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Game specific mechanics[]

Eradication Bonuses[]

Eradication bonuses are given whenever a female character is cured of their affliction permanently or Alex does a specific wife event. There is a hard cap for points possible to achieve due to the number of illnesses or wife events, more specifically:-

Total points
Alex 20
Yuragi 18
Kano 16
Platina 15
Charlotte 13

Furthermore there is a cap of 5 points that can be allocated to any one stat.

Primary Stats and Stat boosting[]

Stat boosting items can be bought for a hefty amount of Gold in Chapter 7 and can be used a limited number of times per character. Almost all stats can be raised 5 times with the exception of Defense which can be raised only 3 times. In addition, Skill points can also be raised by a maximum of 5 times. The exact amount of stats raised is fixed for Skill points and Speed with a 1:1 ratio (i.e if the speed item says it raises it by 5, then it raises the stat by exactly 5.) Everything else scales according to level so a "5" point increase in attack can result in significantly more attack. The exact increase varies, but seems to be about 20-27% after 5 uses of the item[1]. Defense is another stat that is easy to calculate at (Level-1)*number of items used. the specific breakdown of how much each stat item usage is as below:-

Impact of stat boosting items
Number of items used 5 4 3 2 1
Speed/Attack/Magic 5 4 3 2 1
HP 20 16 12 8 4
Defense 1 1 1

Should be noted that there are 12 Crayfish(found around around the field/dungeons) and 1 Stalwart Bun from completing all Points of Interest available without purchasing or fighting Mega Monsters.

Secondary stats and their various intricacies[]

The stats on the left side of the status screen have pretty interesting quirks.

Firstly Accuracy has no impact on magical spells. This includes anything Alex does as well as Platina's magic skills. For physical skills, Accuracy is reduced by evasion (this is true of enemies and allies.)

Multi-hit can proc multiple times, but every proc seems to remove roughly 50% off the total %. (i.e if you have 60% Multi, you have a 60% chance of two hits, then if it procs, 10% for a third hit.) Multi-hit cannot proc on skill usage at all.

Critical rate and Multi-Hit synergize better than Evenicle 1, the critical will proc on every Multi-hit and is consumed at the end of the turn rather than on the first attack.

Stun and Critical can both proc on any skill usage (for instance, Yuragi's Shield Bash will proc stuns at the normal rate). Alex's normal attack cannot Stun enemies. Even if you raise it through Eradication bonuses or secondary bonuses from equipment, it will never proc. It can still proc Multi-hit and Critical however.

Your party's stun rate is not an absolute %, it will still calculate against the enemy's endurance to see if it procs. Similarly, the enemy's stun rate is reduced by your endurance, it does not effect other status effects like Petrify. I'm not sure what effects those other status effects.

Status Effects[]

Poison damages the victim every turn for 10% of current hp. It will never kill making it useful for catching Galmons. Somewhat relatedly, the capture rate for Galmon is 100% at either 10% hp or 20% hp(Using the appropriate passive.)

Taking from a Japanese wiki[2], the rate of increase for Attack grants is .2 for the first level, then .1 every level thereafter(for a maximum of .5 at level 4). Note that the bonus is just another modifier to attack so something like Kano's 800% skill only becomes 850% instead of 800*1.5

For defense grant, it's .1 at level 1 then .05 for every level after, maxing at .25 at level 4. The actual damage taken is 1-(defense modifiers). Like offense, it's an additive bonus. So Yuragi being hit with impassible stance and level 4 defense results in 1-(.3+.25)=.45 or 45% of the full damage taken.Not entirely sure what happens in a % overflow situation which is possible if you stack enough elemental resistances. Physical attacks cap at 100% on paper.Rabbit mask + both of Yuragi's damage reduction skills + level 4 defense against a physical attack results in 1-(.15+.3+.3+.25)=0

Treasure chests and secondary effects on items[]

Treasure chests are supposed to drop every 9 battles(drops to 8 battles with Kano's Scavenger skill.) so it's possible to fight 8 battles then save the "drop" battle for a better area, because saving doesn't reset the encounter number, it's quite literally possible to savescum enemy drops as well.[3] Relatedly, skills are supposed to drop every 35 battles starting from chapter 2.[4]

Weapons and armor can produce secondary effects so long as they do not naturally have one already. They scale up in power according to the number of +'s. There is a hardcap of 9 for +'s from monster drops and a softcap of +2/-2 everytime a drop is made. the maximum amount for each secondary boost is as follows:-

Secondary bonuses
HP 1571
Attack/Magic Power 398
Defense 199
Speed 16
Hit/Magic Res 47
Endurance 46
Evasion/Stun/Multi 37
(Element) Damage -56%

As a sidenote, Platina's second strongest weapon boost Magic by 500 instead of 398 so those seeking to maximize Magic may want to use that weapon instead.

  1. Based on very basic testing at 75. Anyone who cares to do more testing can do so.
  2. Link to specific wiki page Check the comments section.
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