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The Collection menu details four categories of collectables you can find across the course of your playthrough. Some of these collectables return rewards as you complete the list.

100 Landscapes[]

The 100 Landscapes are locations on the map that you can catalog by moving to special sparkling markers. They do not appear until part-way through Chapter 1.

You receive a reward after discovering every tenth of the total landscape count.

# Name Location Details Availability
1 Shore Eden Beach where you started the game After marrying Ramius
2 Cows Eden Any cow north of Abel After marrying Ramius
3 Mushroom Cluster Eden Northeast of Abel After marrying Ramius
4 East of Eden Eden Eastern edge of Eden, behind the One-Fanged Puryo. After beating One-fanged Puryo Megamonster.
5 Camouflage Rock Eden Road east of Stallion, just before the fork Immediate
6 Waterfall Eden Forest north of Stallion Immediate
7 Gutsy Mushrooms Eden Southeast of Eden (across the river from #6) Immediate
8 Stuffed Platypus Eden Southwest of Eden Immediate
9 Sunflowers Eden Southeast Happiness Flower field, near Stallion Immediate
10 Giant Stump Eden Forest west of Abel, southern of two treasure stumps After marrying Ramius, under the treasure chest.
11 Stallion Cows Eden Any cow southwest of Stallion Immediate
12 Platypus Family Eden Follow road northwest of Abel to river After marrying Ramius
13 Private beach Eden Found on Fresh Fish Island After getting the quest to find matsu shrooms (Chapter 4).
14 Beat Camp Lancelot East of Lancelot (city), south-east from T-junction Immediate
15 Jelly Shore Lancelot On the way to Safere, beach on the south side. Left of the two spots there Immediate
16 Jellyfish Skin Lancelot Right of 15th spot Immediate
17 Hanny Cactus Lancelot Just north-west of Safere Immediate
18 Sketchy Cacti Lancelot At the eastern end of the ridge between Safere and Lancelot (city) Immediate
19 Relationship Fissure Lancelot South-east of Pankarch, the spot is around the 3-o-clock mark of the actual fissure Immediate
20 Haniwa Temple Mystery Lancelot On the coast, west of Pankarch. The spot is behind the temple Immediate
21 Unreciprocated Love Ruins Lancelot Left side of the hanny temple Immediate
22 Plastic Corpse Model Lancelot In the desert, middle of the northern half Immediate
23 Interjizou Lancelot T-junction east of Lancelot (city) Immediate
24 Ball Players' Tears Lancelot In the desert, mid-west Immediate
25 Ball-Raising Road Lancelot Just south-east of the capital city Immediate
26 Mysterious Cactus Lancelot South-east corner of the Relationship Fissure Immediate
27 Desert's Heat Escape Lancelot On the island west of Pankarch After obtaining the hot-air balloon
28 Forest Border Lancelot North of the radish farm (south-east of the country) Immediate
29 Lake Guinevere Lancelot In the obvious spot. Immediate
30 Cockroach Statue El Quixote Found near El Quixote Immediate
31 Waterfall and Shore El Quixote Found between El Quixote

