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You can't use magic. Why does that simple reason mean that you must do such menial labor? Do you think a nation that won't provide proper education, nor acknowledgment of your human rights, is truly correct? I don't. If these are the ideas this country has, what's wrong with destroying it and forming a country with our own ideals?

—Elizabeth Lacock, giving an inspirational speech to 2nd class Zethan citizens.

Elizabeth Lacock
Japanese エリザベス・レイコック
Romanization Erizabesu Reikokku
Elizabeth Lacock
Race Human
Age / Birth 26 / GI995
Sex Female
Status Alive
World The Continent
Affiliation Pentagon, Zeth
Level limit 28
Skill levels Conversation Lv1
Appeared in Rance VI

About Edit

Elizabeth Lacock is the former 2nd chair of the 8 Knights of the Pentagon, the single largest anti-magic revolutionary group in all of Zeth.

While her background is largely unknown, Elizabeth was likely a second class citizen in Zeth due to her lack of skill in the Magic Arts who joined the Pentagon in an attempt to improve her rights within the country. She became completely enchanted with the ideals espoused by the group's newly appointed leader Nelson Server, and devoted herself completely to destroying the nobility of Zeth. Her dedication to the organization proved highly beneficial to her, as she grew to achieve the position of 2nd chair of the 8 Knights, the Pentagon's eight most powerful members, making her second in command of the group at the time of its destruction.

During the events of Rance VI, she loyally assisted the Pentagon with its effort to severely cripple Zeth's national military known as "Liberate the Motherland" by leading the group's forces on raids when Nelson was unavailable. She was captured by Zulki Crown, the financial secretary of Zeth who had been incarcerated in the Zeth Women's Prison, during one of these raids and sexually tortured as punishment, only being freed after Nelson led an additional assault on the prison to save her, killing the financial secretary in a public display of the Pentagon's power in the process.


Elizabeth attempts to continue Nelson's legacy after Camilla's defeat by forming the Neo-Pentagon.

Following the group's successful dismantling of the Maginot Line, which led to a large monster army led by the Dark Lord Camilla ravaging most of Zeth, Nelson suffered from a mental breakdown that resulted in the Pentagon immediately dissolving without his leadership. Some time after Camilla's defeat, Elizabeth, alongside the other surviving member of the 8 Knights Rodney Rodney, gathered the remaining Pentagon forces to create a group known as "Neo-Pentagon" and intended to follow through with Nelson's goal of making non-magic users the dominant group within Zeth. Her strength and beauty were noticed by Abert Safety during this time, who attempted to test whether she truly fit his ideal for a woman by convincing her own men to turn against her and gang rape her repeatedly. The incident broke Elizabeth's mind and spirit and resulted in her mentally regressing back to a child. Kaoru Quincy Kagura took pity on her during this time and admitted her into the same mental institution where her former leader Nelson resided, where she likely continues to reside at present.

Personality and Appearance Edit


Elizabeth was a cool-headed and strong woman who was well-regarded by her comrades.

Elizabeth is a stunningly beautiful young woman with long light blue hair with a small golden hairpin on the left side of her forehead holding it behind her ears and red eyes. Prior to her mental collapse, she maintained a firm, cool expression that conveyed her great inner strength. Her clothing consists of the standard female Pentagon uniform, and is made up of a blue tunic with a very short miniskirt, a cape and a tricorne hat.

While the Pentagon was still active, Elizabeth was known as an unshakably dedicated and strong-willed woman who devoted herself to following the ideals of the organization. She carried a firm dislike of all mages and desired for them to be reduced to second class citizens above all else. She possessed an excellent resolve that allowed her to remain strong even after being relentlessly tortured by Zulki Crown for several hours, which earned her the admiration and respect of the other members of the Pentagon. Her unbending willpower continued even after the destruction of the Pentagon, where she immediately began to rebuild it, completely unfettered by recent hardships. Her mental fortitude was not limitless, however, as she was finally pushed over the edge after being betrayed and continuously raped by her own subordinates, causing her to lose her mind. Following this, Elizabeth became a harmless and child-like individual and became attached to Kaoru Quincy Kagura, who she began referring to as "Big Sister".


Her mind and body broken, Elizabeth now lives with the mind of a child.

She possessed a vast amount of respect for her commanding officer Nelson Server, and diligently followed all of his orders to the letter regardless of how cruel they were. Her respect for him did not even slightly falter following his breakdown, as she immediately began to reform the Pentagon from the ground up in order to fulfill his wishes when he no longer could. It is implied that she held romantic feelings for Nelson, as she immediately began thinking of him whenever her life was in danger.

Abilities Edit

While her sanity was still intact, Elizabeth was a highly competent woman with a great amount of talent for leadership. She possessed a Conversation Lv1 skill level, which allowed her to easily persuade and inspire others to assist the Pentagon in its cause. She learned the majority of her persuasion skills from observing Nelson himself, who was a brilliantly talented speech giver, resulting in Elizabeth herself developing excellent speech-giving skills. Following the destruction of the Pentagon, Elizabeth was able to successfully rally a reformed version of the group after only a matter of days, though she was incapable of maintaining its loyalty for a particularly long period of time.

As a combatant, Elizabeth was fairly unimpressive. She possessed a formidable Level Cap of 28, giving her a fair amount of potential as a warrior, and seemed to have a considerable amount of skill in fighting with the signature rapier used by all members of the Pentagon. Despite this, Elizabeth relied mostly on her subordinates to do the fighting for her, and was successfully captured by Zulki Crown's security when she attempted to launch an attack against him, suggesting that she is not a particularly difficult opponent to defeat.

Trivia Edit

  • Elizabeth's name, like all of the major members of the Pentagon, is derived from a class of battleship in the British Royal Navy.
  • During the time Rance VI was in development, Elizabeth was the personal favorite character of Orion, the character designer for the game.

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