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This page covers frequently asked questions and a walkthrough for Evenicle. Feel free to add to the walkthrough, especially in adding the location of chests (especially skills) and Collectables, and to suggest the ideal times to fight Megamonsters.

General Questions[]

Q: How to encounter a Lucky Can Can?
A: It seems to be completely random and it can be encountered anywhere. Encountering the Lucky Can Can seems to bypass the Grunt Exterminator passive, so if you leave it on and go to a low-level area such as Eden, you should easily be able to tell when you'll run into one. Make sure to capture some for some good EXP boost items (+20%)! 

Q: Do I have to do all the Homeless side quests?
A: No. But you have to do the one in Chapter 2 to unlock the one in Chapter 3 etc. 

Q: How do I get the Yulan uniforms?
A: Starting from chapter 4 after you got the Tailor skill, you can find a fixed amount but random type of Yulan uniform parts through fishing at any fishing spots. This amount is random/game, however in chapter 6 after you arrive at the last fishing spot in Central, you can fish out the remaining part of the last uniform. A uniform has 4 parts. But it's worth it. Note that there's one fishing spot in every country, and one in the northeastern part of the sea. You do NOT need to have completed the game, but you need to have visited all 7 fishing spots (one in each country and one in the ocean north of Haniho) to get the last piece. You CAN, however, find all parts through one fishing spot.

Q: How do you use the Tailor Skill?
A: The Tailor skill allows you to make unique costumes for the 4 heroines in your party. The skill will automatically trigger after you've collected the pieces of clothing obtained via Fishing. (*whistles at Ramius and Riche's*)

Q: If I miss side quests can I re-do them?
A: Yes. After you complete the game QD lets you. 

Q: Who is the best Girl?
A: Pick one girl you like the most personally. (*hint* *hint* Ramius - rich in everything ;) ) 

Q: Is there any "New Game Plus"?
A: There isn't, although there is an epilogue chapter that allows you to do the sidequests you missed. In addition, starting a fresh new game gives you 4 copies of "Naked Emperor" and "See-Through Badge" each. These are cosmetic items and do not impact the gameplay in any way. 

Chapter One[]


Q: In chapter one, where do I find the flower for Tilt (the Ghost girl)?
A: On the hill to the south-east of Stallion. 

Q: After doing the test for Knighthood, Ramius says that we need to find Riche. Where is she?
A: In the abandoned mine where you fought the outlaws earlier. 

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 12/100, specifically 1 through 12 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4).

Note: You can kill the One-Fanged Puryo in the south-eastern part of Eden when the Zero Knights join you while Fort Baroroan is attacked. 


Gameplay starts with you on the beach near Abel. You will have to obtain 100 gold so that Ramius will allow you in town. There is a healing spring to the east in case you need it, but the quest shouldn't even take that long. Speed it up by grabbing the chest slightly to the north for extra money.

After collecting 100 gold, visit the town and its facilities.

Sidequest: Saint Laurent
Visit the church in every town in the first two Chapters as the first step in Laurent's optional questline. You must do the Eden churchs in the order you visit the towns: Abel -> Stallion -> Eden.

At this point, head northeast to the green event token that has appeared in the field. Here, you'll meet Colpis, who will ask you to meet her again in town. Do so, and you'll get a quest to collect special grass from the cow field to the north. Return with this as well.

Around this point, make sure to head into the cow field to the north to find the chest with the Zap skill, and equip it. Like most spells, Zap is long-range and like all magic spells it cannot be dodged, making it useful against Ropers in the opening sections of the game.

Colpis has been kidnapped by Outlaws, and Ramius has left without you. Follow the road northwest until you see the event where a man warns you about danger in the forest. At this point, you can either follow the long road around the forest, or you can cut through the forest while keeping an eye out for puffs of purple smoke, which mark the location of powerful enemies that will kill you at this point in the game. If you take the long route, note the Megamonster to the southwest, but do not fight it. Head to the cave, which is in the southeast of this side of the inlet.

Head north through the dungeon, then first left to the underground stream. Head south and down the hall for a surprise meeting with Riche, who will give you a password. Return to the stream and go to the door to the northwest. Use the password here, and proceed to the final room, where you will find a healing spring and a red, combat encounter token. Touch it, and the Outlaws will offer to let you join them. If you accept, you will be given a bad ending, after which the game will return you to the decision prompt. There's no harm or reward for seeing the bad endings, not even CGs.

Ramius will join you before the fight. Use Zap to kill any Ropers, and then pick off the weaker outlaws one by one until it is just you and the Outlaw Warrior. Then focus your attacks.

Leave the dungeon and return to Abel on foot. Aster will get bad news about Colpis and refuse to speak to Ramius. Go to the beach where you started the game to speak to Riche, who will tell Aster the truth and convince him to marry Ramius. Go to Abel.

At this point, the game unlocks the 100 Landscapes collection. Sparkling spots appear on the world map that you can visit to add them to your Collection menu. Every 10 of these returns a prize. You may wish to revisit the overworld near Abel and the Outlaw's Hideout to find some.

Ramius joins the party and wants to go to Stallion, to the north. Head northwest, then through Fort Baroroan, which functions as a bridge. Head east to Stallion, where you will meet your brother-in-law, Acheval, who gives you a quest to kill a Master Gecky. Go east, around the hill to the southeast of Stallion. There, you will find a ramp leading up to Happiness Field. Ramius will point out three spots that might contain the Master Gecky. The Master Gecky is always at the northern location, and is not a significant challenge, especially if you bought the Ice sword in Stallion.

Return to Stallion, and you will be given ownership of the manor to the south. Visit it to speak to Riche, who will ask you to go to the city of Eden. The bridge to the northwest is out, so go east and then north to find a pass through the mountains, blocked by fog. Enter the fog, which turns out to be the Fog Labyrinth, a dungeon. Tofu Ghosts in this dungeon are strong against physical attacks, so use Zap to make shorter work of them. Head counterclockwise and follow the event tokens until you are kicked out of the labyrinth by a ghost.

Go around the mountains and then travel southwest to Eden. Aster will meet Towa and be introduced to Barro, who will ask you to return to the Fog Labyrinth to solve its mystery. Do not do so immediately: instead, head northwest to the Nameless Shrine, which contains the Capture skill for Ramius. Use this skill to capture Gal Monsters to use them as accessories, to sell them for funds, or to simply complete the Collection.

Return to the Fog Labyrinth, and continue counterclockwise to find a passage leading south, where you will find an event token. Meet the ghost, and learn that she wants a Happiness Flower. You will return to the world map, where you can head to Happiness Field to pick the flower in the southwest. Return to the Fog Labyrinth and then to the center of the maze to clear the dungeon. Next, go to Eden and get permission to be knighted. The bridge between Eden and Stallion will be open for travel at this point.

Return to the Outlaw's Hideout and return to the back room. Defeat the lizard boss – the ice sword from Stallion is useful here as well. At this point, return to your manor near Stallion and be knighted. Riche joins the party. Return to Eden, and you will hear news of an attack on Fort Baroran.

At this stage, Barro and Acheval join the party. If you wish, you can use them to defeat the Megamonster, the One-Fanged Puryo, on the east coast.

Go to Fort Baroran, which is now treated as a dungeon. Be careful about touching event tokens in this dungeon, as Barro and Acheval will leave at set points, and passages will become closed. To clear the dungeon, head to the west end of the fort, then south and up the stairs leading back east. Defeat the Outlaws.

Head east, past Stallion to the bridge leading to Lancelot (the bridge with grass on the south side, desert on the north). Approach it and fight the Outlaws – the initial group will get reinforcements after a few casualties, so hold back before letting loose with Ramius' Lance Flurry and Riche's Fire Blast. Return to Eden, and then home to the manor before finally crossing the bridge to Lancelot.

Chapter Two[]


Q: How do I ditch the wives to progress the main mission?
A: Go to lake Guinevere and there'll be a couple of events.

Q: Gurigura joined my party. What do I do?
A: Buy the shoes at the shop in Lancelot and cross the previously uncrossable part of the desert (northeast from Hector). Then go north until you find Arthur (a ruined city). 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 2) - event in the tent:
A: Kill two radishes to the east. 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 2):
A: Go to Eden and you'll get a mission to kill three Sketch monster girls between the bridge and Lancelot. Return to Eden to collect your prize. 

Q: Laurent Side Quest (Chapter 1 and 2):
A: Meet Laurent in the churches of the following cities in order -> Abel, Stallion, Eden, Lancelot, Safere, Hector, Lionel. You will then get a mission to kill 5 Yankees (in the northern part of Lancelot). After killing 5 go to the church in Pankarch. 

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 27/100, specifically 1 through 12 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4), 14 through 26, 28 and 29.


Sidequest: Eden Knight
At any point after starting Chapter 2, you can return to Eden for a sidequest. Defeat three Sketch Gal Monsters (do not capture them if you want them to count) and then return to Eden for your reward.
Sidequest: Saint Laurent
Continue Laurent's sidequest by visiting her in churchs in these towns, in this order: Lancelot -> Safere -> Hector -> Lionel. In Lionel, she will give you the next stage of the quest.

