the terminal.  Ende will open the door, and you'll fight a boss battle inside.  There are five enemies that are all Mollusks, so consider Kano's Shiv, as well as high-power group attacks like Pulverize, or some of the upgraded group attack skills if you've been lucky enough to get them after a fight. Teleport to Lama.

The Cockshrooms[]

Follow the road east of Lama to a land bridge, which you can cross now.  Follow the winding path to Budda: turn north at the first fork, then across the bridge. Masquerade suggests you talk to QD.

The Queen of Dragons[]

Teleport to Nacre Habor and go to QD's place on the beach.  If you haven't already, you'll have to clear all three remaining trials, but they should mostly be easy at this point.  See "Dragon Trials" above for advice.  Go see QD via the door at the north end of her house, then teleport to Budda.

Draining the Sea[]

You can't open the door yet because the inner sea is still open to the ocean: cross the bridge to the southeast, and then follow the road south until you read QD's Landmark (the big rock teetering on the coast).  Once that scene is done, teleport to Budda and enter it. Then teleport to Lama and go to the Sealed Dungeon, where you'll find a token in front of the seal.  Grab it and then leave, collecting the token found on the overworld, just outside the dungeon's entrance.

The Heart of a Hanny[]

Teleport to Budda for a scene, and then head south (this is the only way to enter the inner sea, you can't use the gate from the Sealed Dungeon).  Follow the sea clockwise to reach Hanihon.  The Elder Hanny will give you instructions, so return to Budda, then again to Hanihon to get the Heart of the Hanny.

Continue clockwise to the island with the giant Cockshroom, Sentinel's Mound.  You can't climb up the island on the outside thanks to "quicksand," so locate the dungeon entrance on the right side.

Where Sentinels Rest[]

You'll want to equip Light Arrow, Flashstorm, and Light Affinity for this dungeon.  There's a fight immediately inside the door, but it's a standard encounter for the area.

Climb up the slope to the northwest, then the stairs to the northeast.  Here, you'll learn the dungeon's gimmick: there's a colored flame on each floor, usually in the middle, that you can use to unlock doors.  You can only unlock one door on each floor at a time, and the others will seal if you open a new one.  Go to the middle island for the first flame, and use it on the southwestern door to move forward.  On the third floor, you can almost see the flame when you hit the first fork: it's just past the red, spiked EXP encounter marker, north and west of your position. After collecting it, the next door is past an exit and through a tunnel to the northeast.

The final flame is on the eastern side of the central island.  Use it on the northeastern door to proceed (you can only reach by going clockwise from the northwest).  Continue down the hall, see the scene, and keep going to the next room, where you need to go up the hill. Once on top, head southwest to an exit.  Continue through the hall, and then follow the outer rim to the second exit.  Clear one more hall for the full healing spring and boss battle.

The boss' bodyguard will Guard him through the fight. Use default attacks on the boss to drain the guard's Guard Counter (especially at 3 or 4), and once it's low or empty, you can use the strongest attack against the boss to damage it as much as possible. The boss will get stronger after you kill his guard, gaining Fury every turn. This happens too frequently for Platina to keep on top of it, even with Charlotte's help, so you have two main options. Strategy #1: keep the guard alive as long as possible – do not use Rupture on him.  Despite your best efforts, the guard will die eventually, so once that happens, have Charlotte use Focus and Mass Charge to keep Platina's BP as high as possible for Calming Cut. When all else fails, Stun the boss if you can help it, which will give Platina and Charlotte another turn to recover. Strategy #2: use group attacks to weaken the boss before the guard dies, and then high-power attacks after the guard dies. Both the boss and the guard can be poisoned, so poison here is the way to help the damage. After the guard dies, feel free to use AoE attack such as Platina's Pulverizer or Kano's Summoning Art so that you didn't need to deal with berserked boss for very long.

The Cockshroom's End[]

Teleport to Budda,

Chapter 6: Lust made man[]

Rona's marriage[]

Again, you won't have enough Medical Records to buy every Wife Event. You're starting to get to the final Wife Events for each character: these tend to deliver stronger prizes, so prioritize them.

