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Just like the original, the collection is divided into four categories. You can find them across the playthrough. Some of them return rewards as you complete the list.

Point of Interest[]

These interests are scattered across the overworld. They can be cataloged by walking into special sparkling markers.

# Name Location Details Availability
1 Natural struggle Left-Hand East of Raisin, where the first encounter of Masked Ranger is. Chapter 1
2 Wild Sushi Rolls Left-Hand Further east of Natural struggle Chapter 1
3 Great eyeball Left-Hand Green farm patch east of Oatmeal Chapter 1
4 Cabbage field Left-Hand North of Oatmeal Chapter 1
5 Left-Hand frog Left-Hand Take downward path from Oatmeal Chapter 1
6 Giant elevator Left-Hand Below Oatmeal Chapter 1
7 Stumble rocks Left-Hand Right side of Common Grave far north of Raisin Chapter 1
8 Tayliens effect Left-Hand SE of Prune Chapter 1
9 Oatmeal's Pyramid Left-Hand Far east of Prune Chapter 1
10 Water mushroom Left-Hand East of Prune Chapter 1
11 Graffiti of love Left-Hand On the dam SW of Prune Chapter 1
12 Left-Hand Dam Left-Hand Southern bridge west of Prune Chapter 1
13 Water wheel Left-Hand East of Marmalade Chapter 1
14 Rock Fungi Left-Hand Forest area NW of Marmalade Chapter 1
15 Great spring lake Left-Hand Far north of Prune, requires bubble travel Chapter 3
16 Sandy Beach Heinline East of Beach Cabin Chapter 2
17 Tropical fruits Heinline North of National Cow Arena Chapter 2
18 National Cow Arena Heinline Take path all the way south from Nacre Harbor, eastern area reaching last fork Chapter 2
19 Psuedo-balls Heinline Near the middle of the Gowling Course Chapter 2
20 Goaling hole Heinline East end of the Gowling Course Chapter 2
21 Kalar baths Heinline South of Forest Camp Chapter 2
22 Hell grass Heinline Alcove near Kalar Graveyard Chapter 2
23 A Parrot's Welcome Heinline East of Kalar Graveyard Chapter 2
24 Squalls Heinline NE of the Kalar Maze Chapter 2
25 Horus landing Heinline NE of Kalar Village Chapter 2
26 Thawing Hanny Heinline Volcano slopes NW of Kalar Village Chapter 2
27 Volcano Eagle Heinline NW of Karakawa Chapter 2
28 King Hannyhannyha Heinline South of Karakawa Chapter 2
29 Flock of konrakanra Heinline East of Karakawa Chapter 2
30 Volcanic firefly Heinline Summit of large Volcano Chapter 2
31 Heating stone Asimoff South of the lava bridge from Heinline Chapter 3
32 White Castle Asimoff South of White City Chapter 3
33 Asimoff's fish Asimoff South between White City and Yellow City Chapter 3
34 Moles Asimoff SW from White City Chapter 3
35 Unlawful dumping Asimoff East of Yellow City Chapter 3
36 Cleaning DePussy Asimoff West of Yellow City Chapter 3
37 Asimoff's ravens Asimoff West of Lake DePussy Chapter 3
38 Mist Asimoff South edge of Yashima Marshlands Chapter 3
39 100% Humidity Asimoff Yashima Wetlands Chapter 3
40 Heatstrokes Asimoff South of Dark City Chapter 3
41 Boiling saltwater Asimoff Past the Star shaped fire hole Chapter 3
42 Holy Knight's Flames Asimoff Far NW of Dark City Chapter 3
43 Pyramid's graffiti Asimoff East edge of pyramid exterior Chapter 3
44 Sand bath hermit Asimoff South of Dark City over the pipes Chapter 3
45 Over White City Asimoff Pipes above White city, access from near Dark City Chapter 3
46 Cherry blossoms Klark Sign post north of where you start Chapter 4
47 Spring zone Klark East of Utsushiyo Chapter 4
48 Fishing Hermit Klark Eastern cliff next to Jingu Chapter 4
49 Summer zone Klark Bamboo steps south of Jingu Chapter 4
50 Autumn zone Klark From eastern path of Utsushiyo, go north at first fork. At bottom-right corner of a red fence. Chapter 4
51 Giant gate Klark Path on the way to Kakuriyo Chapter 4
