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I'm the daughter of an esteemed Zethan noble...I wouldn't get turned on by thinking about being brutally raped!
Emi Alphorne
Japanese エミ・アルフォーヌ
Romanization emi arufōnu
Race Human
Age / Birth 19 / GI1000
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 151 cm / 42 kg
Measurements B81 / W60 / H82
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 25
Skill levels - (?)
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance Quest


Emi Alphorne is the only daughter of Zeth's Secretary of Education Radon Alphorne and as such is the sole heir of the Alphorne family. At only 19 years old, she was entrusted with managing Zeth's largest women's prison, though this was not because of any particular display of competence, but rather due to her father's political influence. Additionally, due to her political importance and her great beauty, she was one of the contestants of Zeth's 8th beauty contest, and dubbed "The Goddess in the Prison".

Much like the majority of Zeth's social elite like her father, Emi is disdainful of 2nd class citizens and considers them to be little more than animals. Even among them however, she is shown to be particularly haughty and ambitious and generally prioritizing her own social status above all else. She is notable for being the master of one of the last few remaining insect users, Dolhan Cricket, who despite being much stronger than her, has long been completely subservient to her.

She was originally the fiancee of Hassam Crown, the son of Zeth's Secretary of Finance Zulki Crown, and had even started accompanying him on his hunts as Saberknight, even betting on the fate of their targets. However this relationship was more of a political move than a romantic one, as following his disgrace at the hands of Punisher Mito, she was quick to break off the engagement and held him in contempt.

As she had little to no sexual experience until encountering Rance, she was unaware of her own extremely masochistic tendencies. Whenever she is brutally treated however, she quickly starts fantasizing over her own degradation and even death.

Personnality and Appearance[]

Emi Alphorne is a very striking woman, with a slim waist, full breasts and long flowing hair. She is usually dressed in a large prim white dress.

Emi loved being brutally treated by Rance

However, her demeanor is quite cold, as she keeps a constantly haughty and disdainful air to those she deems inferior, which is most people by and large. She is quite cruel, enjoying to some degree sadistic acts like the hunt of 2nd class citizens, and is particularly vicious with her own servant Dolhan as she deems him to be no more than livestock. Still, unlike her former paramour Hassam, she is more ambitious than sadistic and is mostly focused on augmenting her social standing and influence.

However, long unbeknownst to everyone including her, she has extremely masochistic tendencies, which she only discovered when she was first assaulted by Rance. In fact, her passion for her own degradation seems to far outstrip any pleasure she had in her old sadistic behavior, and following repeated assaults by Rance and numerous rioters during the Collapse of Zeth. she seemed to still be in a catatonic/euphoric state during the reconstruction.


Emi has a decently high level cap of 25 (much higher than her father's pathetic cap of 2) and has passed the Magic Test, granting her the status of a 1st Class citizen, and would have decent combat potential were she to train. However, as she has lived a secluded and pampered life ever since her birth, she has developed virtually no fighting ability whatsoever, and completely relies on her allies and subordinates to protect her well-being.

Though as a 1st Class citizen, Emi necessarily has at least a small degree of magic ability, she is quite weak and completely depends upon her subordinates, mainly Dolhan, to protect her. However, she has some political savvy and shows an impressive amount of control on her servants.

Personal History[]

As the heir of the Alphorne family, Emi quickly became a known figure in Zeth's upper crust, and due to her family's power soon became the head of Zeth's largest prison. Through unknown circumstances, she also became the master of Dolhan Cricket, one of the last insect users left on The Continent. As her father and the Secretary of Finance, the influential Zulki Crown were quite close, she was betrothed to Hassam Crown, the better to formally unite their two powerful houses.

Emi hassam onhunt.png

Well-aware that her fiancée would hunt 2nd class citizens under the sobriquet of Saberknight, she eventually accompanied him. They eventually spotted Rance's group who was then trying to track down the killer, and ended up betting on whether Hassam or her servant Dolhan would manage to defeat them. To their surprise however, both of them were defeated and Hassam was apprehended by Punisher Mito for his crimes, though Emi got away scot-free.

Unwilling to be associated with him now that he was publicly humiliated, she broke off their engagement, though as a last boon she helped hide him in her prison where he continued to live a life of luxury with his father. However, Rance had since seen her beauty pageant picture, and ordered Urza to create a mission that would involve attacking the prison, the better to track down the blonde beauty.

She would eventually be captured and raped by Rance and lost her status and like her father gained a certain level of respect for Kimchi's kindness.



  • She holds a few similarities to Lia, as both of them are former antagonists that mostly lived secluded lives as part of the social elite, had great ambitions and loyal underlings, as well as a penchant for sadism until they were assaulted by Rance.
    • However the similarities end there, as Lia fell in love with Rance after his assault, while Emi only loved how brutally she was treated. Also, Lia is a highly competent and dangerous ruler, while Emi tends to be more rash and short-sighted, and was only ever a threat because of Dolhan's power.