and Vilfuente

32 Aggressive Cow El Quixote East of Maquipeach, on the road to Mt. Miguel Immediate
33 Mountain Peak El Quixote Found near the monster Burrow's entrance Immediate
34 Big Eyeball El Quixote Found on the eastern edge Immediate
35 Edible Grass El Quixote Found near Maquipeach Immediate
36 Four Trees El Quixote Found near Vilfuente Immediate
37 Man-Eating Plant El Quixote Found between Vilfuente and BigBux Immediate
38 Children's Mischief El Quixote Found near Bigbux Immediate
39 Windmills El Quixote Found on the road to Mount Abella Immediate
40 Riche's French Braid El Quixote Head west from Maquipeach, then south. West of the fishing spot. Immediate
41 Moles El Quixote Found between Vilfuente and Maquipeach Immediate
42 View of Lancelot El Quixote West of Bigbux, up the rock steps, then south. The landscape is southwest of the homeless pair's tent Immediate
43 Behind El Quixote El Quixote Found north of Mount Miguel Chapter 5
44 The Game of Living Humpty Zumpty island, a tall arch near where the island bends. After obtaining the hot-air balloon
45 Lots of Strawberries Humpty Found near Zumpty, not far from the balloon pad to El Quixote. After obtaining the hot-air balloon
46 Pineapple Bomb Humpty Found near Humpty After obtaining the hot-air balloon
47 Chilled Watermelon Humpty Found in the sea south of Poppin Island After obtaining the Ship
48 Giant Seacows Humpty Found in the sea near Fervor Island. Line up with the southern tip of the island and sail east to the edge of the map. After obtaining the Ship
49 Half-Buried Statue Humpty Southwest Poppin Island, on a hill. Immediate
50 Mincemeat Farm Humpty Found on Fervor Island Immediate
51 Booccoli Farm Humpty Found on Fervor Island Immediate
52 Hanny Lines Humpty Found on north Haniho Island Immediate
53 Moaai Statue Humpty Found on Haniho Island Immediate
54 Insect Battle Humpty Found on northwest Melancholy Island, in a bush on the way to the Nameless shrine Immediate
55 Fake Food Humpty Northern Colopty island Immediate
56 Tasty Grass Humpty Zumpty island, where the island bends. Immediate
57 Banana Humpty Zumpty island, south of the arch near where the island bends. Immediate
58 Mandarin Humpty Zumpty island, northeast of the balloon pad to El Quixote. Immediate
59 Statue of Tan Humpty Found on Fervor Island, east of the port. Immediate
60 Unburnable Garbage Humpty Poppin Island, northwest of Poppins. Immediate
61 Former Work Station Hamlet Found in the Poison Zone After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
62 Stonecircle Hamlet Found near North Port
63 Worker's Memories Hamlet Found northeast of the Poison Zone. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
64 Southern End of Hamlet Hamlet Southeast corner of the Hamlet region Immediate
65 Heroes' Graves Hamlet Found in the north of the Poison Zone graveyard, north of the camp. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
66 Tunnel Under a Grave Hamlet Found in the southeast of the Poison Zone graveyard, north of the camp. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
67 Labyrinth View Hamlet Found near Hamlet Immediate
68 Poison Plants and Poison Mushrooms Hamlet Found near Hamlet Immediate
69 Labyrinth's Lost Items Hamlet In the Poison Zone. From the camp, go east, south, west. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
70 Salty Flower Hamlet Found near the Salt Temple After first quest of Hamlet / Immediate
71 Strong, Withered Tree Hamlet East of the Second Herb Garden. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
72 Poison Glass Flower Hamlet Just outside the Poison Zone, to the southwest. After getting the Herb Garden Pass.
73 Obstructive Boulder Hamlet Found near Horatio Immediate
74 North End of Central Central Travel north of Aubade, hugging the northern coast. Immediate
75 Giant Salamander Central Found east of Aubade Immediate
76 Married Salamanders Central Found in a walled-in area south of the Mirror Labyrinth Immediate
77 Crystal Central Found northwest of Central (town) Immediate
78 Central Road Central Found west of Central (town) Immediate
79 Giant Crystal Central Found near the Nameless Shrine, northeast of the path between Lightning and Aubade Immediate
80 Icy Lake Central Found near the fishing spot Immediate
81 Fish in Ice Central Found west of Lightning Immediate
82 Mysterious Signs of Life Central Found along the south coast near First Ancestor's Tower Immediate
83 Walk on Ice? Central Found northwest of the Mirror Labyrinth Immediate
84 Unfamiliar Snowy Roads Central Found west of Aubade Immediate
85 Snow Country Monsters Central Found southeast of the fishing spot, past the road. Immediate
86 Crystal Mine Central Found east of the fishing spot Immediate
87 Watching Salamander Central Northeast of Leftest Immediate
88 Edge of the World Ocean Found in the far Northeast After first quest of Hamlet / Immediate
89 Saury Ocean Found in the southern seas, south of Lionel port. After obtaining the Ship
90 Moon Path Ocean Found near Fresh Fish Island After obtaining the Ship
91 Isolated Cedar Ocean North of the El Quixote region Chapter 5
92 Seabed Ruins Ocean Found in the waters west of Mount Abella
93 Frozen Sea Ocean Found near the Central Region's West Coast After first quest of Hamlet / Immediate
94 Dam Hole Ocean Found in the western seas
95 Titty Islands Ocean Northwest of Pankarch After obtaining the Ship
96 Blue Giant Ocean Found in the far northwest After first quest of Hamlet / Immediate
97 Giant Fallen Statue Ocean Found near the coast of Haniho Island (Near Moaai statues) After first quest of Hamlet
98 Moving Rock Island Found on a western island
99 Super Whirlpool Ocean Found in the sea northeast of the Hamlet Region After first quest of Hamlet / Immediate
100 Hanging Garden Sky Found on Sky Island


Number of



10 Canned Air
20 Gym Clothes
30 Ahoge
40 Steel Bear
50 Personal Nurse
60 Piggyback Pal
70 Mama Manderin
80 Hanging Scroll
90 Watch & Game
100 Defense Bun

Kiss from Kyou & Kinou


Flirting events are the heart-shaped icons found on the map after marrying one of the four playable characters.