52 Autumnal tastes Klark Orange trees on the right side of path on the way to Kakuriyo Chapter 4
53 Heaven and hell Klark North of Kakuriyo Chapter 4
54 Mt. Fooji Klark West of Kakuriyo Chapter 4
55 A sounder of boars Klark Western corner of autumn region Chapter 4
56 Jingu's cliff Klark Far east of Kakuriyo to a cliff above Jingu Chapter 4
57 Winter zone Klark Path from Seikan Tunnel exit to winter region Chapter 4
58 White-out! Klark North of Sekishiki Chapter 4
59 Hot springs Klark North of Yomi Chapter 4
60 Mine entrance Klark On the path from Yomi to Great Stockade Chapter 4
61 Fishing pole Klark Next to Hermit's Retreat Chapter 4
62 The holy flag Holy Continent Near the dock Chapter 5
63 Holy ruins Holy Continent NW of Dalai Chapter 5
64 Picnic Holy Continent Just across the rainbow bridge Chapter 5
65 Uppi statues Holy Continent Tip of the hammer-shaped landmass Chapter 5
66 Radio tower Holy Continent Near Hanny Village Chapter 5
67 Fountain of youth Holy Continent SE of Lama Chapter 5
68 Wisdom fruit Holy Continent SE corner of Holy Continent Chapter 5
69 Lord Kroac Holy Continent SE of Budda Chapter 5
70 Giant boulder Holy Continent SE part of the drained area Chapter 5
71 Gap hermit Holy Continent SE corner of the drained area Chapter 5
72 Rainbow's bottom Holy Continent SW part of the drained area Chapter 5
73 Horn whale Holy Continent NW part of the drained area Chapter 5
74 The giant gate Holy Continent SE of Lama in the drained area Chapter 5
75 Submerged city Holy Continent East of the giant cockshroom in the drained area Chapter 5
76 A school of fish Holy Continent Eastern part of the drained area Chapter 5
77 King goldfish Royal Garden East of Red Cross Chapter 6
78 Well water Royal Garden North of the Terrace Well Chapter 6
79 Mysterious button Royal Garden Eastern side of the ledge above the Terrace Well Chapter 6
80 Diving Board Royal Garden Western side of the ledge above the Terrace Well Chapter 6
81 Sometimes Royal Garden Leave Blue Circle to the east and circle all the way around the Terrace Well Chapter 6
82 Love hotel Royal Garden Western part of Royal Garden near UFO track to northern Royal Garden Chapter 6
83 Rock hermit Royal Garden NW of Green Square Chapter 6
84 That house Royal Garden West of Green Square Chapter 6
85 Holy Knight fruit Royal Garden South of Green Square though you need to take a winding path to get there Chapter 6
86 Horus graffiti Open Sea Horus Mothership SW of Nacre Harbor Chapter 4
87 Lesbian kalars Open Sea Land on the western side of Kalar maze area Chapter 4
88 Hanny shop Open Sea Island between White City and Yellow City Chapter 4
89 Street art Open Sea M Pipe stretching to SE island, accessed from ship Chapter 4
90 Darkfiend's cup Open Sea Near the little islands south of Dark City Chapter 4
91 Fresh seawater Open Sea Ocean west of Asimoff between north and south halves Chapter 4
92 Jellyfish beach Open Sea Island in the SW corner of the world Chapter 4
93 Mackerelzilla Open Sea South edge of the world Chapter 4
94 Deserted island Open Sea Island directly west of Hidden Village Chapter 4
95 World's bellybutton Open Sea Island north of Kakuriyo Chapter 5
96 The sea's bottom Open Sea Big vortex south of Red Cross Chapter 5
97 Giant pearl Open Sea Center of the big vortex south of Red Cross Chapter 5
98 Warship rolls Open Sea Between three islands midway between Left-Hand and Klark where the Blue Tide was Chapter 5
99 Blue giants Open Sea East of Klark winter zone Chapter 5
100 A huge backside Open Sea SW of Lama Chapter 7
101 Fukui prefecture Open Sea North of Hanny Village Chapter 7
102 Adrift on the sea Open Sea NE corner of the world Chapter 7
103 Hidden bonus! Open Sea NE corner of the world Chapter 7


You receive a reward for every ten points of interest uncovered.