Head east to Lancelot-the-town, where you will meet Towa. She will mention losing a watch at Lake Guinevere. Collect it by heading northeast of town, and then return it to Lancelot. You will learn the president is on the campaign trail and will be given three cities to visit on his route. Visit each in any order – you will find him in the second town, but the party will be discouraged and will carry on to meet his opponent, Tio, at the third.

Return to Lancelot and Aster will get a letter from his sisters instructing him to go to the lost city of Camelot. After reading this letter, Camelot will appear just southeast of Lancelot. Enter, and you will find four doors, but only the second from the left is unlocked. In each of the doors, you need to complete a challenge, which involves defeating the hidden enemies in the room in a certain manner. This first "puzzle" is not a puzzle at all: simply locate and defeat all five enemy groups to move on. Remember to use Aster's Strong Attack skill, as it is Strong vs. Ancients, like the ones you'll find in Camelot. You will win the Teleport Magic LE skill and can now fast travel.

Return to Lancelot, and Aster will receive instructions to meet his contact for his secret mission in Lionel. Aster feels he cannot do so until he ditches his wives. Leave town, and you will get an event where Riche suggests visiting the true Lake Guinevere. Head east, then north, and then west across the land bridge. Activate the event token on the western shore to lose Ramius and Riche temporarily. Walk to Lionel (Aster will refuse to teleport without the full party), meet your contact, and then walk back to Lake Guinevere. Stick to the roads to avoid enemy encounters.

At this point, the party will agree to escort Tio to make speeches at the three towns from earlier. Feel free to teleport. In combat, Tio will be present and can be attacked. She can only Defend as an action. After visiting the three towns, Tio will give you the news that the roads to Pankarch are open.

Sidequest: Saint Laurent
Once you meet Laurent in Lionel, she will give you a request to eliminate 5 Yankees on the road to Pankarch. They spawn generally northeast of Lake Guinevere. Defeat them, and Laurent will wait for you at Pankarch with your reward.

Consider heading north of Hector at this point to discover the Hanny Tomb, an optional dungeon containing three Skills for Riche.

Once you reach Pankarch, there will be an event and you will have to battle Dark Night Kitty. There is little you can do about her Assassinate ability, as it is random. Make sure to save outside of town just to be safe. She has a moderately high dodge rate, so make use of Riche's spells, or Aster's Zap (if you still have it equipped), for as long as you can.

Return to Lancelot. Riche will get the idea to talk to Eden's third Zero Knight, who lives in the mountains to the east (somewhat northeast of Lake Guinevere). The mountain is a dungeon: head east, and then choose to go either north (where you will find extra monsters) or south (where you will find traps and treasure). Both paths will lead you right in front of the cave that happens to be your destination. Do not bother going further east past your destination, as your path will eventually be blocked.

You will meet Kathryn, who tells Aster to go to the fountain to the south (you must approach it from the southwest, so go west, south, east from Kathryn's house). She will give you some ninja birdlime. Return to Lancelot and Gurigura will join you.

Sidequest: Beauty and Guilty, Part 1
Beauty and Guilty live east and then slightly southeast from Lancelot. You may have met them already. Beauty will ask you to fetch a radish from near Lionel, and this is easy to do now that you have Gurigura. You will have to fight three particularly fast radishes to complete the quest. NPCs imply that you need a specific skill to clear this quest, but there is no stand-out ability that will win this quest automatically. Use ice magic and Accurate Slash for the best results. Return the radish to Beauty for your first reward.
Sidequest: Beauty and Guilty, Part 2
Guilty would like some fish, and gives you the Fishing skill just for accepting the quest. Fish at the pier on the north side of Lake Guinevere to find the fish you need, and then give it to him for a second reward.

Note that you must complete both Beauty and Guilty quests in Chapter 2 if you want to continue their quest line in Chapter 3, and so forth in later chapters.

Gurigura will tell you how to cross the shifting sands: buy a pair of Desert Shoes in the shop at Lancelot. You do not need to equip them, simply have them in your possession. Head northwest of Hector to enter the desert, and locate the ruins of Arthur in the northeast. You will battle several monster groups, and learn that something is wrong at the Purification Plant southeast of Hector.

Go to the plant. There is no need to fight every pre-set enemy group in this dungeon. You must instead locate every hidden set of notes. This includes examining the locked door at the northern four-way fork. Gurigura will pick the lock and you will be able to search the room. After finding all the notes, the poison gas west of the fork should clear. Go this way to track down Bors, who will deploy three Rangers to stop you.

After several scenes visit Lancelot, then head to the ruins of Arthur. There will be several battles, followed by a boss battle against Rochefort.

The chapter will end when you next visit Lancelot. Use this time to complete any remaining sidequests. Note that Laurent's sidequest and the Eden Knight sidequest will still be available in Chapter 3, but Beauty & Guilty will not.

Chapter Three[]


Q: I have gotten the huge leaves and need to collect the Poison gas. Where do I go?
A: To Lancelot, and there will be a scene with Tio. 

Q: What do I do after that?
A: Go to Arthur and you will find out Tio's missing. From her earlier scene you will have realized that Tilt, the ghost girl from Chapter 1, was her sister. Go back to Eden and go into the Fog Labyrinth to save Tio. Then go to Lancelot and El Quixote. 

Q: Shit happened with Pancho and Lorenzo. I have to find Kathryn. Where is she?
A: She's in Vilfuente (the town to the east of El Quixote). 

Q: The red monster enemies (Odds) keep on respawning. What do I do?
A: Fall down the cracks and fight the boss battle. Make sure you kill the jar (Crucible) enemy. Then go back up and kill the enemies blocking your way. They will no longer respawn. 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 3) - Where are they?
A: On the west of BigBux you will see a step like rock formation. These function as steps and you can climb up them. There will be a passage to the south (when you're on top of the mountain) and you can go through it and you will see their tent. When you get to the quest you just have to go to the shrine on the south eastern coast. 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 3)
A: Go to Eden and get the Quest. The monster is between Maquipeach and Vilfuente. Remember to have auto battle off. 

Q: Colpis Side Quest (Chapter 3) 
A: After the main story quest with Tio, go to Arthur and you should receive this Quest. Then go to the temple located north of Hector and look for an event. Doing this will unlock another scene with Colpis. 

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 41/100, specifically 1 through 12 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4), and 14 through 42.

Chapter Final Boss Fight Tips: 

  • Rocinante will take your gold throughout the battle and will heal himself as he does it. (Rocinante has consistent healing regardlesss of the amount of gold you carry). 
  • Use Neo Power Slash and Shurikens to stun and stop Rocinante's healing. (Use your gold to buy BP potions).
  • You will only get half of the gold he steals back or half of your total if he steals all of it.


Sidequest: Camelot, Part 2
When sleeping at an inn for the first time during the chapter you will get another letter from Aster's sisters, reminding you about Camelot. This letter allows you to unlock an optional Camelot challenge. In this room, you must "Be kind to girls." What this means is that you must find the hidden encounters with Gal Monsters, and must either Capture the Gal Monster or wait until she runs away. You may want to put off this sidequest until you get Gurigura's Mercy Attack if you choose to Capture the Gal Monsters.
Sidequest: Eden Knight
Once again, visit Eden at any point in Chapter 3 for a new sidequest. You will have to kill 5 Ham Bambaras, which will not be available until you gain access to northern El Quixote.

Return to the mountain pass in eastern Lancelot, and visit Kathryn's house. You will be attacked by three "bandits." These three have a lot of HP, and you won't have their weakness (Assassinate) at this point, so you will have to power through. After defeating them, you will meet Pancho and he will invite you to meet King Ben in El Quixote. Make your way down the eastern side of the mountain pass and do so.

After the meeting in El Quixote, head east to the event token and then back to El Quixote to meet Towa. From here, go east to Vilfuente, which you should visit for an event. From here, go south and then west to the twisting southern path that leads to Bigbux.

Sidequest: Beauty and Guilty, Part 3
Beauty and Guilty are somewhat hidden this time. Directly west of Bigbux are some easily missed stone stairs that go up to a plateau. Head southwest and through a hidden road that leads under a stone arch to find their tent. They will ask you to collect salt at the Nameless Shrine in southeastern El Quixote. Warp back to Bigbux, head slightly south and then east, and then follow the road to the Shrine. Defeat the Sumos down the western branch (and grab the skill down the eastern path, while you're here) and then return the salt to Guilty.

At Bigbux, Rocinante will insist on you doing a deal for him. Head south, where the party will debate entering to the forest's nearby entrance to the south, or to go to the west. The nearby forest entrance to the south is actually a dead end, though you can visit it for a few unique events (there are no rewards). Head west instead.

