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Elena L. R.
Japanese エレナ・エルアール
Romanization erena eruāru
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Waitress
World The Continent
Affiliation Kathtom
Level limit 3
Skill levels Cooking Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02


Elena L. R. is a waitress serving a pub in Kathtom, and the poster girl of said tavern. She serves the clients calmly and professionally and she also offers a special erotic service for 500 G, which Rance complained was too expensive (but still uses).

Elena began offering physical services to the pub's customers after once attending a masked party and having an intimate encounter with a man who had a 666 tattoo near his privates. She fell in love with the man but could remember nothing else about him and thus had little hope of ever finding him again. Elena became a casual prostitute in the bar to see as many male privates as possible, hoping it would lead to the discovery of her unknown love (while turning a nice profit). During Rance's first meeting with her she had yet to find him and was disappointed after sex with Rance to discover, as usual, tattoo-free nether regions.

Elena seems to have had a happy ending though. By the end of Rance 02, if Rance propositions her for sex again she will happily declare that she has found her long lost love (which incidentally means no sex for Rance).