# Region Location
1 Eden Near Abel
2 Eden North of the Fog Labyrinth
3 Eden South of Eden, near the fishing pier
4 Eden West of Eden, near the Nameless Shrine.
5 Lancelot Northeast shore of Lake Guinevere, southwest of the jizou.
6 Lancelot Southwestern Desert, near dinosaur skeleton
7 El Quixote On the road to Mt. Miguel
8 Humpty North Haniho island, near the Hanny Lines
9 Hamlet North of Horatio, part-way around the mountain.
10 Humpty Northwest Colopty Island
11 Central East of Central fishing spot
12 Central East of Aubade


# Region Location
1 Lancelot North of the bridge to Eden
2 Lancelot Northeast of the jizou between Safere and Lionel.
3 Lancelot Northwest of Hector
4 Lancelot East of Hanny Tomb (Landscape 21)
5 Lancelot Southeast of Pankarch
6 El Quixote North-west corner of Maquipeach
7 Humpty Seabed Tunnel, final Poppin break room.
8 Hamlet Just past the bridge to the Poison Zone, west of the first entrance.
9 Humpty Melancholy Island, north of the monastery.
10 Central Southwest of Aubade
11 Central East of the Mirror Labyrinth


# Region Location
1 El Quixote At the water between the capital and Vilfuente
2 El Quixote Top of the beach south-east from Vilfuente
3 El Quixote Just across the northern bridge from Vilfuente
4 El Quixote On the road to Mt. Abella
5 Humpty Northeast of Humpty (town)
6 Humpty Udon Island, east of the fishing pier.
7 Hamlet At the water between Colopty and Hamlet
8 Ocean In the sea southeast of Hamlet (town)
9 Central West of Central (town), just south of the road.
10 Central Southwest of Ancestor's tower


# Region Location
1 Humpty On the road from Zumpty to the balloon pad from El Quixote.
2 Humpty East of Humpty (town)
3 Humpty On Foodticket Island, just past the bridge.
4 Humpty On Fervor near the farm
5 Hamlet Near Salt Temple
6 Hamlet Island of North Port
7 Humpty On Fervor near the seacow statue
8 Hamlet Leave the Poison Maze through the west, then go north to find a dead-end entrance with the event.
9 Central Far right of Central / Alternately Northwest of Leftest
10 Central Near The Bride's Tower


Megamonsters are bosses found on the world map. You have to defeat them to add them to your collection.

# Name Region Location
1 Giant Doraku Eden Southwest Ghost Town
2 One-Fanged Puryo Eden Eastmost Cape
3 Super Bigfoot Eden Isolated Western Area near Eden. Requires ship.
4 Tigris Lancelot Northwest desert, near Arthur
5 Doodle Coo Coo Pigeon Lancelot Mountains northest of Pankarch.
6 Lighthouse Golem El Quixote West Mountains. Head west from Bigbux and up the stone stairs.
7 Golden Hanny El Quixote Southmost El Quixote Jungle. To reach by ship, start at Lionel and sail east to find a "dead-end" port. Land, then head east through a hidden path in the trees.
8 Giant Cockroach El Quixote Mount Miguel Cave, northeast chamber.
9 The Last Horned Whale Humpty Sea Near Udon Island
10 DX Chokogin Blastape Emperor Humpty Poppin Island
11 Swordturtle Hamlet Path to North Port
12 Mr.Bigbigmetal Hamlet Hamlet East Coast, past the Poison Zone
13 Amuzen Boxen Central Between Lightning and Aubade
14 V2 Vevetar Red Storm Sea West Edge of the world map
15 Kong King Ocean World's Northeast-most Island, near the Hamlet region


Giant Doraku: Weak to ice. Put off coming here at least until Riche joins the party and gains Ice Arrow, it will be much easier. Like all Megamonsters, if you have trouble, come back when you have a higher level, new party members, or new skills. It should still be rather easy to kill, and one of the first Megamonsters you can manage to kill. Attempt killing it by chapter 4 at least.