Follow the south path to the event token, then go east at each of the next three forks (take the second "wrong" fork to find Gurigura's Mercy Attack skill, which will help capture Gal Monsters). Take the next event token to reach Kalar Village. Make sure to collect the nearby chest for Riche's Light Bomb skill, which you should equip. The queen will ask you to take Kathyrn to the graves in the east. Once again, take all the east forks, this time until you reach the Fountain of Truth, where you should grab the event token. The party will spot someone on the opposite side of the fountain and will decide to investigate. Go east, then take the northern fork, where you will encounter a group of powerful monsters. Note that there is a healing spring after the battle. Finish following the path for an event token. From here, backtrack to the last fork and head east to the end of the dungeon. Don't worry about the treasure chest located past the final event token: you can't access it now, but the story will bring you back here soon enough.

Teleport to Bigbux, then El Quixote. At this point, you must return to Kalar Village the exact same way as before (teleport to Bigbux to shave some time off). The Queen will give you permission to use the Lost Woods as a shortcut from here on out (the forest entrance south of Bigbux). Teleport to El Quixote, and the local Saint will ask you to clean Eve's Ruins to the north.

Head east to Vilfuente, then north and along the path to Maquipeach.

Sidequest: Eden Knight
You'll encounter Ham Bambaras along this route. Remember to kill five of them and to return to Eden for your reward, though make sure to visit Maquipeach to add it to the teleport menu.

From Maquipeach, go west and then north to Eve's Ruins. You will encounter several Gal Monsters (Tokko and Lantyrn) in this dungeon. They are frequent here before you clear the dungeon, so consider catching them now. Ignore the puzzle doors on the west, as you can't unlock them yet. Just head down the only available path until you find the shrine. Teleport to El Quixote.

Sidequest: Saint Burst
Like Saint Laurent, Saint Burst has a sidequest involving visiting her in every church over two chapters. You cannot start her sidequest until purifying the shrine at Eve's Ruins, and you must also have completed Laurent's sidequest as well (go back to Eden and Lancelot if you haven't). Talk to Burst at the towns in the following order: Vilfuente, Bigbux, Maquipeach. You've essentially already visited her in El Quixote, and she'll never appear in Kalar Village. The quest continues in Chapter 4.

Go back to the mountains west of El Quixote and visit Kathryn's spring from the east this time. Return to El Quixote, and you will learn you have to buy poison gas from Lancelot. Go to Kalar Village to get a scene and collect the leaves, and then teleport to Lancelot.

After a series of events, Tio will disappear. Go to the ruins of Arthur, and learn that she may have gone to the Fog Labyrinth in Eden. The Labyrinth will be exactly where you left it, blocking off the mountains between Stallion and Eden. Visit the center of the maze, and you will run into a group of upgraded Tofu Ghosts. You must defeat the entire enemy group at the same time to win, or they will gradually come back to life. Weaken the them with regular attacks (use Aster's magic if possible), and reduce them to low HP at the same time. Riche's Light Bomb will finish them off (Light Master from the Hanny Tomb will make things even easier). In a pinch, other group attacks can work, but Light Bomb is your best bet. Grab the final event token, then visit Lancelot.

Sidequest: Colpis
Easy to miss: at any point after finishing the mission with Tio, return to the ruins of Arthur. After agreeing to the sidequest and seeing the events, go to the Hanny Tomb north and slightly west of Hector as instructed. Be warned that the Hanny Tomb restocks with stronger monsters as the game goes on, so some of the hannies will be about par for this point of the game. Take the second left to find the event token that ends the sidequest.

Teleport to El Quixote, and then to Maquipeach. Head up the north fork and follow the very long path to Mt. Abella. Defeat the Hornets in this area with Flame Arrow or Kathryn's Anti-Air Shot. There is a set battle against Hannies part way up the path. This fight is relatively simple, and Aster's Femme Fatality from the Camelot sidequest can win it in a single shot. Climb the mountain.

Travel to Vilfuente, then to Kalar Village (remember to use the new shortcut!). There is an optional bad ending in Kalar Village, but you don't actually need to go to the Village at all to proceed with the plot. Go to the Fountain of Truth to the east. At this point, Kathryn joins the party, and suggests you go to El Quixote. Do so (although feel free to grab that chest to the east while you're here, though it's no big deal).

Return all the way to the Mt. Abella cave (there is a healing spring inside the cave if you need it), where you can grab the event token on the balloon pad to gain access to the Monster Burrow. Enter the burrow and head west to the combat token. You will fight a group of five Odds, which receive lots of reinforcements. There are around ten monsters in the encounter. Just keep fighting.

Go west into the next chamber. You cannot win the fight at the next combat token to the west. Instead, fall through the weak floor in the second chamber and fight the combat token down here to find a Crucible enemy, which is spawning all the monsters. Defeat it, and then return to the surface. You can now beat the western combat token. Make sure you picked up these skills through the cracked floors: Neo Lance Flurry, Thunderstorm, Counter. Continue down the road (the southern fork is less defended) to reach Rocinante. Rocinante will transform into a monster. He may prove tricky to beat without Light Arrow, Light Master helps as well. Make sure to equip both beforehand. When you run out of money, he will start attacking your characters' HP. (Don't worry too much about the stolen money, you'll get 50% of it back after the fight)

After defeating the boss, return to Eden. At this point, make sure to clear all sidequests. Since you now have a balloon, you may also be interested in visiting balloon pads from previous regions: there is one west of Pankarch, another up the secret mountain stairs west of Bigbux, and another past the Doodle Coo Coo Pigeon megamonster east of Pankarch, which you might be able to defeat now.

Return to your house to clear the Chapter.

Chapter Four[]


Q: How do I reach the Kingdom of Humpty ?
A: Head south from Vilfuente and continue right. There will be a hot air balloon panel for you to travel over to the Humpty Kingdom.

Q: The Poppins are building the ship but I need some wood. Where do I get it?
A: Go to the Kalar Village. Then go to the forest to the south of the Kalar Village. 

Q: The sugar cube factory was burned down. Where do I go?
A: Go to the north west island and talk to Prince Felton if you haven't already. After that, you will see Millet in Colopty. Then go to the Hanny Island and continue with all the forced fights. At the north west of the island there is a mountain which you have to enter (if you miss this you will notice that on the map there is one spot on the island that hasn't been explored so make sure you go there and when you go there you will automatically enter the mountain). There will be a scene with Ramius. Then go to Colopty. 

Q: I've done that and where do I go now?
A: Go to Fresh Fish Island. It's in the ocean directly to the south of Abel. After talking to Aster's sisters and completing all the events on the island, go back to Humpty. 

Q: Homeless Side Quest (Chapter 4) - Where are they?
A: Haniho Island. 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 4)
A: Go to Eden and get the Quest.

Q: Burst Sidequest (Chaper 3 and 4)
A: As with Laurent you need to visit Burst in the various churches in order. This can only be done after doing the Eve altar event in Chapter 3. After that go to Vilfuente, BigBux and then to Maquipeach. In this chapter, go to Zumpty and then to Humpty. Go to the Poppin Undersea tunnel to do the request and then go to Colopty. 

Q: Hanny Love Hotel sidequest:
A: Located on Haniho Island. They'll tell you they've run out of clay. Now, where have you seen another Hanny Love Hotel? That's right! Past the Megamonster in the Lancelot Region. Go talk to them and return to the one on Haniho Island. You'll receive EXP for completing this quest. 

Q: Lesbian Kalar sidequest
A: Sail southeast from Lionel to find a "dead-end" port near Kalar Forest. Walk east and you will discover a secret passage through the woods, which leads to an event token (and the Golden Hanny megamonster). Touch the event token to meet the lesbian kalars. Next, visit Poppins again. You'll receive a double-sided vibrator. Return to the Kalars and you'll get 100000 EXP.

Q: Wrecked Ship sidequest
A: There is a wrecked ship in the extreme southwest corner of the world map, past Fresh Fish Island. Visit it. After visiting the ship and after clearing the chapter's final boss, go to Colopty, where you will be told about the ship's cargo. Return to the ship, then to Colopty for an EXP reward.

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 62/100, specifically 1 through 42 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4), 44 through 60, 89, 90, and 95.

Chapter Final Boss Fight Tips: 

  • Be sure to equip Fire Laser and Flame Master on Riche. Jabberwock is weak against Fire. 
  • Don't kill the other monsters surrounding Jabberwock until he is killed. If he's still alive and below 50% HP, and no other monsters are left and he gets a turn, he will consume one of your party members and this hands you an instant defeat. 


Sidequest: Camelot, Stage 3
Visit any inn to get the next letter from your sisters asking you to go to Camelot. If you forget to do it before leaving El Quixote you will probably get the letter at your first visit in Zumpty. In that case you should wait to reach the town of Humpty to have a way to teleport back. The third trial involves finishing each hidden battle with a skill that causes the attacking character's portrait to appear on-screen, like Aster's Femme Fatality. Not everyone will have such an attack at this point (only Aster and Ramius), so you may want to wait until you get some for Gurigura's and Kathryn in optional sections later in the chapter.
Sidequest: Eden Knight
You know the drill by now: at chapter's start, visit Eden for a sidequest. This time, she wants five Crimson Eyes from a place in Humpty called the Dragons' Pantry.