Goal Reward
10 Chain Mail
20 Ripe Mango
30 Ahoge
40 Steel Bear
50 Personal Nurse
60 Piggyback Pal
70 Pocket Watch
80 Mama Mandarin
90 Game & Match
100 Hanging Scroll
103 Stalwart Bun



# Region Location
1 Left-Hand Near Raisin
2 Left-Hand East of Prune, close to the logs
3 Left-Hand West of Marmalade
4 Left-Hand Near Common Grave
5 Heinline East of Cow Races
6 Heinline NE in maze before Kalar Village
7 Asimoff NW of Yellow City
8 Asimoff Travel south down Asimoff's eastern coast, near a bend in the pipeline. Only available after marrying Charlotte.
9 Klark East into a field of Sakura Tree when you first enter Klark.
10 Klark Far west of Kakuriyo
11 Holy Continent North of Lama
12 Royal Garden West of Red Cross (Chapter 6)


# Region Location
1 Heinline Southwest of Nacre Harbor
2 Heinline Northeast part of the Gowling Course
3 Heinline Alcove near Kalar graveyard
4 Heinline West of Karakawa
5 Asimoff SW of White City
6 Asimoff South shore of Lake DePussy
7 Asimoff Near woman shaped fire hole
8 Klark Yashima Wetlands
9 Klark East edge of the strip mine
10 Holy Continent East of the dock
11 Royal Garden On the northern section of Royal Garden


# Region Location
1 Asimoff SE of White City
2 Asimoff South between White City and Yellow City near factories
3 Asimoff East of Dark City over the pipes
4 Asimoff Western edge of badlands, accessed by walking on pipes
5 Klark Rainy area in SE of Klark
6 Klark West of Kakuriyo
7 Klark NE of Sekishiki
8 Holy Continent On the hammer-shaped landmass
9 Holy Continent SW of Budda in the drained area
10 Royal Garden East from Blue Circle around the Terrace Well


# Region Location
1 Klark On the road from Utsushiyo to Jingu
2 Klark Far east of Kakuriyo, cliff near start of river.
3 Klark North of Sekishiki
4 Klark Northern corner of autumn region.
5 Holy Continent West of Dalai
6 Holy Continent SE of Budda
7 Holy Continent North of Budda
8 Holy Continent NE part of the drained area
9 Royal Garden SW of the Holy Knight's Sanctum (Chapter 6)
10 Royal Garden East of Green Square

Mega Monsters[]

# Name Region Location
1 Tapir Master Left-Hand Far North-East
2 Giga Goldfish Heinline SE corner of Kalar maze
3 Firemane (Male) Asimoff West of Dark City accessible by walking on pipes
4 Sukekiyo Klark West from hidden village in Yashima Marshlands
5 Elephant Bambara Ocean Island south of Heinline near bridge to Asimoff
6 Firemane (Female) Klark North of Sekishiki
7 Boss Boner Left-Hand Hidden area found by doing the subquest near Prune in Chapter 5+
8 Haniwa Fever Royal Garden Northwest from Red Cross.
9 Octoking Ocean Island chain west of Asimoff
10 Golkyus Royal Garden Northern section of Royal Garden
11 Outer-zone Ocean Land west of Kalar maze area and use bubble to access nearby island
12 Pressure Holy Continent Take the UFO tracks west of Hanny Village
13 Hanny Robot Asimoff Accessible from walking on pipes between White City and Yellow City
14 Adolf Ocean Island in the SE corner of the world
15 Akashi Kaigyo Ocean Big island SE of Heinline
16 Gunagan Klark In Chapter 7, mine east of Yomi, halfway across the path to the Great Stockades
17 Hanny King Holy Continent SE corner of Holy Continent


Tapir Master: Beatable at the end of Chapter 1. He has a weak physical attack that Yuragi should have no trouble tanking. His main attack is a powerful AOE with a charge turn. Focus on stunning him with Kano's Shuriken or Alex's Anesthesia whenever he charges up. Otherwise just spam your most powerful attacks.

Giga Goldfish: Has a normal attack and a physical AOE that can stun himself or your party. Not much you can do in the way of strategy, just hit him with your strongest attacks and have Alex try to keep your team alive. Probably worth coming back for this in Chapter 3 after Kano get her Rupture skill, seeing that the monster has high defense and it vulnerable to Armor Break status.