Teleport to Red Cross, and after the scene, head north, collecting several tokens.  Get to the top of the Holy Knight's Sanctum.

The Animus Reactor[]

Walk back to Red Cross.  After the scene in town, you can teleport again and unlock several sidequests. Unfortunately, none of them return any rewards, but they will help you gain a few levels from random encounters.

Sidequest: Seafood Boil[]

Teleport back to Raisin, and you'll find a token nearby.  Old Man Rokuro wants a special seafood boil. To get the ingredients, sail west along the former line of the Blue Tide as seen on the minimap.  You'll encounter two tokens on or near islands you encounter along the way.  Finally, sail to the middle-south of the map to find Point of Interest 93, the Mackerelzilla.  This isn't an easy journey, since you have to go around either Heinline to the east or both Klark and Asimoff to the west: the lava flow between Heinline and Asimoff blocks any direct sailing. Bring these to Rokuro. You'll find another token on the Mackerelzilla. This unlocks another sidequest in Chapter 7, but that sidequest doesn't give you a reward, so no hurry.

Sidequest: Wedding Gift[]

Teleport to Sekishiki to find Go just outside of town.  Alex will decide to get him a pearl as a wedding gift.  You can find the pearl in a whirlpool just south of Red Cross.  Return it to Go. There is no reward.

Sidequest: Famous Explorer[]

Teleport to Utsushiyo and talk to Spartan outside of town (this step isn't available if Spartan is off doing other things during the plot, but she'll come back when she's done).  She talks about a famous explorer.  Sail to the extreme southeast of the map, where you'll find a sunken ship and an island.  Collect the token on the island and then return to Spartan (again, she has to be available). There is no reward.

Go visit QD, then teleport to Kalar Village and go to the Horus Mothership.

The Horus Mothership[]

Give Charlotte Disassemble again.  After the first few events, you'll have to search the entire floor for coins. There's really no way around it: map the entire dungeon, grabbing every token you find.  Check the zoomed-in map in your menu if you're having trouble.  You may have to retreat to Kalar Village several times in the process.

After collecting every token, go to the door to the teleporter near the entrance, where you'll fight a boss that isn't particularly tough, but does foreshadow some upcoming bosses.  Don't forget to use Rupture, or if you lucked into it, Rend.

Use the teleporter when you're ready.

Unmasking a liar[]

You can use the building near the entrance to heal.  The Double Hannies in the area can buff themselves, so consider equipping Charlotte's Dispel abilities, or Yuragi and Platina's anti-Haniwa abilities.  Follow the linear path, but make note of the Eve statue your characters comment on part-way through.

After returning to the surface, head west, go up the ramp, then west again.  Climb the series of blocks to the green token, and use the blue MP plate to heal if necessary. Continue north to the town of Blue Circle, which won't let you in. Backtrack to the new token, then back to town, and finally all the way back to the Eve statue.  Finally, climb to Blue Circle and you'll be allowed in. Feel free to leave the continent if you need to look for cures.

Chasing Yuba[]

When you're ready, leave Blue Circle and go clockwise around the outer rim of the area, ending with a boss battle.  The boss is weak to Dark, so after Kano uses Rupture/Rend, focus on using Kano's Special.  The boss can attack your back ranks, so keep Yuragi's Ally Guard charged to protect Alex and Charlotte.  After going below half health, the boss frequently gains Fury (thank Eve that the boss will not get Fury at each turn like Chapter 5 boss), so use Calming Cut to stop him.

A strange track[]

Return to Blue Circle to cure Charlotte, and then walk back to where you fought the boss.  Climb the stairs and check the new token that's waiting there, and the party will think of talking to QD.  Teleport to Heinline and do so, receiving the UFO.  Go back to where you fought the boss for a third time and you'll be able to cross the track, ending in north Royal Garden.  This area is mostly just empty space: take any route you want to reach a second UFO tile on the western edge.  Once on the other side, head around the bend to the south, which will bring you to Green Square not far southwest of your starting position.