Teleport to El Quixote and walk to Vilfuente. From there, head southeast to a beach, where you will find a balloon pad on the northeast corner. This will take you to the kingdom of Humpty, specifically the island of Zumpty. Head southeast to the town of Zumpty, where you will learn there are no ships available. Note that Zumpty is not a valid teleport location, so make sure not to teleport out of the region unless you're willing to walk all the way back from El Quixote!

Sidequest: Saint Burst
If you visited Saint Burst in all the towns of El Quixote, visit her again in Zumpty.

Follow the road around Zumpty island to a second balloon pad. Do not touch it unless you are ready for a boss fight, as one is waiting the moment you hit the other side. The boss is weak against flame, and will use group attacks every turn. Use Kathryn's group defense boosting ability to help hold out.

Follow the roads south to reach the town of Humpty, where you will meet Towa, and get a quest to defeat the pirates on Udon Island.

Sidequest: Saint Burst
Visit the church in Humpty as well. If you've seen Burst in all other locations, she will give you a request to defeat 5 Poppin machina and then to check in with her in Colopty. If you've seen her in all previous locations but she doesn't appear in Humpty, that means you haven't completed Saint Laurent's quest in previous chapters: warp back and do those first!

Head slightly north and then east to find a balloon pad to Udon island. Head south until you find a red combat token, which represents your target. Defeat these Outlaws, and then return to Humpty. From here, go to the hill on the southwest of the island, where there will be a red combat token that wasn't there before. You will fight some machina. Return to Humpty, and then to the hill, where you will discover the entrance to Seabed Temple. This dungeon is filled with machina, so you may want to make sure you have the Saint Burst quest before entering, and to equip electric spells for Aster.

Navigate the linear Seabed Temple to arrive on Poppin island, and visit the town of Poppins to the southeast. There, you will end up in a boss battle against two machina. Defeat them, and then return to Humpty, where you will get a Chef's License. Head north to Foodticket, and into the Dragon's Pantry in the north.

Sidequest: Eden Knight
You'll battle the Crimson Eyes you need here. Return to Eden at any point after you reach your quota.

Dragon's Pantry is a simple maze. The dungeon features several plants that you can eat to heal the party 500 HP one time each, but they are all defended by red monster tokens. Follow the route described below to go straight to the ending, ignoring the optional fruit trees: first, ignore the first three forks. At the T-junction, head north, and take the path to the southwest. Defeat the red token, and then hit the event token beyond to run into Erimo, who gives you some mandatory advice. From there, head back to the path and continue to the northwest. Take the fork south, then west to the altar. Use the event token, and then head south to battle the King Squidman. Return to Humpty.

After a while, you will get a new assignment from Towa. Go back to the balloon pad to Udon, head northeast to find an event token, and then return to Humpty yet again. From there, return to Poppins via the Seabed Tunnel, which should be clear of enemies (although mind the purple cloud hidden behind the second mine cart).

At this point, return to Kalar Village via Bigbux to find some Carbon Wood. After the scene in town, head to the south woods, which is a new dungeon featuring powered-up Chapter 3 monsters. Head down the west path to find the Carbon Wood almost immediately. Return to Poppins via Humpty, where you will get in another boss fight. Be careful, this boss can easily kill your back-rank party members. Bring Thunderstrike.

After the battle you will get your ship. With it, you can go all sorts of new places, but very few of them are worth the trouble. You can only go so far north at this point in the game, and Aster will refuse to visit Fresh Fish Island quite yet, so there's no sense going in that direction until later. Stick to the Humpty region for now. Make sure to stop off at Humpty's Melancholy Island (the southwest island) for Gurigura's Armor Break skill. While it's somewhat out of the way (it's probably better to go here when you go to Fresh Fish Island later in the plot), you can also get Kathryn's Volley Fire technique from a port in west Eden. With Armor Break and Volley Fire, you can easily clear the Camelot challenge for this chapter.

At this point, the game gives you two objectives at the same time. This walkthrough will go to Fervor first. Head to port and go north up the platforms to the Sugarcube Ruins. Grab Kathryn's First Aid skill from the north end of the island while you're here. Touch the event token by the factory, and then the new combat token for a boss battle to enter the dungeon.

Head south to the T-junction, then east, south, south, and east. Grab both event tokens to open a door, and head south down the previous fork. There is a healing spring to the east if you need it. Head into the room just a little west and south, and grab the event tokens for another door. A combat token will block your way back out, so clear it and head west. Follow the path until you reach another side room with an event token to open a door, and then return to the path to reach the end of the dungeon. Defeat the boss monsters, which clears this objective.

For the second objective, take your ship to the island of Colopty (northwest of Humpty), where you will get new instructions.

Sidequest: Saint Burst
Assuming you have killed 5 machina, report to the church in Colopty for your reward from St. Burst.

Return to your ship and sail to the island of Haniho (two islands east). You can sail under the bridge between Humpty Island and Foodticket Island for a shortcut.

Sidequest: Hanny Love
Head northwest of Hanny Village to find a Hanny Love Hotel, which is out of the special clay hannies need to reproduce. To complete this quest, you will have to travel back to Lancelot, head to Pankarch, and head northeast to find a mountain path. Here, you will have to defeat the Doodle Coo Coo Pigeon, a megamonster. See the Collection page for strategies. After defeating the megamonster, find another Hanny Love Hotel beyond, which will give you the clay. Return to Haniho island's love hotel to complete the quest and receive an EXP reward.

There is a midboss in the middle of the island, a Double Hanny. The Hanny will always try to buff itself before attacking, so use Kathryn's Cancel it keep it in a loop. Head north from here to the hill, where you will get Riche's Healing 2 skill.

Sidequest: Beauty and Guilty, Part 4
Find Guilty in the tent northeast of Hanny Village, southeast of the Double Hanny battle. He'll tell you Beauty has been kidnapped and taken to a temple in the north. After you defeat the Double Hanny, head northeast of its location to find the temple. Watch out for Super Hannies in here – you can probably handle them if you've picked up Gurigura's Armor Breaker, but they're no pushovers. Head to the northwest-most corner of the temple to find an event token. There are plenty of other things to find in the dungeon, just make sure to return to the tent when you're done to complete the sidequest to get the Tailor skill.

Return to the trail, and you will come to another combat token, this time against two Double Hannies. Keep one of them pinned down with Cancel until it is destroyed (as Cancel will also circumvent its defence buffs). There's not much you can do with Riche but Healing 1 and 2, but this is still important since Kathryn's BP will be too busy to use First Aid.

Continue to Hannycide Mountain, and collect the event token. If you have not done so already, go to Fervor island and investigate the sugarcube factory. Once you finished both main quests, return to Colopty, then to Humpty, where you will get instructions to go to Fresh Fish Island at last. Sadly, the closest working port to Fresh Fish is in Lionel. Unless you plan to do some ocean mapping, teleport to Lionel to get things over with.

Sidequest: Lesbian Kalars
Head southeast of Lionel port to a seemingly "dead end" port in El Quixote. Walk against the trees to the east and you will find a secret passage, which leads to an event token (there is also a megamonster, but you can avoid it). Check the token to meet the lesbian kalars. At this point, return to Poppins, where you will receive an item. Give it to the kalars for an EXP reward.
Sidequest: Wrecked Ship
There is a wrecked ship in the extreme southwest corner of the world map, past Fresh Fish Island. Visit it. You can continue this quest only after you beat this chapter's boss.

While you're in the area, remember to pick up Kathryn's Volley Fire from west of Eden if you haven't already.

To find Fresh Fish Island, sail west until you are near Abel, and then head directly south to Fresh Fish. Visit the village, and then go southeast to Mother Eve's ruins. There is a boss encounter just inside the door. From here, head up the northeast path to the altar. Grab the event token, proceed to the back of the ruins for the "wedding gift," and then walk back out to Fresh Fish Village.

Teleport to Humpty, and prepare for battle against Jabber, who is weak against fire. Jabber will eat his allies for HP once he is below 50% HP, but do not kill them, as he will eventually eat one of your party members if his allies are dead, causing an instant game over! On a similar note, make sure to defeat him before he runs out of allies!

As usual, return to Eden, and then make sure you've completed all of the sidequests. In fact, you can now complete one that you couldn't before.

Sidequest: Wrecked Ship
Once you've visited the wrecked ship on the southwest corner of the world map (above) and have defeated this chapter's boss, go to Colopty, where you will be told about the ship's cargo. Return to the ship, then to Colopty for an EXP reward.

Return to your home to end the chapter.

Chapter Five[]


Q: Can I capture the Captain Vanilla at the start of the chapter?
A: No, but Captain Vanillas become generic enemies in the final chapter's red sea. 