One-Fanged Puryo: Weak against flame, regenerates 3999 HP per turn. Equip Fire Master (or Better) to Riche and she should do enough damage to offset the regeneration. Just wail on him with everyone else to do the rest. If you equipped Aster (or anyone else) with a Flame-aligned weapon, all the better.

Super Bigfoot: Has an annoying AoE poison attack that also clears BP. Choose whether or not you want to bother removing it, or waiting for it to wear off. Otherwise, it's your usual battle routine. Debuff, keep alive, and unload your dmg on this guy. He'll die pretty easily if you're fighting him in Chapter 7 with appropriate weapons and skills.

Tigris: Rather fast. He will likely act pretty often, decimating your party with its AoE attack, which he does fairly often, or his multi-hit attack. His attacks have a chance to poison, if that wasn't enough (seems to occur mostly when he does his AoE attack). Eventually, he slows down a bit and gives you some turns, make the most of it as he will eventually come back for more. Because trivial in Chapter 7, but can still hurt somewhat.

Doodle Coo Coo Pigeon: Weak against flame, and has an incredibly high dodge rate. You will have to rely on Riche for most of your damage (equip Fire Master or better, if you have it), though Aster can use his lightning magic or Accurate Slash to help out. After it uses its AoE attack, it will be shocked and can be attacked by anyone until it recovers. Save your BP for that moment and burn him as much as you can. Can be attempted around chapter 4-5 without too much difficulty.

Lighthouse Golem: Nothing major. Has a blinding move that can AoE stun for 1 round, but Resistance and some items should prevent that. Can hit pretty hard if you're fighting him early. Becomes rather weak later on, as long as you debuff him and don't take too long.

Golden Hanny: Haniho! He has a pretty good AoE attack, but if you're fighting him in the last chapter, he should be pretty easy to defeat. As the name implies, he drops a large amount of gold, so if you're feeling lucky, equip Kath with Money Money Money! Since Golden Hanny here somehow didn't block magic, had Riche use whatever elemental laser that you prefer, otherwise have her heal/support if you need it. use Haniwa Smash with Aster, have your other members do their thing, and big boy there should fall pretty fast.

Giant Cockroach: Becomes nearly immune to each damage type (Physical/Fire/Ice/Light/Dark/Lightning) after the first attack it's hit with it, and Armor Breaker/Pulverizer won't reduce the acquired resistances. Maximize each damage type with +Attack/Magic abilities, Kath's buffs and Gurigura's Critical Prep, then use your hardest hitting attacks.The strongest attacks of each category include: Physical - Neo Robheart or Desperation Punch (depends on who has the higher Attack); Fire - Flame Laser; Ice - Snow Laser; Light - White Destruction Beam; Dark - Dark Punch; Lightning - Neo Thunderstrike. Weaker attacks are acceptable so long as your stats and buffs are high enough.

The Last Horned Whale: Enemy can deal high damage which can one hit KO you when it goes below 50% HP. Use Kath and Ramius' skills to delay the enemy's turn as much as possible while dealing damage with the other team members. You can also have Ramius' guard skills on, which sometimes nullifies the damage or at least will reduce it so you don't get killed in one shot.

DX Chokogin Blastape Emperor: Will self-buff with +2 attack/defense somewhere near the middle of the fight, and again with +4 attack/defense near the end of its life. Canceling and overall debuffing, healing as necessary makes this guy rather easy near the end of the game.

Swordturtle: Focus on magic attacks with Aster & Riche. Try to poison the turtle with Gurigura. Use Kath to give everyone BP and cancel out his constant critical buffs. Pretty easy fight.

Mr. Bigbigmetal: Incredibly high defense (both magical and physical). Use Gurigura's Armor Pulverizer move, then drop as much damage as you can before he raises it back. Bring Kath equipped with Turnabout Plan and Ramius with her delay attack so you can squeeze in as many turns as possible before he raises it back up again. After he raises his defense, start again from the beginning and repeat until he is dead.

Amuzen Boxen: No particular strategy required. Just keep using Fire-oriented attacks, debuff him and heal as necessary. Can steal money, but gives it back at the end.