The ceremony[]

The three gazebos appear in linear order.  The first is just west of town, and the others can be found by following the broken road.  Be careful of the Grimmy Reaper Gal Monsters that live in the area, because they have a chance of using an instant kill attack: they should be your first targets whenever they appear.

After completing the ceremony, teleport to Red Cross, then back to Green Square.  Brownie and Geppetto will ask you to hunt down three Frozen monsters.  Like with the Splish-Splash in Chapter 3, you can kill or capture them, it doesn't matter.  Also like the Splish-Splash, these won't appear randomly, and are actually at red tokens hidden around the Green Square area.  For the first, head northeast out of town, then southeast.  For the second, go to the westernmost edge of the map, where you'll find a Frozen at the north side of the green metal.  The third is easily found by following the road south of the second gazebo.

Teleport back to Green Square. After the scene, go west and interact with the token to create a shortcut between the first and third gazebos. From the third gazebo, head east to the token.  Remember this location for later, but for now, teleport to Red Cross.

A score to settle[]

Follow the gazebo shortcut from Green Square back to where Brownie sprayed her freezing solution. Cross the metal to reach the Holy Knight's Sanctum, and enter.  The enemies here have multiple elemental alignments.  There's no cheap way to build your characters to account for every situation, but do your best to equip Alex and Platina.  Platina's Elemental Imbuing can also be helpful in a longer fight, since it gives a boost against every target with an elemental weakness.

The fastest way through the dungeon is as follows.  Head north and up the stairs, then north again to the green and red tokens. Here, you'll fight two Horus instead of just one. Stunning and group attacks are more valuable here, but focus on a single Horus whenever you have to make a single-target attack (including with Rupture/Rend). Once the first Horus is dead, the second will be much easier, though you may have to teleport out and heal before you can continue the dungeon!

Go past where you met the Horus and then up the stairs.  Defeat two red tokens (standard encounters), after which Alex will remember that John told him about a secret passage.  Go back to the first floor (or teleport out if you need to heal again).  Go to the northwest corner of the first floor and into the bath just south of there. The secret passage is linear, so follow it to the end.

After reaching the bedroom, head south and up the stairs to another boss fight: the remaining three Horus.  The same principles apply: use group attacks when you can but otherwise focus on only one Horus at a time until it goes down, then do the same with a second.  After the fight, you've disabled the device, so can use the main stairs.  You may want to backtrack for a chest.

There's a healing spot to the east, and the chapter boss is just up the stairs.  The boss frequently petrifies, poisons, and stuns, so definitely keep Field Treatment equipped (It also can drain BP as well). Deal with Petrify as soon as it occurs, and keep Yuragi's Ally Guard/Sentinel's Pride up so that she intercepts all single attacks. Because the boss is Flying, use Charlotte's Aerial Barrage, but don't forget to use Focus and Mass Charge, which is arguably more powerful (and perhaps it's the better option considering the aforementioned BP Drain). All in all, the boss is quite rough, especially with it's ability to do three attack in one turn, which it can do it twice after the boss HP reduced to below half (try to Ally Guard whenever it's HP is below half in order to reduce the damage),. You may choose to grind a bit before fighting the boss.

A short conclusion[]

Return to Red Cross.

Chapter 7: A saint and her knight[]

The Darkfiend's leg[]

Get Charlotte's final Wife Event if you can, since it gets her Comeback, arguably her most powerful ability.

Sidequest: THE Curry[]

If you completed the Seafood Boil quest, you'll find a new token outside Raisin, where Alex decides to cook THE Curry to help Rokuro.  Most of the ingredients involved are found in key locations from earlier in the game.  Get the Yodel Onion to the southwest of Raisin, golden beef at the cow race track east of Kayulany, and travel back through Kalar Forest to the northeast exit to find the the Mandrago Carrots (this is where you fought Heat while searching for the cure for Platina).  Get the peppers northeast of the star-shaped hole near Dark City, and get the snow potatoes by following the road north of Sekishiki up to the hill.  Finally, the glasses masala: teleport to Red Cross, then sail east to a long, thin island not far out of port.  Land there to get the final ingredient and bring them back to Rokuro. There is no reward.