Q: I can't go through the forest. What do I do?
A: Go back to Hamlet then to Aster's house. Then go to the Desert in Lancelot and defeat one of the orange ghost enemies (Nubobos). You may want to disable Gurigura's autokill (Or check the Bonus exp fight nodes nearby). Then go to the south west town of Safere. There'll be a scene with Ramius. Now you can go through the forest. 

Q: I have Ophelia. What do I do now?
A: Visit QD in Camelot, next go to Hamlet. 

Q: Homeless side Quest (Chapter 5)
A: East of Hamlet, up a small hill. You'll have to fight some plants to complete their quest. 

Q: Eden Knight Side Quest (Chapter 5)
A: Same as always. Return to Eden. You will have to kill Cockatrices this time. 

Q: Search for the Grave Side Quest
A: It's on Haniho Island from Chapter 4. 

Q: Insular old man northwest of Central (reached with the ship): 
A: After talking to him, talk to Ramius' father and then go back to talk to him. In Chapter 7, he will sell you the latest version of weapons for some characters, drone beetles and other stat enhancing consumables. Albeit at a very expensive price though.

Q: What DOES one do with a rusty key fished from the Ocean Depths?
A: Use it on the ship wreck just north of Humpty for 100000 exp

Q: Why does Hamlet have the best background music?
A: Because it just does? 

Q: How can i find the other switch in the Academy?
A: The second switch does not have a ! circle around it like the first. It is located to the east of the three cells where you can find a girl, in a room with shelves on it. Go to the top left corner, by the shelf with cylinders on it, and the party will find a small button. With both triggers flipped, including the first switch past the water trap, the iron gate will open.

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 82/100, specifically landmarks 1 through 73 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4), 88 through 91, and lastly 93, 95-97 and 99.

Chapter Boss Fight Tips:

  • Against Bolonius: Don't take your time. He has assassinate, just like Gurigura does (which means instant death). Endurance resists assassinate, so increasing Ramius's endurance will make the fight a lot easier.
  • Against the final boss: She will divide herself near the end of her life, but there will still be only one target with the same HP. Don't take any chances to receive more damage than you can handle and finish her off ASAP.


Head to Eden for your new story mission.

Sidequest: Eden Knight
Immediately after leaving the Eden town menu, go back into town for the next Eden Knight sidequest. Your targets are five cockatrices. These can also be found in Dragon's Pantry back in Humpty, but there's no harm in going to Hamlet as instructed.

Be careful: you will not be able to teleport for a while after meeting up with Croix. Teleport to Humpty or Fervor and head to Melancholy island in the southwest. Go to the monastery on the hill on the southwest corner of the island, where Croix will join you.

Like the game says, the next few steps involve going around the Humpty islands, visiting historical sites. Sail east to Fervor, and head south to the event token at the staircase. From there, head to the kadomatsu. While you have to touch the event token at the foot of the staircase, there is no need to touch the event tokens on top of the hill, and the same is true of nearly every stop on the trip. Next is Udon island: the port is on the east coast, your destination is to the north. The last stop in Humpty is Colopty Island, with your destination to the northwest.

At this point, sail north from basically anywhere in the Humpty Islands. As soon as you touch the darker water, you will be attacked by pirates. The Captain Vanilla in this fight cannot be captured, but you will see other Captain Vanillas as regular encounters later in the game. The Pirate Girls can be captured, but since Captain Vanilla powers up the regular Pirate Girls, this might not be the best time. In fact, you may want to use group attacks to clear the Pirate Girls as soon as possible. After this, travel northwest of Colopty Island to find the port of Hamlet. You will finally be able to teleport again.

Sidequest: Saint Silent
Do I even have to say it? Visit each church in this region and the next as part of the next saint quest, starting with Hamlet itself. You don`t have to clear Laurent and Burst's sidequests to start Silent's. There are only two towns with churchs in the region: here in Hamlet and then in Horatio. The quest continues into Chapter 6.
Sidequest: Rusty Key
This quest is tricky to get started: you have to find a fishing pier that is literally in the middle of the ocean, with no land around it. It is north of Haniho, just northeast of the compass rose that appears on the map when you explore the empty ocean in that area. Your first fishing attempt there should turn up a Rusty Key. Warp to Humpty, and then sail around the peninsula to the north to find the cove where Natal's ship sank early in Chapter 4. You will be able to use the key in the ship for 100000 EXP.
Sidequest: Isolated Old Man
Sail northwest of Central, the region to the west of Hamlet. There, you should find an island with a shack on it. The old man there will ask you for the password, and the party suggests possibilities for who might know it. The correct answer is Ramius' father in Stallion. Speak to him, and then return to the old man. This quest has no immediate reward, but in Chapter 7, the man will begin selling stat-boosting items (for outrageous prices). Feel free to do this quest in Chapter 6 if you prefer.
Sidequest: Beauty and Guilty, Stage 5
Head east and up the hill to find Beauty and Guilty. They want a flower from north of Horatio, and Horatio just so happens to be your destination in the main quest! After you reach Horatio, head north for quite a ways until you find a combat token inside a field of flowers with faces. Defeat the Cranium Flowers in battle and then return to Beauty and Guilty.
Sidequest: Eden Knight
Cockatrices roam the area between Horatio and North Port. Remember to report back to Eden when you're done!

Head west to Horatio, and then return to Hamlet. Take your new Pass northeast to the bridge. To get through the maze, ignore the first entrance, and head west to a second. Head in and then west, and when you hit the next fork, east, which will eventually lead you to the camp and a battle token. You will have to fight three waves of five zombies. Ideally, enter into this battle with Riche having Light Bomb, Light Master, and 5 BP, and she will be able to wipe out the first two battles in a single move each.

Sidequest: The Grave
Head to the west, then north and east. You will find an event token, where a woman will ask you to find a specific grave. The trick is that the grave is not in this graveyard or even this country, but on north Haniho Island in Humpty. Return to the woman for your reward.

Leave through the east. Head south, ignore the first fork, and head north at the second. Continue north until you leave the maze, where you will find an event token. Touch it, and the party will decide to return to Hamlet. After the events in Hamlet, teleport back home to the manor. The party will get the idea to catch a Nubobo. Teleport to Lionel and walk to town of Safere, where you must defeat a Nubobo in a random encounter on the overworld. The party will decide to look for an even bigger one, which involves going to Safere itself. After the event, you will fight one of the Giant Nubobo. Remember that Nubobo are weak to light and resist physical attacks, but also note that the Giant Nubobo gets an extra turn each time it's attacked! Thankfully, its attacks are quite weak.

Return to Hamlet, and go back through the maze to the forest. The party will pass through the forest automatically. Head to Osric, and then to the event tokens as they appear: northeast of Osric, southeast, further to the northwest, and lastly west. Return to Norshin's camp, and then to Hamlet.

If you haven't been there already, you'll need to find the town of North Port. Walk west towards Horatio, but turn north when you see a fork in the road just short of Horatio, and follow the path to North Port. If you've been there already, just teleport. Sail out to the Salt Temple, and then walk to Horatio.

Return to the poison maze, this time heading west of camp and towards the north to find the Second Herb Garden, which is a dungeon. Double Hannies appear here, but they will not always buff like the midbosses on Haniho island, so they are arguably more dangerous. Many of the paths in this dungeon are blocked by South American Aloe. While you can fight these if you visit them twice, it's not worth it. Head northwest, then southwest to find a field of Killerweed, which you will harvest. Return to the starting room, and collect water from the well.

You can now get past the aloe. Head northwest and spray the northern aloe, then follow the path to a boss battle. After clearing it, return to the well and touch its event token again to get Kath's Herbicide Spray ability. It costs 0 SP, so equip it. Then head northeast, spraying the aloe along the way. You will discover a patch of super-aloe, which you will have to battle. Kath is the only one who can reliably hurt the super-aloe (using Herbicide Spray), so just hold the party together until she does so. Unfortunately, Herbicide Spray doesn't seem to work on regular aloe enemies, so you might as well get rid of it after this dungeon. Grab the herb you're looking for to the north and west.

Time for another of those Evenicle segments where you do nothing but revisit a lot of towns. Go to Horatio, then to Hamlet, then Horatio, Humpty, Horatio again (bad ending gag here), Hamlet again, and then finally Osric for a dungeon.

In the Ranger Academy, head east until you are blocked by desks, then cut through the nearby classroom to reach the stairs. Head down, and when you reach the basement. You will have to find several "unlocking devices" to clear the dungeon. Start on the south path, which includes a maze of planks over water that you can fall off of. If you are having trouble with the maze, remember that Evenicle can be controlled with both the mouse and keyboard, so try the other control set to see if that makes things easier. The first event token in the maze will cause you to fall, so avoid it, but the second will give you a small treasure. Cross the water to find a skill and an unlocking device.

Return to the main hall, and clear the combat token in the nearby doorway to find the second unlocking device event token. The switch in the second room is hidden (invisible): head to the northwest corner, by the shelves, to find it. There is no switch in the third room (to the south), but if you take the chest on the left, Gurigura will have to fight an enemy solo. Use Left and Right Punch in combo if you have them.