Firemane (Male): Beatable at the end of Chapter 3. Can attack one or two people or an AOE that hits everyone. He can also buff himself for a guaranteed critical next turn which can be any of his attacks. He is weak to ice, so Alex should have Ice Arrow and Ice Affinity. Be prepared to stun him after he buffs or just heal after the attacks. All of his attacks seem to ignore guard so Yuragi will just be another damage dealer. You can buy Fire Amulet's to reduce fire damage from Nacre Harbor.

Sukekiyo: Alternates between attacking the front and the whole party. Has 100,000hp, high stun resistance, and inflicts poison. It is aquatic and weak to Thunder. Due to its stun resistance, party-wide attacks, and high hp value for when you first encounter it (level ~30), it's better left for when you are simply stronger than this boss (Level ~40), as standard strategies will fail. When returning, make sure to use Kano and Platina's thunder skills to exploit its weakness. Alex can also utilize his laser attacks (doesn't matter what type) for significant damage whenever he's not healing, while Charlotte should buff the party's defense against the onslaught of attacks.

Elephant Bambara: Spams party wide attacks. Can occasionally enrage itself (remove using Platina's Calming Cut). Weak to Ice.

Firemane (Female): Starts enraged and continues to enrage itself (at no turn cost) every 2-3 turns. When in Enrage OR Critical, it can one shot the entire party at level 55 using current plot armor at the start of chapter 6. Boasts high stun resistance. Keep Platina's Calming Cut and Charlotte's Dispel always at the ready to remove this boss's buffs as if even one enraged/critical party-wide attack gets through the fight will be over. Both will need at least 120 accuracy to never miss their attack. It is worth applying Kano's Rupture to weaken its defense and lastly, this boss can be poisoned so putting on Poison Coating for Kano is a good idea as well. Even with the given strategy, the earliest you should approach this boss is level 50.

Boss Boner: Comes with 3 frontliners who constantly replenish their Guard status. The boss itself only spams a party-wide Dark attack. All the enemies are skeletons and thus, are weak against Light. Use party wide attacks to hit the boss, as at 50% health it will sacrifice a guard to recover hitpoints. This is much faster than trying to take down the guards first due to their high health, defense, and ability to guard one another. Alex, Kano, and Platina have attacks that hit all opponents, so make sure to put those attacks on, especially Alex's Flashstorm. Charlotte can use Focus and Mass Charge to keep everyone's BP up so that you can use those attacks more often. Yuragi should keep her guard up to protect Kano and Platina from the skeleton guards.

Haniwa Fever: Can attack multiple(3-5?) times in one turn that bypasses Yuragi entirely and has a high chance of stun. Also has a single target attack that can petrify and/or poison. Has high magic resistance, so Alex is best left to a support role.  RNG heavy battle as its multi-attacks can keep hitting the same target for an unavoidable KO and there's also a chance it may petrify Alex. Is a Mollusk, so Kano's Shiv can be useful. Put Field Treatment on Alex help to keep the party status-free, as he isn't suited for an offensive role in this battle. Charlotte lacks the offensive skills to help in this battle, but can help mitigate damage by buffing the party's defense or can use Focus and Mass Charge to give powerful attack skills more uptime. Can be beat as early as level 50 with some luck.

Octoking: This aquatic Mega Monster has a powerful physical attack and an AOE that does 888 damage to everybody. He also has a high crit rate, but his AOE deals fixed damage so it doesn't matter for that attack. However, a crit on his normal attack will do around 15,000+ damage, so have Charlotte use Dispel to cancel his crits just in case. It's best to kill him as fast as you can, as his attacks can wear through Alex's MP quickly so make use of Kano's Rupture/Rend to maximize damage. Has very high evade, so consider using Accuracy boosting accessories. Earliest you should attempt this boss is when you obtain weapons from Blue Circle, else your damage may be lacking against his 300,000hp.

Golkyus: This armored Mega Monster entirely single-targets so Yuragi soft counters it. Mind, it also has a single target skill that it uses every third hit that will do 6666 damage (magic guard can't block this either), counter with Intensive Medica. Since it only hits single target, it's possible to rely on Alex's Smelling Salts combined with Focus + Mass Charge from Charlotte to constantly keep 3 targets in front and chip away at it's health once you run out of MP for full-healing Yuragi. Keeping Hiragi's Kunai on Charlotte helps with trying to keep BP up.