Sidequest: Hide and Seek[]

Teleport to Budda and speak to Masquerade, and she'll tell you about the hide and seek ritual.  You'll have to track down the three saints in three previous dungeons.  Rubbra is in White Castle: clear the token in front of the castle to re-enter the dungeon (if you haven't already), and then go to the room where Patriot and Petri were trapped in the barrier.  Jens is in the Sealed Dungeon, in the cemetery with all the urns. Masquerade is in the bedroom in the Holy Knight's Sanctuary, just before the fight with the three Horus.  After these scenes, you can also revisit the three Saints in their churches in the Holy Continent for some short text scenes.

Sidequest: Survey the Island[]

Teleport to Nacre Harbor and check the token nearby.  You'll get a job to survey a certain island south of Heinline.  All you need to do there is visit three tokens along the island, and then return to the lake.  Unfortunately, the monsters here are the toughest in the game and will probably kill you: you can either come back later, or power through via multiple trips. Since there isn't a reward, it's probably better if you come back later.  To finish the quest, return to Nacre Harbor and check the token.

Go and visit QD, who will tell you what to do.  Sail around the north coast of Royal Garden to reach the northeastern part of the map and find the Darkfiend's Leg. Examine it from the island to the south, then teleport to Red Cross.

Into the breach[]

At this point, Red Cross upgrades its shop to feature the final set of equipment in the game, and also begins selling stat-boosting items.  They are extremely expensive, but at this point, you probably don't have anything else to do with your money, so they're your best investment.

Teleport to Yellow City, and head west to the token near Monkaiser Blast.  Teleport to Dark City and go up the ladder. From there, go directly east along the pipe to an island with another token.  Then, teleport to Utushiyo and walk along the road to Jingu. Finally, return to the island south of the leg.  The way to the final dungeon is now unlocked.

If you haven't already done so, it's probably wise to go around mapping and grinding until you've cleared the last Hero's Syndrome disease from your party: the game will tell you when you've cured the last illness. Cash the Medical Records into all remaining Wife Events.  With that done, proceed to the Sealed Dungeon, go to the seal, and go north.

High Saint Ixtab[]

From this point on, every time you enter the Sealed Dungeon, you'll be brought directly to this location, saving you a bit of time.  Head north into the Darkfiend's Entrails. You'll probably have to repeat this section multiple times, so do your best to memorize the optimal route after searching for treasure.

The optimal route is as follows.  Go northeast until the road turns, then go southeast to a door. Continue through the hall, and then northwest to a slope.  If you need it, a red MP plate can be found only a few steps to the southeast.  Go northwest until you hit the T-junction, and then take the exit to the west.  Head south to another exit, then continue south, ignoring the first two paths. The third path you find (to the west) contains a blue MP plate, so consider going out of your way to collect it. Return to the main path, and continue southeast.  Continue forward, ignoring the dead end in the southeast, and take the first exit you find.  Go down the hill and into the hole.  You are now safe from random encounters.

Like in Evenicle 1, it's time for the boss refights, but unlike Evenicle 1, you don't get any free healing until the bosses are all dead  If you need to heal after the bosses, and you probably will, you have no choice but to leave the entire dungeon and start over. On the plus side, the boss refights stay dead.  While you can use Kano's Shadow Step to make the return trip faster, it's probably better to gain more levels, unless you're feeling very confident.

You have to refight the bosses with just two party members. You refight Vorm with Kano to the northwest.  Vorm is only dangerous when he charges or gets a critical: use Magical Barrier, or try to Stun Vorm with Shuriken when that happens, or even use Anesthesia if you feel you have to.  He's otherwise not very dangerous. You can make it even easier by having Kano equipped with the Poison Immunity skill and have Alex equipped Personal Nurse so that Vorm can't poison the party at all.

