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The Evenicle is a book from the World of Eve. The holy book of the Church of Eve, the Evenicle tells of Mother Eve's life, and continues until her retreat from the world after the death of the Archfiend Adan. As scripture, the Evenicle is the basis for all of the Church's rituals and commandments. Unfortunately, due to its archaic language and the style employed by its author, the book remains in a state of ongoing translation. The most important rules in the Evenicle concern Mother Eve's blessing.

Black Evenicle[]

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

The Black Evenicle consists of the original notes for the Evenicle. These notes were originally held in the mirror labyrinth, protected by a black dragon. After they made their way into the hands of the nascent Snake Crest, they allowed the Evenicle itself to be fully translated in only a short period of time. This completed translation led to Pope Seydes turn away from the worship of Mother Eve, and left the Snake Crest with a great deal of fundamental knowledge that they used in their plans.

The Black Evenicle was captured aboard the Battleship Digamma, and was taken to the Church of Eve under Pope Norshin. The church finished their own translation of the Evenicle virtually overnight, which was later made public.

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  • Image files for the Evenicle identify it as イブ聖典, literally "Eve Scripture." The Black Evenicle, meanwhile, is イブ外典, "Eve Apocrypha."
    • The name 外典 was later used for a small, Japanese-only spinoff game, イブニクル外典 ("Evenicle Apocrypha") which contained the results of Evenicle's Popularity Poll.