Outer-zone: Alternates between a physical attack and an AOE that will poison your entire party. Neither attack is that dangerous, just make sure Alex has an AOE heal to keep your team healthy and hit the boss until it goes down. It is flying so Charlotte can use Aerial Barrage to do decent damage, but it's better to do standard buffs/BP charging and let the rest of your team beat it down with their stronger attacks. Has very high evade, consider Accuracy boosting accessories. Similar to Sukekiyo, this is a boss that you simply have to be stronger than due to its stun resistance, party-wide attacks, poison, and 450,000hp. Earliest you should approach this boss is level 65.

Pressure: Def down works, poison is very useful. When it skips a turn or two, it will release a party wide attack that is very likely to stun everyone but Yuragi. Has a ridiculously large hp pool, can be surprisingly tough to take out due to this, be sure to defend against the party wide attack to make your MP last longer. At level 85 and the final storebought equipment, I was shy of damage(~= 15% hp left) on two attempts when I tried to just tank the damage without defending.

Hanny Robot: You can fight this battle as early as Chapter 3 but you will die, come back at the endgame. Has a fairly powerful normal attack and an AOE that deals 3333 damage. Pretty straightforward battle, just have Yuragi tank the normal attacks and Alex heal up after each AOE. Hanny Robot counts as a Hanny and Machine so Platina's Hanny Slayer and Charlotte's Dissassemble can deal good damage. It isn't immune to magic like a real hanny though so Alex can also deal damage with his magic. It is a lot easier to stun then most Megamonsters, so equipping some stun gear can be useful.

Adolf: His basic attack is a single-target shot that Yuragi can Guard against and block with Shield Parry/Shield Ward. This walking animation also uses two AOEs, one of which only deals damage, while the other also inflicts poison/stun/petrify. Alex's Magic Barrier prevents all status conditions in addition to nullifying damage, so it can be used to protect your frailest party members. All of Adolf's attacks are magical, so magic resistance and Yuragi's Magical Absorption are helpful for mitigating damage taken. He has very high defense, so be sure to keep the Rend defense debuff on him at all times. Being weak to Thunder, Platina's Thunderbolt is very effective against him. When Adolf reaches low health (less than ~20%), he will start spamming his AOEs, so make sure to have enough BP at that point to quickly finish him off. Because Adolf's AOEs are far more dangerous than his basic attack and he has a random attack pattern, the battle can be fairly RNG-heavy.

Akashi Kaigyo: He starts the battle enraged and continues to enrage himself occasionally. He also has a moderate critical hit rate. Thus, you should always try to keep enough BP to remove his buffs with Platina's Calming Cut and Charlotte's Dispel when needed. If you are unable to remove his Fury and/or Critical status before his next turn, you can use Alex's Magic Barrier to prevent Yuragi (who should always keep her Guard up) from taking a nasty hit. Akashi Kaigyo's single-target attack can inflict stun/poison, so increasing Yuragi's Endurance might be helpful. His AOE attack is not affected by magic resistance; however, since it is Dark-based, you can reduce damage taken by equipping Darkness Amulets (available from Budda) and Sour Gal Monsters (which can be encountered around Budda). Reducing Akashi Kaigyo's defense with Kano's Rupture/Rend is very worthwhile. You can take advantage of his Light weakness by equipping Alex with a Crystal Staff (available from Blue Circle). Alex's Light spells and Charlotte's Solar Ray are also effective, but keep in mind that using Solar Ray will prevent Charlotte from casting Dispel on her following turn.

Gunagan: He uses the same attack on each of his turns: a fairly powerful AOE that cannot be dodged or reduced by magic resistance. Since the attack is Fire-based, you can drastically reduce damage taken by equipping Fire Amulets (available from Nacre Harbor) and Frozen Gal Monsters (which can be encountered in the northern area of Royal Garden). In addition, he retaliates every time he is attacked, unless he is stunned. His retaliation attack is a much weaker, dodgeable AOE. Even though the retaliation attack is not very damaging, it does reduce the duration of the highly effective Rupture/Rend defense debuff; for this reason, you should generally avoid attacking Gunagan with weak attacks when he has the debuff but is not stunned. Alex's Anesthesia is the best way to keep him continuously stunned, although you might want to restart the battle until Platina manages to stun him with an early Sword Thrash (in order to save some MP). Use Yuragi's Drumming and Charlotte's Comeback to extend the duration of stuns and debuffs. Since Gunagan only uses AOE attacks, Yuragi's Guard ability is useless in this battle.