You refight Yuba with Yuragi to the northeast.  Without Platina, you have no way of dealing with his Fury, so try to reduce him to half health with full BP, as much MP as possible, and Yuragi with a charged Ally Guard to protect Alex. Magic Barrier can help. If you have it, use Yuragi's Drumming. This is one of the harder fights, especially since you don't have many options.

You refight Yana with Charlotte to the southwest.  Thankfully, he's not that powerful, though his ability to steal BP is frustrating – consider bringing the Hiragi's Kunai accessory (from her third Wife Event) to counter it. Charlotte's abilities aren't great here with only one fellow party member, and you may very well want her to attack with Burst, Solar Ray, or Rocket Boxer instead of using her Support Skills. Here's an important piece of advice the game doesn't make clear: Dispel can break enemy Criticals.

You refight Epide with Platina to the southeast.  She's weaker than before and thank Eve that she didn't have three-in-one attack, so that you can keep focusing on attacking.  Equipping Platina with Stun-boosting equipment and Skills might be helpful if you're having trouble.  Use Exalting Slash to boost her damage. Other than that beware of the status effects, so you may consider to have Alex equipped with Ende's Insurance Card (From Ende's third Wife Event) in order to reduce the chance of Alex inflicted with status effect (especially petrification).

After beating the fourth boss, you can find a healing spring near the entrance, and can open the final door.  Try to be at least Level 70 before the final boss, if not higher. The final bosses are immune to Stun, so you may want to change skills and equipment to compensate.  It's also probably safe to give Platina an attack-focused blade instead of a magical one.

The first phase of the final boss battle is tricky: not only do both combatants have high evasion, but Gigabell can constantly heal them. Don't think about killing Gigabell right away: if you defeat either Brad or Gigabell, the survivor will gain a super attack and quickly wipe you out.  The first thing to do is to land a hit on Gigabell. If you so much as scratch her, she'll stop healing Brad 30k HP, and will heal both of them instead, but will "only" heal 9999 HP at a time. This allows you to outpace her and gradually whittle down Brad's HP.  Whenever she heals, hit her again – do it as soon as possible so that you don't forget and lose your chance. Beware that her evasion is quite high, so you may have some difficulties to hit her by non-magic attack. Once she's wounded again, lay into Brad.  Dispel his buffs with Charlotte (this is key), Rupture/Rend, and continue attacking until he's about to die.  Once he's on his last legs, turn on Gigabell. She doesn't have much HP (her's is only at 20,000 HP), so you might not even have to Dispel her if you don't have the BP.  Ideally, you want to defeat them in the same turn, but if that's not possible, defeat Brad first, since Gigabell's super-attack is single-target and will only kill one of your teammates, and she's easier to kill quickly in case you miscalculate. Finally, if possible, restore BP before the end of the fight – though since Gigabell keeps stealing it, you might not be able to. You are restored to full HP and MP after the fight, so that's not a concern.

The second battle is much simpler, but the stats are higher. The boss gets even harder below half health.  You may want to consider keeping most of Charlotte's BP for Dispel in the second half, to disrupt criticals.  Most of the boss' attacks are group attacks, but there are enough single-target attacks to warrant Ally Guard/Sentinel's Pride.  To protect Alex and Charlotte from group attacks, consider using Magical Barrier from time to time, especially if the boss charges or if you can't stop a Critical.  Rupture no longer works, so Kano has nothing special to do but use her best attack (if you've lucked into Flaming Tiger, alternate it and Shocking Tiger for a combo. Otherwise just use her most powerful attack and keep trying to poisoned the boss). Be very careful if the boss gets two turns close together, especially towards the end of the fight.

You can save the game in the post-game to preserve your EXP from the final boss, there are no special, post-game benefits.  Go to the Collection page if you want to find advice for completing the game 100%.