V2 Vevetar:

He uses an ability that will instantly kill the party, which will always be his tenth attack. This will ignore Riche's Magic Barrier skill and Ramius' Persevere skill, so you have to kill him before he gets to that point. Stunning him prevents him from advancing his attack counter, so stun him as much as possible and maximize your damage output through 9 of his attacks. After that, have Ramius use a BP Juice item on herself each turn in order to use her Lancer Legion skill to delay the Vevetar's turn so it can't use its OHKO ability. Depending on your level, you may need upwards of 10 BP Juice.

Alternatively, use the same basic strategy but refill Aster's BP instead. By using Aster's Neo Full Power Slash and equipping the Shockwave AI belt, a Captain Vanilla and the Shock Boost skill, Aster can shock the V2 Vevetar almost every time. Only use Ramius' Lancer Legion for the times the Vevetar isn't shocked. Don't use Kathryn's Turnabout Battle Plan until V2 Vevetar gets about 8-9 turns in.

Kong King:

Don't attack with Gurigura or Kath (small/no boobs) unless Aster can attack with Soothe Rage before his next attack. If you don't soothe his rage he will kidnap Ramius, removing her from the fight for several turns.

Bring Gurigura with Desperation Punch, Critical Prep, and Set Trap. She won't attack a lot this fight unless you've managed to shock the boss, but Set Trap works fine. Spend the rest of her turns trying to buff the party and attacking when you can. Gurigura's attacks might cause Poison, which deals a massive 20k a tick so try, so you might want to risk her attacks when he is Shocked and even if you can guarentee Aster can use Soothe Slash before the boss attacks again.

Aster should attack with Thunderstrike or Soothe Rage depending on whether if the boss is enraged or not.

Kath should do her normal Turnabout Plan and supplying everyone else with BP.

Ramius should attack to delay him. Don't be afraid to use some BP potions to knock him back a few turns so you can try to attack with Gurigura sometimes with a desperation punch that poisons him for MASSIVE damage.

Riche just keeps blasting him with your laser of choice.

Gal Monsters[]

To capture Gal Monsters, first go to the Nameless Shrine west of Eden, where you can get the Capture skill for Ramius. Weaken a Gal Monster before using Capture, and you will get the Gal Monster in your collection, as well as a Gal Monster "accessory item" to equip or sell.

Use Gurigura and Kathryn 'Mercy Attack' to reduce the health without killing them, then use Ramius 'Capture' and you have it. Normal 'Capture' is guaranteed under 10% HP. Later, Ramius gets an ability which makes it guaranteed up to 20% (it costs 1 skill point).

# Name Region Location Stats
1 Can Can Eden Near Abel and Stallion Max HP +100
2 Lucky Can Can Any Anywhere - consider hunting in low-level area (Eden, near Lancelot border) using Gurigura's Grunt Exterminator. Lucky Can Can will bypass Grunt Exterminator if you are below Level 90. EXP Gain +20
3 Gecky Eden Near Stallion and Eden (town) Speed +3

HP +50

4 97 Chi-Ha Eden Near Eden, Attack on Fort Baroroan, Haniho Island Attack +20

Shock +5

5 Sketch Lancelot Near Lancelot (town) EXP Gain +5
6 Melon Hammer Lancelot Near Pankarch / Desert west of Lancelot Attack +20
7 Hyper Melon Hammer Other Inside of the Archfiend's Right Arm Attack +100

Magic +100

8 Maid Lady Lancelot Desert west of Lancelot, Hanny Tomb Magic +20

Resistance +10

9 Lantyrn El Quixote Eve's Ruins (before purifying), Monster Burrow, Sugarcube Ruins Lightning damage -30%*

Light damage -30%*

10 Tokko El Quixote Eve's Ruins, Monster Burrow Attack +50

Critical +10

11 Frog Lady El Quixote West of Maquipeach on the road to Burrow's entrance Magic +50

Speed +5

12 Magisco Humpty North of Colopty Fire damage -30%*

Dark damage -30%*

13 Zashiki-Warashi Humpty North of Humpty /Udon Island Attack +80

Shock +10

14 Majician Hamlet Ranger Academy Magic +80

Max HP +300

15 Shamyn Hamlet Ranger Academy Physical damage -5%
16 Flying Shamyn Other Sky Tower Physical damage -10%
17 Splish-Splash Hamlet Salt Cave, Red Sea Accuracy +20