Sidequest: Imprisoned Girl
If you go to the fourth room, you will find an event token and a young girl in a cell. If you agree to free the girl, you will have to fight two groups of zombies and will be teleported back to the start of the dungeon (might as well go back to Hamlet to heal and level up, while you're here). This is annoying, but there will be a reward if you return to the girl's cell. Be careful: you choose not to free the girl, you will not be given a second opportunity!

Return to the main hall and carry on to the end of the hall to meet Ophelia. At this point, teleport out and head to Horatio. The twins will instruct you to go to Camelot, so teleport to Lancelot and do so. Feel free to complete any Camelot challenges you may have missed earlier, but your main objective is through the fourth door. Touch the event token to meet QD.

Sidequest: Skull Island
This sidequest is extremely dangerous, and you may very well put it off until the end of the entire game! That said, it seems to be possible to complete the quest as soon as you meet QD, and gives you a lot of EXP. You must go to the island northeast of Hamlet. The regular monsters on this island are extraordinarily dangerous, and there is also a megamonster, although you will not have to fight it.Touch the event token next to the skull (and grab Riche's Better Ice Master skill, to the west, if you can help it), and then go to QD. Go back to the skull, and then back to QD for an EXP reward.

When you are ready, teleport to North Port, and then sail to Salt Temple.

Salt Temple has a lot of optional and empty rooms. For the fastest route: head east (try to save the healing spring here until you need it). Continue east to the red token to find the Giant Slug, but you cannot beat it – use Aster's Escape command as soon as possible, and keep using Escape until it succeeds. After this, head south, then east for another combat token. Defeat the Salt Orb, then return to the slug and select "Toss Salt Orb." Don't fight the slug yet: go north and east for another salt orb, then toss that too. Now fight it. It's weak against flame.

Use the spring if you haven't already, then head east to battle Bolonius. He has Assassinate and gets plenty of turns, so this might come down to luck, but keep the battle short to minimize the RNG. This might just be my imagination, but Gurigura seems to have a higher Counter rate against him, so equip that as well.

Teleport to Hamlet, and then travel to the bridge to the northeast for a combat token. After the scene, you will battle Ophelia. She has an attack that hits all targets in the front row, and a single-target, long range attack that reduces BP to zero. This calls for an unusual strategy. Equip Ramius with Initial Guard, Ally Guard and Shield Attack. If Ramius gets the opportunity, use Neo Neo Lance Flurry at the start of the battle, but only once. Now that she's is out of BP, spend the rest of the battle using Shield Attack (or Ally Guard, as appropriate). As Shield Attack costs 0 BP, you can keep Ramius at Level 4 Guard status for as long as possible. With luck, Ramius will keep intercepting Ophelia's BP-draining single attacks, meaning everyone else will mostly keep their BP, and Ramius won't care because she doesn't need any for this strategy. Be careful, as once Ophelia reaches around 20% HP, she will duplicate herself and gain even more turns than before, though she remains a single target. Go full power with everyone (other than Ramius) into your best attacks, you do not want to face this upgrade for even a single round if you can help it.

Return to Hamlet, then report to Eden, make sure you have completed your sidequests, and then go home to the manor.

Chapter Six[]


Q: I went to the Mirror Maze. What do I do now?
A: Go back to Central then scout the towns: Leftest, Lightning and Aubade. 

Q: Why is Natal so hot?
A: You have good taste, commoner.

Q: Silent Side Quest:
A: Visit the churches in Hamlet, Horatio, Central, Leftest, Lightning and then Aubade. 

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 96/100, specifically landmarks 1 through 91 (assuming you have killed the One-Fanged Puryo for #4), 93, 95, 96, 97 and 99.

Boss Fight Tips:

  • Against Millet: Just equip Neo Strong slash and hack her away. Lower her defense (via Armor Breaker/Pulverizer) if you can. Don't take too long as she can still put the hurt on your party with her AoE attacks.
  • Against the Black Knight: It is recommended to use Gurigura's Neo Assassinate on his humanoid pals before he starts guarding them. You should easily be able to take care of the Warrior guy on his left before he does this. Once you get rid of the Black Knight, the rest of his party should fall quickly. Keep in mind he has a tactician for buffs and a mage for healing.
  • Against the chapter boss: Hooo boy. Prepare to see a lot of death here. This guy can instantly kill a character with a strike dealing up to 6k dmg, and only Ramius can safely survive that at this point. His actions are all scripted, so you always know what's coming. His kill order appears to be Riche, Gurigura, Kath, Raimus (survives), Aster, and then Raimus (dead) so no Resurrection for you. Thankfully, that's his only attack and he will sometimes skip turns until he does so. Hope you've stocked up on healing, because you might need it. Otherwise, all out attack. Don't stop until he's dead!


There are no more sidequests from Eden, so don't worry about that. Teleport to Hamlet, walk to Horatio, and then walk north to the bridge that leads to Central. There is no need to check all the event tokens if you don't want to, just the one in front of the bridge. After the event, teleport to Hamlet, and then to your home.

At this point, return to Poppins via Fervor to upgrade your ship to travel underwater, and then to the city of El Quixote, where you will learn how to breathe underwater. Finally, teleport to Maquipeach and head down the eastern road. The enemies on the road are Chapter 3 enemies, so feel free to equip Grunt Exterminator to Gurigura to make things faster, but this will no longer work once you reach Mt. Miguel Cave (unless you've done some ridiculous grinding).

Enter the cave and head southeast, taking the third southwest passage to find the boss. Hellfire Blast should be more than enough to handle them. Defeat them, then teleport to Hamlet and set sail towards the west, keeping to Central's south coast. You will eventually find a combat token floating in the water. You will battle a Jellyfish Mk X. Note that unlike the original jellyfish, this one is not weak against flame, or nearly anything else for that matter (though it is Aquatic, so some of Ramius' spears can help).

You are now in Central. The event token to the southeast can be used to move back through the tunnel. As you can see, there is another fight just to the west, so you may want to retreat and heal before proceeding. Defeat the enemies, and receive a quest to go to the Mirror Labyrinth.

Sidequest: Saint Silent
The bridge may be down, but Silent is in Central. As long as you've visited her in all the towns of Hamlet, she should now be in the church in Central town itself.

Head west until the road stops, then northwest to the Mirror Labyrinth. Check the mirror in the first room, and head east. The objective is to locate all the mirrors where Aster is seen vanishing. The vanishing mirrors are located as follows, with directions given from the starting, central room:

  1. Go east from the central room, north past the fork, then west.
  2. Starting east from the central room, north, east, past two forks, north, east.
  3. Lastly: east from the central room, north, take the second south passage, and go straight at the next fork to the mirror.

If all else fails, just visit every mirror. Once you're done, return to the mirror in the first room and touch its event token again. Head for the altar.

Sidequest: Mirror Fragments
Head west and grab the chest there. You will find your first mirror fragment. Once you collect all of these, you will have completed the sidequest. If you teleport out and miss this shard, don't worry: you can walk through the mirror in the first room to get back here.

Return to Central. You must now complete a tour of the three other towns in Central, and be warned that you can't use any of the town's facilities at this point in the quest (not even to do Silent's sidequest). Head southwest to find Leftest, then east and southeast along the road to Lightning, and then finally north to Aubade (while you can't enter Lightning or Aubade, they are added as teleport destinations). Teleport back to Central city, where you will learn about a way to Ancestor Tower.

Sidequest: Yulan Gear
Starting from chapter 4 after you got the Tailor skill (from the Guilty and Beauty sidequest), you can find a fixed amount but random type of Yulan uniform parts through fishing at any fishing spots.
This quest is heavily randomized, but you will need to visit each of the seven fishing spots at least once before the game will give you the last of the Yulan Gear pieces. The seven fishing spots are as follows: southwest of Eden; on the short of Lake Guinevere northeast of Hector; on the path from Maquipeach to Mt. Abella, but down the first southern fork; southwest Udon Island; in the Hamlet ocean north of Haniho Island (see the Rusty Key sidequest in Chapter 5); east of the Poison Zone in Hamlet; and northeast of Leftest / northwest of Lightning in Central. So long as you have visited every fishing spot, the Yulan Gear items are found purely at random, so there is nothing you can do but revisit the fishing spots and rest at inns to restore them. See the "General Information" section at the start of the walkthrough for more details.
There are four Yulan Gear items marked by size (L - Ramius, S - Kath, SS - Gurigura, and no size listed for Medium - Riche), each divided into four parts each. Collect all four parts and with the Tailor skill you will assemble the items. Once equipped, you get a brief scene with the girl in question, and their talk sprite will change so long as the item is equipped. The accessories are fairly powerful, but might not necessarily suit your build.