Hanny King: He has a moderate damage AOE that can stun and a single target attack that deals 8282 damage and will mostly (but not always) alternate between the two attacks. Alex can't deal damage since the boss is a hanny, and Magic Barrier doesn't work against fixed damage attacks, so all he can really do is spam Smelling Salts. Even if Yuragi can survive the 8282 damage, don't try to heal up with Intense Medica or you will run out of MP too fast, just try to bring up whoever dies with Smelling Salts and save MP for Mass Medica when the AOE starts wearing your team down. Yuragi can try to keep a guard up to protect more valuable team members from the big attack, but everybody else just needs to focus on DPS. Remember that Platina's Hanny Slayer can deal good damage against this boss.

Gal Monsters[]

The skill "Bondage Rope"[1] from Yuragi is required for capturing. Kano and Charlotte's "Forehead Flick"[2] is useful when overleveled as it prevents accidental kills and Alex's "Anesthesia"[3] is useful for keeping the Lucky Can-Can around until you can capture it.

# Name Region Location Stats
1 Can Can Left-Hand Near Raisin and Oatmeal +50 Max HP
2 Type 89 Chi-I Left-Hand Western Edge and near Marmalade +10 Attack
+3 Stun
3 Type 97 Chi-Ha Heinline Kalar Forest and Kalar Maze +20 Attack
+5 Shock
4 Type 3 Chi-Nu Asimoff Around White City and Yellow City +30 Attack
+10 Accuracy
5 Early Birdie Heinline West of Kalar Village and near Karakawa +3 Speed
+5 Evasion
6 Splish Splash Asimoff Around Lake DePussy +10 Mag. Res.
+5 Stun
7 Crabby Asimoff Around Lake DePussy +20 Defence
+10 Endurance
8 Cow Cow Bang Bang Asimoff Near Dark City +5 Critical
+5 Multihit
9 Asp Rin Klark Spring/Summer/Autumn zones +3 EXP Gain
10 Goldfish Tamer Klark Underground path to winter zone +100 Max HP
+5 Multihit
11 Kraken Klark Winter zone +50 Attack
+10 Mag. Res.
12 Captain Vanilla Ocean Oceans in the southern half of the world +10 Stun
+10 Endurance
13 White Birdie Holy Continent Around Dalai and Lama -20% Thunder dmg taken
-20% Light dmg taken
14 Sour Holy Continent Eastern side and around Budda -20% Ice dmg taken
-20% Dark dmg taken
15 Octopussy Ocean / Holy Continent Island in the SW corner of the world; drained area of the Holy Continent +200 Max HP
+50 Defense
16 Captain Abola Ocean Oceans in the northern half of the world +12 Stun
+12 Endurance
17 Bondage Master Royal Garden Terrace Well ruins, south of Blue Circle +80 Attack
+10 Critical
18 Frozen Royal Garden Northern area +80 Magic
-30% Fire dmg taken
19 Grimmy Reaper Royal Garden Around Green Square +15 Mag. Res.
+6 EXP Gain
20 Handywoman Royal Garden Inside the Holy Knight's Sanctum +300 Max HP
+100 Attack
21 Black Katkat Left-Hand Ledge to the north of Prune, requires bubble travel to reach +5 Speed
+10 Evasion
22 Thunder Drummer Holy Continent Final dungeon +100 Attack
+100 Magic
23 Angel Knight Holy Continent Final dungeon +80 Defense
+15 Endurance
24 Sword Master Heinline Island SE of Heinline +10 Critical
+10 Multihit
25 Cherry Blossom Heinline Island SE of Heinline +150 Attack
+50 Accuracy
26 Lucky Can Can Everywhere Seems to be a rare encounter everywhere at least as early as Chapter 1 +20 EXP Gain
  1. Found in Mother Eve's shrine, left pathway. Visited as part of the storyline in chapter 1.
  2. Kano's is found on the Gowling Course visited as a part of the storyline in chapter 2.
  3. Initial skill. Note that it uses MP instead of BP.