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Eve and Adan, as illustrated by Towa.

, also commonly known as Mother Eve, is a deific figure in the World of Eve. Eve is the object of religeous reverence among her creations, including the dragons, kalars and poppins, as well as among her descendants, the humans. The latter founded the Church of Eve to organize her worship. Strictly speaking, Eve is a not a goddess, but rather the first human, empowered with "Miracle power" by her creator, the Creator God, to rebuild the world as she chooses. In any other setting, Eve might be seen as a magic user of unprecedented power.

Having created the World of Eve and its initial occupants with her miracle power, including her best friend, QD of the dragons, Eve eventually created another human being, a man named Adan, known to legend as the First Ancestor. Enamoured with Adan but confused by these new feelings, she imprisoned him in Ancestor's Tower in land now home to the Central Empire. Adan escaped, and met up with Eve at what is now Bride's Tower, who changed her mind about him and married him instead. Eve later conceived a child, who was born in Humanity's Tower.

Delighted in her children, Eve reshaped the world to suit them. Unfortunately, after many generations, they turned to war. In an effort to stem his children's dangerous desires, Adan offered to take them in if they were offered up through prayer. Unfortunately, these desires soon became too much, and Adan exploded, splitting the World of Eve (and also QD) into fragments, each with a piece of Adan within them. In the world now home to Adan's right arm, Eve lingered on, traumatized, and attempted to further restrain human desires by establishing a system of commandments now known as Mother Eve's blessing. Unfortunately, Adan's death had also led to the creation of monsters, so Eve instituted the contradictory system of knighthood to help combat them. Eve's actions or even presence in the other separated worlds is currently unknown. She then receded from the world.

After EveEdit

With Eve gone, the remaining rations of miracle power in the world became rare and precious, and those with an unusual command of this energy became known as saints. Saint Croix Eden, an especially powerful saint, was often thought of as a reincarnation of Eve.

As living memory of Eve faded, the Church of Eve encouraged a portrayal of Eve as a perfect being. In truth, she was simply another person with very mortal flaws, and the discovery of this later led Pope Seydes to turn his back on his ancestor and to attempt to destroy the world. Seydes' organization, the Snake Crest, preached that Eve's laws  restricted humanity and human progress. Despite Seydes' near success, and even the impact of the late Adan on the events that followed, Mother Eve remains apart from her children. Given Eve's implied longevity (perhaps even immortality), it is possible that she still lives, though where and in what condition is not known.

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