Head to Leftest, through the secret passage, and then to Ancestor's Tower. This place is a maze of stairs. The correct route is as follows: head up two sets of stairs, then down. Head up the northern of the two staircases, and then the eastern of the two staircases after that. At this point, you can branch off to complete part of a sidequest.

Sidequest: Mirror Fragments
From this point, take the up-stairs, then down three times. You will find your second Mirror Fragment. Backtrack to where we were in the previous paragraph.
While you're in the area, you may want to go up from the Mirror Fragment, then up the western staircase. An event token here will highlight all the stairs that lead to the exit.

Picking up where we left off: take the down stair to the east. Then up, up again, and then up the stairs to the north. You are now on the final floor. There is a healing spring to the south, and a boss in the middle. Do not underestimate the Guard enemies in this fight, as they will not only use guard techniques to protect their allies but can charge up to use powerful group attacks. Best to gain as much of an advantage as possible at the start, preferably by using Kath's Tournabout Plan ability at the earliest opportunity. This will prevent the Guards from entrenching themselves before you kill or mostly-kill the boss right from the beginning.

Sidequest: Saint Silent
As you liberate towns, make sure to visit their churches to continue Silent's sidequest. Central -> Leftest -> Lightning -> Aubade.

Go to Central, then to Lightning. Bad ending opportunity here. After the scene, touch the barrier to the east to pass through it. Head to Bride's Tower. The dungeon is quite simple: just cross each floor, defeating the combat token and avoiding traps. The third combat token is all hannies, if you want to bring Hanny Slash or the Hanny Permit.

Sidequest: Mirror Fragments
There are two more mirror fragments in this tower, one on the west side of the fourth floor, and the east side of the fifth. These are the last mirror shards you will find in Chapter 6. The quest continues in Chapter 7.

On the final floor, you will fight another boss. This is very similar to the previous tower boss, but the boss is weak against Light, and the Guards will run away if you kill the boss, which makes things even easier.

Head to Lightning, then Aubade.

Sidequest: Saint Silent
Silent's sidequest wraps up here – there isn't a "go kill monsters" final step this time!

The kings will come up with a new plan, and you will have to teleport to Central. From here, head to the teleporter that appears to the west to enter the dungeon. Head southeast and down the stairs (you'll have to clear the 1.5x EXP fights blocking your way). From here, go down the southern path of the two paths leading to the west. Go to the end of the hall and clear the combat token, followed by the one inside the room.

Head east to find an event token that wasn't there before, and east again for a boss fight (if you prefer, you can teleport out, heal, and come to the boss fight from behind). Despite all the buildup, this boss is not actually that dangerous. Use Armor Pulveriser, and then Aster's Neo Strong Attack to take advantage of its strength against Ancients.

Return to the starting room (go back to Central and heal, if you like) and then head west, past the former barrier. Note the first room to the north, as it contains a locked elevator. Go past, and enter the room with the event token. After you trigger it, skip the combat token and check the door to the north. Once that's done, now you can fight the combat token you previously ignored, after which you should re-check the door to the north. Ramius will come up with a plan, so clear the new combat token and rush in. You will have to clear the numerous fights without Ramius' help. Don't be afraid to stall a battle with only one enemy survivor so that the party can recover BP, as you may need it to heal now that you've temporarily lost your tank. Reach the end of the hall, then turn back to reunite with Ramius.

Head through the door to the north and use the spring to heal before engaging the boss. The enemy party will be tricky, and the order you approach them will depend on your build. Taking out the assassin should be a priority, as she makes the fight too random. Gurigura can use Neo Assassinate for good odds of taking out the underlings, but don't forget to use Armor Pulveriser on the boss so that, when he uses Guard, he will take maximum damage for his trouble. The enemy can buff themselves, so this is another battle where you'll want to use Turnabout Plan earlier rather than later. A second Armor Pulveriser on the warrior wouldn't go amiss, but isn't strictly necessary. Anything you can do to take out the sorcerer and miko is also ideal – White Destruction Beam and Neo Femme Fatality are both good for this, but you may need Kathryn devoted almost full-time to BP Charge and BP Service to pull it off. Erimo's Plate (from her first Love Event back at the manor) is also helpful, if you have it and luck is on your side.

Return to the elevator to proceed to the final floor. There is a healing spring here. This boss is extremely dangerous, able to cause 6666 damage at any range, but he only attacks at pre-set points in the battle. Delay his initial attack with Turnabout Plan, and make sure to use Armor Pulverizer at the first opportunity. The boss will kill Riche first (this will prevent you from resurrecting anyone), then Gurigura, then Kathryn. He will then attempt to kill Ramius, but it is possible that she will survive. No matter what happens, his next attack will hit Aster. He will then proceed to repeat his pattern from the beginning to kill survivors. You may be able to get more survivors with powerful armor from Aubade, and powerful items, like the +1000 HP Rabbit Stew accessory. Once you have survivors, like Ramius, it is possible to keep them alive with Ibuprofuns, which is no big deal if you're only a few attacks short of victory. Don't be ashamed to use Ibeprofuns, because it's quite possible that the only alternative is to level grind. If you must grind, consider the Collections page to give yourself something to do.

Return to Central. After the cutscene, go back to Central a second time for an optional cutscene and an additional reward.

Sidequest: Sora
As you have been levelling up, Sora from the Level Up Shop has been showing you new photos of her. After reaching Level 60 with Aster, go to the Level Up Shop and you will meet Sora in person. After seeing this scene, Sora will eventually show up in Stallion, which seems to happen around this point in the game (after clearing the battleship). If she's still not showing up, just come back later in the story. She will request you go to a shrine in Hamlet to get her a certain kind of eyeballs. She's referring to Hamlet's Nameless Shrine, which you can reach by entering the poison maze and leaving through the western side. As the poison maze has been free of random encounters since you eradicated the zombies, this is easy to do at this point. Return to Stallion, and along with a scene, you will get enough Level Summon tickets to fill your inventory with 99!

As usual, wrap up any sidequests and go back to your house.

Chapter Seven[]


Q: Natal Side Quest:
A: Collect all the pieces of the mirror fragments in the towers of Chapters 6 and 7. Eventually the story will send you to Humpty and then back to the Temple of Salt in Hamlet. Then back to Humpty. 

Q: Is there a way I can marry Natal? 
A: Sadly no, Natal is one of the few girls you aren't allowed to marry. 

Q: Impregnating the Saints:
A: Initiated after you've defeated the ex-pope. Over the course of the story, the Emperor of Central will tell you to see the Pope in Hamlet and the mission will start there. Laurent is in the abandoned Outlaw's hideout from Chapter 1, Burst is in the shrine located on Fresh Fish island and Silent is on the top floor of the Sky Tower.

Q: I went to the Outlaw hideout (Abandoned mine) but I couldn't find Laurent anywhere, where can I find her?
A: You need to have met the 3 Saints first, before the mission starts (and finishing all 3 Saints Sidequests should do it). To know if you've started the quest, as you visit Central after those three Sidequests are done, new text will be prompted from Silent in Central.

Q: Sora's sidequest:
A: After you've met Sora in person (by visiting a level shop when Aster is above level 60), head to Stallion for the quest. Next head to the Nameless Shrine in Hamlet (to the southwest of the maze, must exit out the West side), get the eyeball, then return back to Stallion.

Q: How many of the 100 Landmarks can I have by the end of the chapter?
A: 100/100, obviously.

Q: Kong King island sidequest:
A: While avoiding most fights here (the monsters here can be vicious even at lvl 80), make your way to the Giant skull northeast of the Kong King Megamonster and you'll receive the quest. Next go talk to QD in Camelot. Return to the island once more to collect a piece of the skull. Teleport back to Lancelot and finish the quest by giving the piece to QD in Camelot. You'll receive a good amount of EXP.

Boss Fight Tips:

  • The Supreme Commander will enrage with nearly any attack he does. Use Soothe slash to make this fight a lot easier.
  • The last boss consists of 2 fights back to back, so come prepared. Soothe Slash is highly recommended and so is Cancel. Nothing too hard otherwise. You can equip Poison Plus on Gurigura to have an easier time with the second boss (takes out 20k per poison tick). You will get healed to max at the start of the second fight.


If you want to see some optional scenes, head to Stallion and Eden. Eden Harbor has also been repaired, and you can use it to explore the Red Sea to the north.

Sidequest: Isolated Old Man
If you completed his quest, he will be running his shop by now, so stop by if you have a lot of cash to burn.

When you're ready, teleport to Hamlet, and then head to Camelot via Lancelot. Speak to QD in her room.

Sidequest: Camelot, Part 4
If you've completed all the previous Camelot trials, speak to QD again to get another "trial." Aster will solve this immediately, after which you can collect the chest for a new skill, Robheart.

Return home. This scene will add Sky Tower to your teleport list, under the "Other" tab. Teleport there, and then enter the tower. Climb the stairs.

Sidequest: Mirror Fragments
The next mirror fragment is on the right.

Head north to more stairs, then left to another. From this set of stairs, head counterclockwise to a battle token.