Critical +15

18 Pirate Girl Humpty Sea in Humpty area Max HP +300

Ice damage -30%*

19 Captain Vanilla Ocean The red ocean

The boss of Chapter 5 can not be captured


+15 Endurance +15

20 Valkyrie Other The Bride's Tower (event battle) / Sky Tower Attack +150

Speed +10

21 Frozen Central Ancestor's Tower / The Bride's Tower Magic +150

EXP Gain +10

22 Nekomatamata Central The Bride's Tower Evasion +15

Multihit +15

23 Battle Booklet Other Sky Tower, Inside of Archfiend's Right Arm Magic Resistance +10

Nullifies Poison

24 Head Maid Lady Other Sky Tower Max HP +600

Defense +100

Note on dmg -30%: Incoming damage will be 30% less with these equipped.

Bride's Events[]

Bride Event #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Rewards
# Wives CH CH CH CH CH
1 Ramius 1 2 3 4 5 1-4: SP +1, 5: Ramius extra Equipment slot
2 Riche 2 3 4 5 6 1-4: SP +1, 5: Riche extra Equipment slot
3 Gurigura 3 4 5 6 7 1-4: SP +1, 5: Gurigura extra Equipment slot
4 Kathryn 4 4 5 6 7 1-4: SP+1, 5: Kathryn extra Equipment slot
5 Tio 4 5 6 1: Tio's Plate, 2: Aster SP +1, 3: 1x Stamina Bun
6 Kinou & Kyou 5 6 7 1: Kinou's & Kyou's Plate, 2: Aster SP +1, 3: 1x Magic Tomato
7 Erimo 6 6 7 1: Erimo's Plate, 2: Aster SP +1, 3: 1x Defense Bun
8 Towa 6 6 7 1: Towa's Plate, 2: Aster SP +1, 3: 1x Power Potato Chip
9 Croix 7 7 7 1: Croix's Plate, 2: Aster SP+1, 3: Aster extra Equipment Slot

Saint's Events[]

Perform events with the saints at various churches and receive special service

Must pray at each city

Name Locations Request Location Request
Saint Laurent Abel - Stallion - Eden - Lancelot - Safere - Hector - Lionel request - Report at Pankarch 5 Yankees Between Lancelot & Pankarch
Saint Burst El Quixote (Ch 3 main quest) - Complete Eve's Ruins main quest - Vilfuente - Bigbux - Maquipeach - Zumpty - Humpty Request - Report at Colopty 5 Mechavalry Seabed Tunnel between Humpty and Poppin Island
Saint Silent Hamlet - Horatio - Central - Leftest - Lightning - Aubade No Request There is no need to do a request but just go round the church in the town)

Events of three saints have been completed and the event of searching for a saint in Hamlet begins after the event in Central after the visit to Camelot after the chapter 7 breaks through the tower of human

Name Location Reward
Saint Laurent Outlaw Hideout Shock Wave Belt (+20 shock)
Saint Burst Fresh Fish Island Temple upper left Rocket Engine (+15 speed)
Saint Silent Human Tower top floor Papa Lemon (+20 Multihit)

Homeless Events[]

Meet the homeless in various tents and advance the event. When going to Central in Chapter 6, it disappears but after the game is cleared the event will be restored, so it will be reversed.

Event Location Tents Request Rewards
1 East of Lancelot
Tent 1
Kill 2 Radish east of Lionel Broken clock
2 East of Lancelot
Tent 1
Catch a fish Fishing Skill
3 West of Bigbux
Test 2
Kill 3 Sumo Sumo Broken Radio
4 Haniho Island
Tent 3
Rescue Beauty from Hanny's Temple Tailor Skill
5 East of Hamlet
Tent 4
Kill 5 Cranium Flowers (Area above Horatio) Family Time Charm

Detailed Collectibles Maps[]

This first map shows the locations of many Collectibles including; treasure chests identifying what Skills can be found where, Landscapes, Megamonsters, drone beetles, Flirting Events, side quest markers, hot air balloon launch pads, healing fountains, docks, fishing spots, and clearer depictions of dungeon entrances, towns, cities and other special locations.

This second map shows the random encounter zones for Gal Monsters found out in the wild on the world map, or indicated where they are found inside the various dungeons, which will have their names shown where relevant.

These are large maps. You will likely need to pop them out to a window that allows you to zoom and pan the image freely to make out some of the details and writing.

They are meant to be panned around and zoomed while playing the game.