Sidequest: Mirror Fragments
Before the battle token, head north to the middle of the room for the final mirror fragment.

Past the battle token are the stairs to the final floor. Before engaging the boss, go the left side of the room to pick up the Tower Key. This can be used to unlock the door on the first floor.

The boss becomes Enraged after every turn, so use Soothe Strike to deal with it. Ramius' Lancer Legion and Kathryn's Turnabout Plan are also helpful, since they can adjust the turn order so that Aster can use Soothe Strike before the boss attacks with an Enraged attack. Shock can also prevent Enraged attacks, so boosting your Shock rate is also helpful, but it's best not to use Aster's Shock attacks since they'll take BP away from the more reliable Soothe Strike. On Ramius you should choose between Neo Leg Sweep (boosts Shock directly) and Neo Neo Lance Flurry (since each blow from Lance Flurry can cause Shock independently at her usual odds).

Go to Eden, then Camelot, then Central, where you will get instructions to go to Eden, Lancelot, El Quixote (not Kalar Village), and Humpty in any order. Do so.

Sidequest: The Saints
You're also told that you can go to Hamlet for a sidequest. Note that you need to finish Laurent, Burst and Silent's sidequests before you can complete this one. You will be asked to find the Saints hidden in dungeons around the world. There are rewards for each saint you locate. If you aren't willing to track them all down, here are their locations: the Bandit's Hideout from Chapter 1, Eve's Shrine on Fresh Fish Island, and the top floor of Sky Tower.
Sidequest: Natal
After visiting Humpty for the main quest, it's possible to get a sidequest. You must collect the Mirror Fragments from the Mirror Labyrinth, Ancestor's Tower and Sky Tower, and then re-enter Humpty. You will be instructed to go to Salt Temple in Hamlet (Go to the north port of Hamlet, board the ship and enter the island to the left). Go east to the healing spring, then south, then west to find the event token.

Return to Central (note that this scene will destroy the battleship dungeon, making it impossible to go back). Next, go to Eden Harbor and sail almost directly north to the Archfiend's Right Arm (which is added to your "Other" teleport list). Head south. This room is incredibly long and complex, so these directions will skip mentioning any short dead-end passages that should be obvious to the player. Head west to the edge, after which you are forced to curve south. You will then be forced to head east, as every other passage is an obvious dead end. After you are forced to head south, turn east again to the edge of the map, where you will be forced to curve south and then west. When you reach the fork in the middle of the map, take it to the south. Then take the first western path, and then the first full-length eastern path. Lastly, head west and then south to the final approach, which is quite lengthy on its own.

Time for some boss refights, which you have to challenge with only Aster and one other character. This room has a healing fountain that will restore after every boss fight, so make use of it. If you need to BP grind, you will have to retreat to the previous room.

Northwest: Aster and Ramius versus Rochefort. He has a group attack that causes Shock. After he goes below half HP, he will charge and then heal to full (be careful when he gets two turns in a row). There's very little you can do to stop this (short of getting lucky and causing Shock after he charges but before he heals), so the only option is to kill him first. Buff in the first half of the fight (Neo Boost Slash, Knight's Honor maybe), then restore you BP to full. When Rochefort goes below 50%, use Lancer Legion and Robheart / Neo Robheart. Hopefully he will now be so close to death that you will be able to kill him with regular attacks and Neo Strong Attacks, but if not, consider using BP Potions to re-use Lancer Legion and Robheart.

Northeast: Aster and Riche versus Rocinante. He can still steal money and heal himself, but Riche's lasers do such high damage that this is fairly easy. Kill him fast, because as soon as you need to use Healing, Riche won't be able to cause damage for a while.

Southwest: Aster and Kathryn versus Jabber. He has no allies to eat, so will frequently charge his attacks to eat you for an instant Game Over. Use Cancel to stop him whenever he charges, and spend Kathryn's spare turns using BP Charge to make sure she has extra.

Southeast: Aster and Gurigura versus Seydes. Once again, you will have to keep him calm with Soothe Slash. He can also charge his attacks now, which you can't do anything about. Giving Gurigura a way to cause Shock (perhaps paired with Multihit) may help if Aster isn't in position to use Soothe Slash.

From here, you can go into the door that opened on the bottom of the pillar in the middle of the room to approach the final boss.

The final boss has two phases. You are healed at the start of phase 2, though you will not regain any missing BP, so do whatever you can to keep your BP high at the end of phase 1. The first battle is a very long battle of attrition, the enemy has enormous health and powerful common attacks that can be dangerous to anyone but Ramius, as well as weaker AOE that can easily wear down your back-liners before you him. One of these always does 666 damage and drains HP to restore his own, and also a regular attack that can hit multiple times.. The phase 1 boss can also debuff the party at will, but this also costs his turn, which is helpful in its own way, and the second phase can't debuff you in any way. Note that whenever the Phase 1 boss debuffs the party, he also buffs himself, so you may want to be ready to Cancel.

Character-specific advice is below. Consider reading both the first and second form's advice when choosing your skills and equipment.

  • You'll need Ramius to be on constant 4 guards as well as pushing his turn away whenever she's got the chance. Expect her to die even with all defensive skills and equipments, as the battle is VERY long and Ramius will most likely have to tank 90% attacks.
  • Riche plays an important and unusual role in this fight. You'll want her with all the healing skills and Resurrection to constantly revive Ramius, who will work on getting her guard stacks again with Shield Attack everytime she comes back. Try to use Healing Rain when the boss managed to get a few AOEs in, and save the heals for stray attacks that hit and heavily wound anyone but Ramius. Riche should only use Lasers for attacks when all Heals have ran out and during burst turns. Focus her skills on a single element with all of its buffs and Laser, then save the rest of her SP for stat ups.
  • Aster needs his Boost Slash to bait the boss into using his Buff Absorb move, which is the least threatening of all. After boosting himself and waiting for his buffs to be absorbed, Aster should save up BPs for burst turns. You can either use Neo Full Power slash as an expensive - lower damage attack with good stun chance, or Neo Thunder Strike for cheaper and more damage, just equip accordingly. You will also require Soothe Slash for the second phase, so equip that as well. He should has enough SP to pick all passives though.
  • Gurigura is versatile: The rule of thumb is to start every boss battles using the strongest Armor Break, then save BPs for one of the following: 3 for her Left Punch - Right Punch combo, 5 to give your entire party criticals and set up burst turns, or 3 to use Shuriken during emergencies and pray. I usually go with the 2nd option whenever there is an opportunity.
  • Kath's sole job will be Cancelling the boss's buff whenever she could, collecting BPs, and distribute them to the rest of the party. Ditch all other attack skills, First Aids, and focus on passives to help her survive the longer. You can also take some tactic skills to bait the boss into using Absorb and for the next phase if you want, but generally that will not be necessary.

In the second phase, the boss is not nearly as tanky, his attacks will also be weaker, but can no longer be blocked by Ramius, save 1 trivial, rarely used HP-drain. The gimmick this time is to survive his now randomly-targeted common attacks and AOE, while paying attention to his mood swings which start from around 60% HP: When Enraged, the boss can wipe the whole party, so make sure to use Sooth Slash. You win if you manage to keep him from hitting you with an Enraged attack.

  • Your main damage dealers will again be Aster, Gurigura and Riche during burst turns, though Aster must now ditch his Boost Slash and pick up the mandatory Soothe. The other 2 should do as the last phase, but Gurigura should save for Shuriken once the boss reaches 60%
  • Kath can now safely buff your team without fear of said buffs being absorbed, and should do so during the first 60% of the boss' health to help survive his common attacks. Alternate to raising BPs and distribute as long as the buffs remain active. Immediately when the boss reaches around 60% though, you'll need to save for Turnabout Plan.
  • Ramius can ditch all Guard skill except for the initial 4 stacks because that should likely lasts the whole battle. You can then use the spare SPs to take Flurry, but only attack during before the boss reaches 60%. When he start to enrage, you'll want Ramius to be ready to push his turns away.
  • The key to winning is to pay extreme attention to the turn order: Never let the boss have 2 consecutive turns without Aster around, as he could as well enrage and then wipe your party. Pick your burst turns carefully and pay attention to when to attack and when to save up. Always expect the boss to get wacky turn distribution the next round and be ready to use your emergencies (Shuriken, Turnabout Plan, Lancer Legion,...). When he is stunned and/or doesn't get turns, punish him and use up your items.

For the entire boss fight, it's expected that you'll have to use at least a few Ibeprofuns and BPs Potions, they are your way to counter RNG. Bring 4 of each to be safe. Unlike with using Riche's heals, you should use Ibeprofun on Ramius too. BPs Potion is for burst turns and emergencies.

At this point, you can load your save to play in the post-game. QD will announce that any quests you missed should now be available again, even if they don't make narrative sense (such as the Beauty and Guilty questline). If you want to unlock the remaining scenes at Aster's house as quickly as possible, use the Family Time Charm, won from the Beauty and Guilty quest in Hamlet.